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Terrorism and violent succession worked for Slovenian, Croatian and Bosnian Muslim secessionists. It got support from the Western Might. Violent and illegal means is what Kosovo Albanians have practiced for even longer time then the above groups.

Expulsion of Serbs from Kosovo
The New York Times in an article published in July 1982 tells a story of Serbian population being expelled from Kosovo. Albanian officials admit - Kosovo Albanian nationalists are trying to cleanse the Serbs and make Greater Albania. Some 57,000 Serbs left the region in 1970's.

Albanian Mafia smuggles drugs into USA
Wall Street Journal, September 1985 says that Albanian-American criminals are involved in everything from gun-running to counterfeiting. They smuggle 25% to 40% of US heroin supply. They are particularly brutal and wild.

Albanian chauvinism - 'Lebanonizing' of Yugoslavia
No, it did not start in 1997 as current articles in the West would like us to believe. An article in New York Times on November 1st, 1987 explains it all.

Albanian Mafia in Europe: Drugs for weapons
The International Herald Tribune, on June 6, 1994. tells us how Albanians of Kosovo - after selling heroin throughout Europe - buy weapons for Kosovo Albanian terrorists.

Albanian Mafiosi relentless and numerous
Agence France Presse, June 16, 1998 only tells about the last massive arrest of Albanian mafia members. Some 70 of them!

KLA -- Resurgent Nazis Under NATO's Wing
A short history of KLA by George Thompson

Glorifying Nazi past!
Albanian and Afghan Jihad fighters are reviving WWII Nazi SS division!

Photo Galery
Albanian terrorists at work.

Murdering their own
Albanian KLA terrorists murder Albanians who, as loyal Yugoslav citizens, are refusing to join them. Photographs Western media did not want you to see.

Lord Owen, certainly not a Serbian friend, says that Kosovo Albanians, even "moderate" Rugova wanted NO negotiation. For Albanian secessionists secession is NOT NEGOTIABLE! With Western support they can afford to behave in that fashion despite military weakness of their terrorist "army".

Endless terror
Encouraged by the West Albanian terrorists at work

KLA - Bill Clinton's "Freedom Fighters"

KLA & drugs
More than 30 articles, all coming from Western sources, talk about KLA's heroin trade. More than 70% of West Europe's heroin comes through KLA connection.
Also, take a look at Professor Dr. Michel Chossudovsky's analysis of sources of KLA financing. The analysis is entitled: KOSOVO "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" FINANCED BY ORGANISED CRIME

Ideology & Leaders of KLA
Mixing Islam, neo-Nazism, Maoism, Marxism, Ritual Vendetta, and their Mafia's drug money into a guerrilla movement - "liberation" army. Who are the leaders of KLA?

KLA's connection to Osama bin Laden
Strong connection of KLA to Osama bin Laden's terrorists.

KLA, terror and Ethnic Cleansing
A study of KLA as cleansers of Serbs from Kosovo.

Stagging Racak "massacre"
What happened in Racak (Kosovo)? Was it "a massacre of innocent Albanian civilians"? Follow this link to see the results of forensic expertise. Racak "massacre" was used as a pretext to NATO attack on Yugoslavia. See also analysis presented on our pages.

The above Data Base comes from The Strategic Issues Research Center.

To see more information on this topic, please follow this link and read articles that start with "KLA". To learn more about the Director of the Strategic Issues Research Center, Mr. Benjamin C. Works follow this link.

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History of the Balkans

Big powers and civil wars in Yugoslavia
(How was Yugoslavia dismantled and why.)

Proxies at work
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