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The following photograph was referenced in:

(Baron) Avro Manhattan: "The Vatican's Holocaust", on page 38.
The caption under the photograph reads (quote):

"The Pit of Death"

An Orthodox Serb being thrown alive into a mass grave in the notorious concentration camp of Jasenovac, in 1942.

The Pit of Death" was reserved for those Serbs who challenged their Catholic convertors. The camp, when run by the Franciscan Monk, Father Filipovic, equalled in horrors Dachau Concentration Camp. These horrors, however, were often committed in rural districts as well.

On April 28, 1941 [18 days after the formation of the Ustashi "Independent State of Croatia"], for instance, Ustashi storm troopers encircled the villages of Gudovac, Tuke Brezovac, Klokocevac and Bolac, in the district of Bjelovar, and arrested 250 Orthodox peasants, among whom was Stevan Ivankovich and the Orthodox pries, Bozin. Having them led all to a field, the Ustashi ordered them to dig their own graves. This done, their hands were tied behind their backs. Thereupon, they were ALL PUSHED ALIVE INTO THEIR GRAVES.

The barbarity created such a commotion, even among the Nazis, that they set up a Committee to exhume the bodies and took photographs as evidence. The oral process was incorporated in an official Nazi document, "Ustachenwerk bei Bjelovar."

(End quote).

American-German-NATO Nazis of 1990's outdid their WWII predecessors. This time they did not care to unearth the Serbs. Instead they accused the victims; the Serbs of doing what was done to them - and kept digging in search of "Serb atrocities."

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First posted: March 31, 1997
Last revised: December 15, 2003