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In 1578, almost a half a century before the first Pilgrims sailed to America, the Serbs were invited to settle in then desolate area of Krajina. (SEE THE MAP.) Ever since the Serbs were majority population in the region. Krajina - the Military Frontier - was a place of constant battle and the Serbs endured centuries of struggle... Atop of that, during World War II, at hands of their Croat neighbors the Serbs were subject to the most bestial genocide Europe had known. Once again, miraculously, some Serbs have survived...

Recently, resurrected Nazi Croatia with backing of Imperial America was able to finish the genocide they commenced during Hitler's time. The Serbian people were expelled from their ancestral lands and property. Since August 1995 Krajina is once again scorched and desolate.

Expulsion of Krajina Serbs is undeniably - the largest ethnic cleansing in Europe since the end of the World War II.

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Here are the events and their significance:

Krajina is formed in 1578. The Serbs are invited to settle.
In the Southern portions of the Habsburg Empire depopulated by Turkish invasion the Emperor organized Military Frontier ("Vojna Krajina" or simply "Krajina" in Serbian). This region was autonomous and directly administered from Vienna. For centuries, the Serbs were defending Christian Europe from the onslaught of the Islamic armies.

WWII: Subject to Ustashi (Croat Nazi) bestiality
Since the times of Attila the Hun Europe did not experience such an
apocalyptic slaughter. Even Italian fascist officers and their German Nazi comrades were appalled seeing what their Croat allies did to the defenseless Serbian population. Genocide that Krajina (and Bosnian) Serbs have suffered during WWII is difficult to put in words.

1945: Krajina is incorporated into Communist Croatia
Communist Dictator Tito, himself a Croat, made the decision. He and handfull of his henchmen asked no-one when they created artificial, administrative, so called "Socialist Federative Republics" (Croatia, Bosnia,...). The Serbs were not even allowed to morn or rebury their dead.

1990: Croats resurrect their Nazi past
A year before the unilateral secession of Croatia and all out war in the region, the newly elected President of Croatia revives the Ustashi (Nazi) slogans. The prosecution of Serbs in Croatia (and Krajina) starts.

Autumn 1991: Croats commit the largest ethnic cleansing since WWII.
In front of the watchful eyes of the West (European monitors, etc.) more than 100,000 Serbs get expelled from their ancestral lands and property. It happens in part of Krajina called Bilogora. Western media is utterly silent about the event.

Wanton destruction of the Serbian Churches
96 Serbian (Christian) churches were destroyed by Croat Nazis in 1991. Many of the churches were outside of the zone of war operations. Ustashi offsprins continued the job of their fathers. We are talking here about deliberate destruction of the Serbian culture parallel only to what Ustashi have done in 1941-1945.

January 1992: Vance "peace" plan - a sleeping pill for the Serbs.
Helped by clumsy Yugoslav Federal Army, Krajina Serbs start regaining the lost territories. Germany, historical ally of Croatia insists on Croatia's recognition...
America's Cyrus Vance secures peace by assuring Serbs that they will be protected by the neutral United Nations. All the territories under the Serbian control are declared to be the "United Nations Protection Areas" (UNPA zones). The West plays for time. Despite the arms enbargo weapons pours into Croatia.

"Peace" time (1991-1995): - Croats continue mass expulsion of the Serbs.
Hundreds of thousands of Serbs get bombed out of their houses. Once again - Western media is silent.

1993: Croats slaughter Serbs in Medak pocket.
Nazi Croats are testing the ground. They attack a part of UN Protected Zone. True to their Nazi heritage they kill everybody... And any living creature they lay their hands on. There is no outrage. True to their double standard the West downplays the event.

May 1995: Croatian storm troopers attack and destroy entire UN "protected" zone
The savagery dispayed during the attack on the Medak pocket gets repeated on much larger scale. A whole UN "protected" zone gets whipped out. Rivers of civilian blood are covering the roads of Western Slavonia (the UNPA zone "West"). It is clear to both Serbs and Croats: the lifes of Serbs are free game. To Nazi Croats everything is allowed.

Note that these events preceded Serbian take-over of SREBRENICA by few months!

August 1995: Krajina Serbs are put on Trail of Tears
Trained and equipped by America, but also helped with their aviation, Nazi Croat troops destroy two of the remaining three UNPA zones. After expelling more than 500 indigenous nations in the endless "land for peace" quest, American cowboys put yet another nation on the Trail of Tears.

East Slavonia (1997): Slaughter of Serbs waiting to continue
Croatia is Serben-frei. Out of 600,000 Serbs that lived in its (Tito designed) borders only 130,000 Serbs live in the last remaining UNPA zone - East Slavonia. InterNazional community is giving these people a "fair" choice: Either accept to become "Croat citizens" (i.e. get Ustashi passport and live under World War II Croat Nazi flag - and wait to be slaughtered one of these dark nights) or leave your property and run for your life. Such is the New World Order. Hitler gave it the name.

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