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"Many in Beijing make no secret of their belief that the action against Serbia was solely motivated by a desire to get the ... espionage scandals of the front-pages of the American papers. In this Clinton has succeeded...

[T]he Chinese leadership... is coming to the conclusion... that America is in a state of terminal moral decline... [T]he refusal of the American people to evict [Clinton] from the White House, despite his ... treason and gutting of America's military and the refusal of America's so-called intellectual elites to abandon him are symptoms of a country that has lost its spirit and rejected its heritage and destiny."

Peter Zhang
The New Australian

The Traitor

By Peter Zhang
The New Australian
April 14, 1999

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It has finally sunk into some Chinese heads that Clinton is not quite the man they had taken him for. That he was corrupt, lacked any kind of moral scruples and thought only of his own survival was made abundantly clear by his willingness to jeopardise his country's security by selling high tech to the Chinese military. All of which proved to the powers in Beijing that Clinton was completely disconnected from any moral moorings. Whatever their faults, PLA [People's Liberation Army] generals would never sell out their country. But then no patriot ever would and that is why they found Clinton such a pleasant surprise. However, the Balkan's mess has literally unnerved some of those who thought they had Clinton's measure.

It never occurred to these people that because Clinton was disconnected from his county's traditions and history he was also completely disconnected from reality. His attack on Serbia, regardless of whether there is a moral foundation for it, has left them floundering. Clinton has virtually committed his country to war, not to mention the rest of NATO without any plan or conceivable notion of what to do if the Serbs refuse to comply with NATO demands, meaning White House demands.

Beijing does not give a fig leaf about Serbia but it deeply cares about the consequences for Tibet and other separatist regions. After all, what is good for one is good for all. Not that they expect Clinton to bomb them. It is the totally reckless way in which he went about the military action, giving no thought to the political or military consequences. That even if he succeeds in forcing Serbia to give up Kosovo this could set in motion violent demands by other groups stretching from the Balkans, down to Turkey and right into China itself.

Many in Beijing make no secret of their belief that the action against Serbia was solely motivated by a desire to get the Broaddrick and especially the Chines espionage scandals of the front-pages of the American papers. In this Clinton has succeeded. But if he so willing to sacrifice the lives of American servicemen merely to evade the consequences of his own scandalous -- if not treasonable -- behaviour, then how far is he prepared to go in other matters? Clinton's behaviour is not considered ruthless here but just highly dangerous, the product of a mind thoroughly detached from political and military reality. In other words, he is considered mentally unstable.

The unofficial view is that it would be in China's long-term interests if NATO, which to them means America, got bogged down in Serbia to the extent that it was forced into a face-saving agreement that left most of Kosovo in Serbian hands and the bill for the refugees with the West. This would, they believe, discredit NATO and undermine the military and moral authority of the West while demonstrating to other independent-minded nationalists the futility of resisting the central authorities. That any attempt at independence will be crushed and that help from the West will not be forthcoming.

Whether it is true or not I cannot determine, but it is rumoured that China is providing intelligence to Belgrade and information on American weapons systems, including stealth bombers and anti-ground to air missile devices. Some of this information, in the form of applied technology, was bought from American companies in return for donations to Clinton's election campaigns and involved highly sensitive satellite and missile technology. This might help explain any success the Serbs might have in bringing down any B 2s.* That China has achieved some remarkable intelligence coups in America is now too well documented to be repeated here.**

Several weeks ago I predicted that Americans could pay a heavy price for Clinton's corrupt behaviour. Cynical as I am, I never imagined it would be so soon.

* It does not need to be stressed that Russia has also supplied Milosevic with intelligence damaging to NATO'S campaign.

** It might just be coincidence but it appears to me that nearly all of those who are willing to cooperate with Chinese officials and unquestioningly accept their statements at face value belong to what you call the sixties generation, otherwise known baby boomers. Incidentally, virtually none of those I know of had degrees in the hard sciences. Anyway, it's just an observation.

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From the same author:

China's Balkan lesson for the Pacific

By Peter Zhang
The New Australian
June, 1999

Any military man will tell you that no matter how well-equipped an army is what ultimately matters is the Will. Without this technology becomes expensive accouterments. What has struck Beijing is not the fact that it was social democrats who ordered the attack on Serbia (the same people who never condemned a communist regime) but their lack of will revealed by their fear of suffering casualties. Many people have been deceived into thinking that because Clinton and Blair forced NATO into attacking Serbia this exhibited courage and determination on their part. Beijing sees it differently. Moreover, it was not impressed with the aerial bombardment. To be able to plaster from a short distance a small target like Serbia does nothing to intimidate Beijing. And as far as she is concerned, these are weapons she will soon command herself, including counter-measures.

Its long term strategic objective is to drive American bases and influence out of the Pacific region and to exercise hegemony over it. Now this does not mean another Pearl Harbour but it does mean that unless China's nationalists are kept in check, if not actually subdued, there will be a great deal of tension in the future between Washington and Beijing. I have written before that the Chinese leadership knows its history. It knows that powers rise and fall. It is coming to the conclusion, if it hasn't already, that America is in a state of terminal moral decline. To China's ruling elite the reelection of Clinton; his popular support; the refusal of the American people to evict him from the White House, despite his contempt for them; his treason and gutting of America's military and the refusal of America's so-called intellectual elites to abandon him are symptoms of a country that has lost its spirit and rejected its heritage and destiny. Nevertheless, keenly aware of the country's weaknesses Beijing will move with caution.

Now this interpretation of the American mood and its moral character could lead to Beijing taking a more aggressive stand in the near future against American policy and interests, even if it means uttering threats and demanding demeaning apologies. This will be done to undermine Asian countries faith in American resolve. By convincing Asian countries that America is straw man, an ally whose word cannot be counted on, it would hop to detonate a chain reaction that would result in these countries deciding to throw their lot in with Beijing.

I doubt if Americans will ever fully learn the dreadful role Clinton has played in fuelling and strengthening the PLA's ambitions. By selling it the key to America's military secrets and aiding the PLA in modernising it military it has brought closer the time when it can intimidate its neighbours. This is what most American observers have overlooked. To drive America out of most of the Pacific China does not have to threaten the nuclear destruction of American cities; she only has to apply subtle, and perhaps not so-subtle, threats against the rest of Asia. This is not so far fetched as many might think once one realises that Beijing seeks domination and not occupation.

The danger, I think, is that the Chinese nationalists tend to view America as Rome viewed Carthage. If this idea should take hold the consequences could indeed be fearful. It is the same kind of idea that took hold among pre-war Japanese nationalists. But I view America in another light. To me she is not suffering a moral decline but sliding into a moral malaise. The common values that held it together are constantly under attack: ridiculed and scorned by its own intellectuals. Its history and traditions mocked and denigrated. Its moral standing in the world battered. This continuous assault has created confusion and uncertainty among the mass of its citizens.

If America is going to ever again face down genuine threats to its existence it must first win the war at home. If the so-called values of the likes of Clinton should finally prevail America will be in mortal danger. Its sheer size and reputation for revitalising itself pose dangers that tyrants cannot afford to tolerate.

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