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Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, Europe, edition 1995, page 91, entry: Croatia


Slavko Kvaternik [the second in command to the Croatian WWII fuehrer, Dr Ante Pavelic] explained [on the day of formation of the WWII "Independent State of Croatia", on April 10, 1941] how pure Croatia should be built - by forcing one third of the Serbs to leave Croatia, one third to convert to Catholicism, and one third to be exterminated. Soon Ustasha bands initiated a bloody orgy of mass murder of Serbs unfortunate enough not to have converted or left Croatia on time. The enormity of such criminal behavior shocked even the conscience of German commanders...
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WARNING! This material contains photographs of gruesome atrocities that Croat and Muslim fascists, called Ustashi committed on the defenseless Serbian population during World War II. The material is NOT recomended for young children...

One look at these photographs would be good enough to explain just why did the Serbs have to take up arms in 1991 to defend themselves.

Ustashi atrocities are beyond words. They are also well documented. Eager to show to their fuhrer, Dr. Pavelic, that they are taking his task at exterminating the Serbian population seriously, Ustashi frequently photographed themselves with the victims before they were to butcher them.

Here are some of the photographs from a huge archive.

Most of the photographs are accompanied with references of where they appear in Western literature.


Crushing Serbian heads with hammers
Victim of a special group of Ustashi called "skull crashers."

A saw on a Serbian neck
The Ustashi very often used the most primitive weapons, such as forks, spades, hammers and saws, to torture their victims prior to their execution... In this photograph Ustashi are holding a knife, a gun and a saw. They are torturing an Orthodox Serb prior to executing him.

Ustashi enjoyed mutilating people
An Ustashi, with a sadistic smile on his face is chopping off a man's head with an axe. The axe is just entering the neck.

Ustashi ready to collect blood of a victim
Only seconds before death a Serbian victim is staring at Infinity. Staring at God who is almost present in the photograph.

They never had enough.
"His legs were broken, ears cut off, eyes gourged, chest stabbed and finally the heart was extracted."

Special target: Serbian Orthodox priests and Jewish Rabbis
Job done. Smiling Ustashi hold severed head of a priest by the hair.

Games with the Serbian heads

Raped - and tortured!
The same (and worse) done to the women.

And children...


Whole villages thrown into mass graves - alive!

Even German Nazis were horrified by Ustashi atrocities!

Mass executions...
became one of the most characteristic features of the Ustashi. Many times the victims were thrown into rivers.

ETHNIC CLEANSING (the real one!)

Women and children en masse expelled ... or worse


Convert or die!


A woman with eyes gourged out

The Serbian THUGS!

More (much more) to came...

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First posted: March 31, 1997
Last revised: December 15, 2003