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Why is Washington supporting Islam Fundamentalism and against Christians, Jews, Hindu, Chinese,...?


against Christians, Jews, Hindu, Chinese,...

for OIL, for MONEY

Washington politicians, closely controlled by America's super-rich, decided to support one billion Muslims (even fundamentalists) at expense of:

  • one billion Chinese
  • 700 million Hindu
  • 300 million Eastern Orthodox Christians (Russians, Armenians, Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians,...)
  • Jews

"Allahu Akbar" echoes the Islam Fundamentalist battle cry all along huge RING OF FIRE wherever Muslims of the world border ANY other world religion. The WARS rage from Central Africa through Israel, Afghanistan, Indian Kashmir, Indonesia, Philippines, China and than back through ex-Soviet republics all the way to ex-Yugoslavia (in Bosnia and now Kosovo).

All the Christians, Jews, Chinese, Hindus should know this:

Washington decided to take the side of Islam Fundamentalists and against all the nations and religions that the fundamentalist Muslims are in war with. The reason: OIL. Approximately three-quarters of the world's oil and gas reserves are on the Muslim territory. The ownership of this oil is in the hands of the Western big business.

The formula is quite simple: Land (and blood) - for oil - for profit. Your (Hindu, Russian, Serbian, Jewish,...) land for Muslim (cheap) oil - for the profit of handful already super rich.

The architect of this Great Game explains why should America support Islam fundamentalism. Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian an Armenian-American used to have a photograph of his grandfather, whose arm was chopped off by the Turks, on his office desk.

Now, Mr. Djerejian brags to be the one who masterminded the Big Lie frequently used today by all recent American administrations. Mr. Djerejian's "art" was in painting historically (and presently) intolerant Islam as "one of the world's great faith... (and) a historic civilizing force..."
And nothing counts but - money).

Despite the ragging wars that Islam states of the border are wagging against Hindus, Jews and Christians alike - Islam will be presented as tolerant. In the war Muslims wage against (Orthodox) Christians (Serbs, Armenians, Greeks,...) the author is explicit: "The Crusades have been over for a long time."

But Washington DID NOT stop at that - remaining neutral.

As is obvious from the Bosnian carnage - America (through NATO allies) have wagged a new type of CRUSADE - ONE AGAINST CHRISTIANS! NATO had become aviation of the Islam Fundamentalists. They have bombed out some ONE MILLION Serbs - out of their ancient lands, houses and property, thus committing THE LARGEST ETHNIC CLEANSNG SINCE THE TIMES OF HITLER. They have bombed Christians expelling them from their ancestral lands - in order to make room for Muslims - and their planned demographic explosion.

More than that. All secular Muslims of the world were attacked, bombed, annihilated. That is the case of Lybia, Iraq. It is also the case of the secular Muslims in Bosnia - those that fought on the side of the Serbs were bombed into accepting leadership of the fundamentalist leader in Sarajevo.

But the West, the Western culture, the Western people will NOT benefit from this misdeed. Only handful of Western businessmen will. For a while.

Meet the mastermind of the Crusade against Christians, Jews, Hindu, Chinese,... and be sure to take a look at New World Order Great Game Plan. Please read: UNITED STATES POLICY TOWARD ISLAM - AND THE ARC OF CRISIS by U.S. Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian.

NOTE: In the last 5 years the links to "James A Baker III Institute" kept changing location. We noticed at least five (5) moves of the links. We believe that they kept moving the links purposely so that common citizen does not have a view into what this New World Order Fuehrerhood is planing for us. The last time we checked (June, 2003) this NWO Think Tank was located at: http://bakerinstitute.org. (If they are still there find the original article we mentioned above by following the path:
Baker Institute Home -> Publications -> Studies -> 1996 "The inaugural issue..." ).

Because of these frequent moves of their links we decided to keep a copy of these pages, right here - at this site. Check this link.

Please, check also our Book of facts about the civil wars in ex-Yugoslavia. (What did the Western media lie to you?)

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