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The following photograph was referenced in:

Professor Edmond Paris: "Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941 - 1945" on page 322.

The caption under the photograph reads (quote):

Saw, knife and gun used on this Serbian peasant.
(End quote).

(Baron) Avro Manhattan: "The Vatican's Holocaust", on page 78.
The caption under the same photograph reads (quote):

Mass murders were supplemented by the massacre of individuals, mostly in rural districts. Instances of the utmost ferocity occured. The Ustashi very often used the most primitive weapons, such as forks, spades, hammers and saws, to torture their victims prior to their execution. They broke their legs, pulled off their skin and beards, blinded them by cutting their eyes with knifes and even tearing them from their sockets,...

...In this photograph Ustashi are torturing an Orthodox Serb with a saw prior to executing him. Somewhere in Bosnia, in 1943. The photograph was found in the pocket of a dead Ustashi in 1945.

(End quote).

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