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Oh, God - give us Justice
The title of the old Serbian Anthem

The role of the Hague - Dehumanizing a Nation
Professor Dr. Raju G.C. Thomas talks about his fact finding mission to Yugoslavia; about the satanization of the Serbs in the West and the role of Court in the Hague. He says: My impression of the intended international war crimes tribunal was that it violated every principle of justice and fair play. The system and process would be thrown out as a cruel farce in any domestic Western democratic society.

The Hague - Lest we forget!
Why should Western nations treat the Serbs as Untermenschen (as subhuman)? Is it an old habit? What higher moral values can we find in the Hague that we can not find among the Serbs?

The first scandal - Dead men walking!
The case of the Serbian soldier Borislav Herak who was caught and tortured by Muslims was heavily used in Western media to attack the entire Serbian nation. Trained by his Muslim torturers and fearing for his life Mr. Herak said stories that no normal mind would believe. Despite the fact that there was NO material evidence to support ANY of Mr. Herak's claims - Western media trumpeted anti-Serb bigotry, without remorse, in the most elite journals - front page! When it was evident that Mr. Herak (and his companions) were brutally tortured; when a scandal broke that some of supposed Muslim "victims" were discovered not just alive - but unaware that they were supposed to have suffered at Serbian hands - as claimed by Mr. Herak, under duress - it was barely mentioned in Western's media back pages. Innocent people, including Mr. Herak are still in jail. Their only guilt - they dared be born as Serbs! ...But all of this was only the precursor to the whole list of appalling scandals collectively known as "The Hague Tribunal."

The Witness "L" trained to lie in the Hague dungeons
Anyone can be a witness against the Serbs. Anyone ready to lie. Protection for such "witness" is guaranteed by the "tribunal." In another scandal, a protected witness "L" says he was tortured by Muslim police and then trained by the Western prosecutors how to lie.

The Hague against Justice
Dr. Kosta Cavoski, an eminent Law Professor about the International Criminal Tribunal Fiasco, the case of Gen. Djordje Djukic, the scandalous treatment of Col. Aleksa Krsmanovic, the legal basis for the establishment of the International Tribunal at The Hague, the witch-hunt.

The case of the "War Criminal" Dr. Radovan Karadzic

The Kafkaesqe Nightmare
The case of the Mayor of Vukovar - Mr. Slavko Dokmanovic

The new NATO-Gestapo sport: Serb hunt
The murder of Simo Drljaca. Brave NATO executioners of the Hague justice attack Mr. Drljaca while, in a shirt and shorts, he was vacationing at a lake. He got liquidated, point blank, mafia style in front of his son and brother-in-law. The two survivors are then brought to Muslim stronghold for questioning. The SFOR Nazis then describe the event as "self-defense."

The murder of Dragan Gagovic
Another Serb gets brutally slain, on the road, in his car. NATO/Gestapo shoots a car that contained Mr. Gagovic and five young children! By miracle the children survive to tell the story. The children are then brought to NATO base for questioning.

All's fair in love and war crimes prosecution
An article written by Mr David Binder, veteran New York Times reporter who covered events in Balkans for many decades. The New York Times was not to publish the truth thus Mr. Binder submitted the article to the Legal Times where it was published on April 22, 1996.

At The Hague - the rape of the tradition
An open letter from Americans for International Justice Committee, signed by Professor Dr. Raymond Kent was published in the largest newspaper in The Hague, 'Haagsche Courant'.

Impartial Tribunal? Really?
"It is clear that from the beginning American, British, French and German interests were behind the creation of the Tribunal... The court was paid for, staffed and assisted by private citizens or corporations which had a direct stake in the outcome of the trial..." says Christopher Black, a Toronto defence lawyer.

The Hague Tribunal is an irregular and illegal court
...says Dr. Thomas Fleming, editor of Chronicles - A Magazine of American Culture.

The tribunal in The Hague should be disbanded
...says Alfred P. Rubin, distinguished professor of international law at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the world's most famous dissident and Nobel Prize Laureate says: The Hague tribunal still LACKS SUFFICIENT LEGAL AUTHORITY with respect to its accused and might... lack impartiality... The Hague tribunal now hands down indictments in SECRET, not announcing them publicly. Somewhere, the accused is summoned on a civil matter, and immediately captured -- a method beyond even the Inquisition, more worthy of barbarians, circa 3,000 BC.

An article written by Dr. Serge Trifkovic, Professor of Political Science, Author. He says: "The model for the Hague Tribunal is not Nuremberg 1946, but Moscow 1938. It is a deeply flawed institution, created for dishonest political ends."

...says clearly the verdict to the accused Serb Dusan Tadic. It is shocking that the American Administration could not buy two out of three judges. The basic fact that the war in Bosnia was a civil war and NOT a [Serb] aggression - as trumpeted by the Goebbelsian media of the West - finally gets expressed. But nothing can stop Western media in their role of an anti-Serb lynch mob. They decide to ignore, downplay or simply misrepresent the significance of the judgment.

NATO kidnaps and tortures wrong twins.
Yet another in the endless list of NATO/Hague scandals. NATO troops kidnap Serbian twin brothers and whisk them to The Hague. The twins get beaten and are ordered to "admit" of being some other twins... It would be funny if it was not sad.

In their desperation to find Serbian "war criminals" Western "Justice Seekers" made some serious blunders. Serbian name suffices for one to be labeled a war criminal. That is how even a Serbian fictional character, from an old novel got to be labeled as one.
Hero on a donkey goes to the Hagues

This thorough analysis shows an example of a Serbian war "crime".

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First posted: May 29, 1998
Last revised: March 27, 2002