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NATO's "liberation" of Kosovo

"Original Nazis were more honest.
At least, they openly said what they planned to do."

Petar Makara

President Clinton lists the excuses for the conquest
May 23, 1999. Day after day thousands of planes tirelessly rain bombs on Yugoslav schools, bridges and hospitals. NATO is conducting the Orwellian "humanitarian bombing." Completely in tune with the Western tradition and need to excuse inexcusable, Bill Clinton, The Emperor of Planet Earth sits to do his part. He writes this open letter to the New York Times in which he explains why is this new audacity of the Mighty, mindless and immoral - good for Mankind. George Orwell himself would be astonished with this craft.

Western democracy arrives:

Outdoing Vandals: Ancient Serbian churches burn
The true face of the Western supposed "democracy" shows its ugly face right away. As soon as NATO troops arrive the ancient Serbian churches are set afire. In the first 100 days of Western democracy more than 150 churches and monasteries get burned or dynamited. These churches, some of them so ancient and valuable that they were declared UNESCO Level Zero meaning: "world treasure." These churches survived more than 500 years of harsh Islamic rule of the Ottoman Turks. The churches survived years of Mussolini and Hitler control of Kosovo. They could not survive the modern Western "tolerance."

March 2004: Remaining churches continue to burn
In front of supposedly watchful mighty NATO the organized ethnic cleansing of non-Albanians continues, so does the planned eradication of the Christianity from this, the cradle of the Serbian culture.

UNSORTED (under construction)

Clinton lied to us
Everything "know" about Kosovo - is a lie served to you by the media.

The Big Lie
Everything was based on this Big Lie.

The "Genocide" lie
Of course it was a lie that Yugoslavia was committing genocide on Kosovo Albanians.

German assessment about "Genocide"
Different official documents of the German Government assess that there was NO Genocide happening in Kosovo.

Clinton - the Traitor!
Clinton used Kosovo to cover for his high treason!

"International community" - without China!?
Most of this planet was opposing NATO's attack on sovereign Yugoslavia

We bombed our devoted ally
Bombing of the Serbs, our brave, devoted ally from two world wars shows an utter disrespect of history by the Washington regime.

Kosovo ALbanians the world leaders in heroin trade
"Thanks... to NATO, the Balkans will soon come to resemble places like Colombia, where drug traffickers are so powerful that they effectively control the state. Politicians, political parties, provincial governments and security authorities are in the pocket of drug lords."

The KLA danger is - right here, in U.S.A.

CIA trained these drug traffickers!
AMERICAN intelligence agents now (a year later!) admit they trained the Kosovo Liberation Army before Nato's bombing of Yugoslavia.

Clinton's criminal irresponsibility
Was this bombing campaign planned at all? Or was it only "Bombs away!"

UN mission in Kosovo - "an incompetent laughing stock"
Kosovo was turned into chaos!

Albanian tolerance - murders a professor
His only guilt - he was a Serb!

Albanian tolerance - murders a doctor
His only guilt - he was a Serb!

Albanian tolerance - murders a UN humanitarian
His only guilt - he was a Bulgarian! Albanians can not tolerate ANY Slav. Speak in a Slavic language - you are dead!

Albanians cleansed everyone!
"No debate on Clinton's inane interventions."

There is NO future for Kosovo
NATO and their drug-trafficking friends deny any future for Kosovo inhabitans.

Next KLA enemy - NATO
NATO will be the next target of the Kosovo Albanian "tolerance."

The conclusion

Canadian General: "We bombed the wrong side"
General Lewis MacKenzie: "[T]he West was being sucked in on the side of an extremist, militant, Kosovo-Albanian independence movement... The fact that the lead organization spearheading the fight for independence, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), was universally designated a terrorist organization and known to be receiving support from Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda was conveniently ignored... When they achieve independence with the help of our tax dollars combined with those of bin Laden and al-Qaeda, just consider the message of encouragement this sends to other terrorist-supported independence movements around the world."

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First posted: November 24, 2006