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Collapse of the first Yugoslavia
In 1941 the Serbs dare say "No!" to Hitler and his New World Order. The Croats embrace fascism.

Hitler's most catastrophic mistake
Enraged by Serbian bravery Hitler postpones attack on Russia for four weeks in order to punish the Serbs. The time lost means that his armies do not get to Moscow before the bitter Russian winter sets in. Eventually he looses the war. Serbian contribution to the defeat of WWII fascism is pivotal.

USTASHI - The worst monsters the world had known
Croatian fascist monsters at work...
The worst atrocities known in modern history of Europe
were committed by Croat and Muslim fascists on defenseless Serb population. This, probably the most important parameter of the current tragedy, is rarely mentioned in the Western press.
The story about Ustashi barbarism and their genocide of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies is available in any major encyclopedia.

German Nazis and Italian fascists about their Ustashi allies
They also had nothing good to say about Ustashi. Actually they were also shocked by the level of Ustashi barbarity.

Ustashi fuhrer - Croatian Attila the Hun
Dr. Ante Pavelic, Ustashi leader and the mastermind of the gigantic holocaust.

Ustashi specialty - gourging eyes of men, women and children
Ustashi bestiality is beyond comprehension and beyond words. More appaling than anything is their habit to gourge eyes of their victims.

Photo Gallery
There is a wealth of photographs about Ustashi barbarity. They liked to make snapshots with their victims before they would slaughter them.

The World Must Know About...

Glina Church Slaughter
August 1941, Ustashas capure more than 2,000 Serbian civillians and push them into Serbian churh. At night they come with knives and slaughter them - right inside this Christian shrine. One Serb survives to tell the story.

Prebilovci - a whole village slaughtered
A day after the above Glina Church Slaughter, and at the other end of the "Independent Croatia," Ustashas surround a Serbian village of Prebilovci. The entire village of people, some slaughtered, some alive gets thrown down into a deep mountain pit.

Kragujevac & Kraljevo Massacre
Nazi Germans wanted to revenge for the Serbian uprising. October 20 and 21, 1941, in the two central Serbia towns some 7,000 of male inhabitants, including highschool children taken from classrooms were machinegunned. German regular (Wehrmacht!) soldiers were the executioners.

Jasenovac - the third largest concentration camp...
of the Nazi occupied Europe. It was founded by Ustashi... and it was certainly one of the most brutal places in the modern history of Europe.

Destruction of Jewish community
The Jewish Holocaust literature paints a clear picture: The Ustashi are outdoing German Nazi and Italian fascists. They murder Jewish women and children from Serbia. The only way for Jews to survive is to run to fascist Italy or fascist Hungary. Or to join majority-Serb resistence.

Open bragging
In a recently published official school book of the Croatian Education Ministry and Ministry of Defense, Croats have audacity to brag about their Nazi past. They brag how good and brave soldiers of Hitler's New World Order they were.

Bosnia Holocaust
A number of Western history books say that suffering of Serbs in Bosnia could only be compared to suffering of Jews in Poland. Why don't we know more about this, Europe's second worst genocide?

Bosnian Moslems volunteer en masse into SS
Eager to slaughter their Christian, Serb neighbors Muslims join the Croat fascists and volunteer into SS division in record numbers.

Moslems brag about their Nazi past too
In a recent (Nov. 1997) set of articles published by sarajevo Moslem's weekly "Svijet", Islam fundamentalists brag about their Nazi past..

Serbs form the largest anti-fascist movements of the occupied Europe
Unluckily, the Serbs are split into two anti-fascist resistance groups: Chetniks and Partisans. The two groups cooperate initialy but soon start fighting between themselves.

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