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Genesis of Kosovo Crisis

"The Astronomical population growth!"
This is how a handbook published by the American Department of the Army describes the natality of Kosovo Albanians. The book interested in cohesion and cleavage of the Yugoslav Federation adds that this population growth feeds "one of the largest potentionally irredentist communities in the world." Despite the effort of the Federation to deal with the economic problem - the result of the population explosion - "some extremists voiced secessionist sentiment calling for a 'Greater Albania.' - says the book.

Watching demographic explosion
Kosovo Albanian population quadrupled since 1948. There is ample evidence of this astonishing population growth - the highest in Europe and one of the highest in the world.

Should extreme natality be awarded by secession?
...And what would such dangerous precedent mean to many other ethnically mixed countries?

How Yugoslav Communists tried to solve the problem
Giving full autonomy to Kosovo Albanians did not work. Pouring billions of dollars into the region - did not work. Kosovo Albanians abused the authonomy to expel non-Albanians and work toward secession. And no amount of money seemed to be able to cover for the astronomical population growth.

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History of the Balkans

Big powers and civil wars in Yugoslavia
(How was Yugoslavia dismantled and why.)

Proxies at work
(Muslims, Croats and Albanians alike were only proxies of the big powers)

The Aftermath

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First posted July 01, 1998
Last revised: May 31, 2004