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The protected witness "L"

By Petar Makara

Murder the strong - torture the weak

As evident from all different cases of Serbian suffering at hands of the Hague criminals it is obvious that the court was formed in order to - blame the victim. It is the Serbs who are expelled from their ancestral lands, but miraculously, and following this warped logic - it is the Serbs who are guilty for it all.

The blame, simply, has to go away from the Empire that financially, diplomatically and militarily attacked the sovereign Balkan country. The blame has to go away from the real architects of the dismantlement of Yugoslavia and its pulverization into (currently) seven mini-statelets.

But, maybe the fools can still be fooled that the Empire's construction of the largest bases since Vietnam - exactly on the soil of the dismantled country - is a benevolent act. The Empire is not evil. Someone else is "guilty" that the Empire simply "had to" stretch out - far out - its forces.

So the task of punishing the Serbs and making them guilty is set and clear. The victim is only to admit. Again, it is very important.

Unluckily, there is no way to present material evidence of the Serbian atrocities. So, Serbs are to be forced to simply say - plain words are enough as evidence - that "YES! We, the Serbs are guilty."

Still, that would not be enough. As we have seen in the Herak's case the captured and tortured Serbs have to point all the way to the very top of the Serbian leadership. The fools have to believe: Yes, this was an organized genocide. Organized from the very top.

But most of the Serbs are resisting. Enduring the torture.

How are you to deal with this situation? One way is to reuse, the darkest of the dark Western skills in psychological warfare against the people to be enslaved. Resort to the Kafkaesque Nightmare. Use secret lists. Keep everyone in fear. Now everyone and all can be guilty, snatched. Or murdered.

The Empire has broad, unbound set of victims to choose from.

What we have here is clash of two cultures. One culture considered itself as a higher race and have ruthlessly ruled the Planet for millennia. The other culture - the Serbs - have a half a millennia experience of being enslaved - and resisting the foreign intruder - all that time.

So, how can you break the will of the people?

You can not bring to the Hague the strong individuals. You can not bring one Simo Drljaca, a director (in August 1992) of detention center Omarska, Bosnia. The Western media have labeled this center a "concentration camp" even though the Serbs, in full respect of Geneva Convention have kept prisoners of war in quite humane conditions. On our tape, a documentary, we see Mr. Drljaca as a strong person, an honest and proud person. A person who seems not to know fear. Or hate. On the tape Mr. Drljaca says that he does not hate Bosnian Muslims. "They are our neighbors. We still want to live with most of them in peace." You do not bring man such as that to your kangaroo court. You murder him.

Mr. Drljaca was murdered (July 10th, 1997), while on vacation, on a lake, in front of eyes of his son. He was executed, point blank.

So was Dragan Gagovic. He was murdered (January 9th, 1999), in his car, while driving five children! The children luckily survived. Mr. Gagovic, a Bosnian Serb was apparently on the infamous Hague secret list and the French, NATO soldiers have sprayed his running car with (23) bullets in an "act of self-defense", as they have said. In this action of self-defense NATO have used motored vehicles, trucks and helicopters. The surviving children were detained for questioning for couple of hours and then let go. They ranged in age from 11 to 12 years old. One of the children was Mr. Gagovic's son...

Here we see one of many patterns of the behavior of the NATO death squad. After they execute or arrest a suspect they also detain anyone on the scene. When Mr. Drljaca was executed his son and brother-in-law were brought, from the lake, in bathing suits to [Muslim controlled] Tuzla and then the Hague! They were brought back later, after questioning. When a Serbian general was arrested they detained his private chauffer.

The Gestapo like executions have an intention to send a clear message - to all Bosnian Serbs of any importance - this day can be your last. You do not know whether you are on the Kafkaesque secret list. Better cooperate. You and your children can be shot at today. Volunteer to the Hague! That may save your life. That may save your family.

But still - the job is not going well.

The next thing is to find some individuals who might be weak, or in poor health. Snatch them and keep them for years. Torture them. No physical torture is actually needed. You are accused for crimes against humanity, for rape and genocide. A bastard of the world, animal in a cage. Entertainment for the cameras.

You are rotting here and no-one can help you. We have endless time to find your "guilt." Admit. Admit!

To protect witnesses from criminals

Anyone, from any place can come and testify that you are guilty. The accuser's identity is kept secret, the court does not care who the accuser is as long as he or she is ready to accuse.

In the very first public trial, the one to Serbian "war criminal" Dusko Tadic, a key accuser is witness known only as "L". But bad luck strikes the Hague Circus right away. (On October 25, 1996) the witness admits that he was tortured by the Bosnian Muslim police, for many months in order to make him accept a role of an accuser. The victim gets coached by the Muslim police - in how to accuse. In how to lie.

"L" is, of course, a Serb. Protected Serb "L".

In shock, the Circus Masters decide to withdraw "L" and "L" suddenly gets the full name. It is Dragan Opacic. No more protection for you!

Associated Press, October 25, 1996 (quote):

A Serb witness claimed he was sent by the Bosnian [Muslim] government to lie to the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in its trial of Bosnian Serb defendant Dusan Tadic, a tribunal investigator said Friday.

Investigator Robert Reid said that Dragan Opacic, previously identified as witness L, made the revelation in a Friday morning interview after defense attorneys challenged his testimony that he saw Tadic committing atrocities at Trnopolje.

Immediately after the shocking revelation, Tadic himself was called to the stand by defense lawyers...

Opacic told Reid he was ordered to testify at the U.N. court "or be executed, and I took this to mean murdered," Reid told the court.

Reid gave no explanation as to why the Bosnian [Muslim] authorities sent Opacic and the three-judge panel did not ask.

Opacic watched videos of Tadic and Trnopolje camp "as training" before being sent to The Hague by Bosnian [Muslim] authorities, Reid said.

Opacic testified in August... His testimony, among the most compelling of all the 75 prosecution witnesses, included details of Tadic shooting elderly men at point blank range and raping young girls...

The three-judge tribunal panel has the power to impose a maximum dlrs 10,000 fine and or year imprisonment on Opacic for perjury [!!!]

They did not immediately comment on the evidence.

Tribunal chief prosecutor Louise Arbour also refused to comment...

In war ravaged country, of course, no Serb would be able to pay The Hague Tribunal a fie of $10,000 for lying under a threat of being murdered. No problem, Opacic gets returned to the same "Bosnian authorities" who tortured him for the witness role. He is still roting in jail in Zenica, a Muslim controlled town. The Western press never got to tell their audience what "L's" destiny was after he was discarded as a protected witness.

So, it all looks simple - a Serb witness was forced my Muslim authorities to lie against Mr. Tadic. The Muslims have fooled the honest people of the Hague tribunal. Mr. "L" gets back where he came from... But is that a whole story? Did the Hague authorities forget (of course by mistake) to mention a few things?

That accusers of Serb "war criminals" can appear in front of The Hague court with masks on their faces, with their voices electronically warped, with their names reduced to one letter - all that sounds as if coming from the stories of medieval inquisition, their star chambers and prosecution of witches. The difference seems only in the addition of the modern equipment, cameras and voice synthesizers to the court. The horrifying injustice toward the accused is excused by the need to protect witnesses from bodily harm.

How was "L" protected?

We would never know even the most basic facts about "L" was it not for an honest Muslim reporter, Esad Hecimovic, who printed an interview with Mr. Opacic in Muslim controlled daily "Dani" on October 8, 1999. (The original, in Serbo-Croatian can be found at: http://www.bhdani.com/arhiva/123/t232a.htm
We noticed that the original link changed its address a few times in the last five years. Obviously purposely. This is why we made the copy of the page - just in case it disappears again. If you do not find the original page you will for sure find our copy of the same. The page can be found at our site at this link.)

Dusko Opacic is a Serb born in Bosnia on November 1, 1975. In the civil war in he was in the Bosnian Serb troops when, on October 30, 1994, two days before his 19th birthday he was wounded and caught by Muslim forces. They treated him correctly, he says, but then he was forwarded to Muslim civilian police in Hrasnica, suburb of Sarajevo. These authorities have charged him of "genocide" in Trnopolje. Supposedly, Mr. Opacic have murdered 25 Muslims and raped ten. In Sarajevo trial, neither Muslim authorities nor "witnesses" against future "Witness L" ever mentioned a single name of Mr. Opacic's victims. Despite that, and based only on his own admission under torture Mr. Opacic got 10 years of jail time. He was sentenced on May 16, 1995 and sent to prison for minors in Zenica.

In the mentioned article Mr. Opacic says:

"I do not know why, nor for whom, nor because of what [I got that jail sentence]. Then and now I was only a prisoner of war. A month after sentencing, some policemen came and told me that I would go to the Hague as a witness and that they had all sorts of evidence about me and Dusan Tadic in the Trnopolje camp. I was forced to sign a statement. I simply couldn't bear any more what they did to me. Although I had been wounded, they tortured me a lot. They would handcuff me to some iron bars. I've spent whole nights standing in water up to my waist, naked, in the Sarajevo prison. They kept me in some cellar where the Police beat me with some sort of rubber implements. They did all sorts of stuff to me. I was wounded and they put salt into my wound. They even beat me with a large piece of wood. I was a child at the time. They only stopped to beat me after they told me that I was to be picked up by the Hague Tribunal... I realized that there was no life for me in Sarajevo. The judge who sentenced me in Sarajevo promised that he would annul the sentence if I agreed to testify in the Hague. He said that in that case, my sentence could be annulled..."

The Muslim authorities immediately started to "prepare" Mr. Opacic as the witness. They started showing him photographs of Trnopolje, of Mr. Tadic. They started telling him what he was supposed to have witnessed.

Well, all of this is Balkan, or more precisely Muslim justice - one would say - but what did The Hague officials, the representatives of the Western high juridical culture do?

They were more than happy to accept documents given to them by their proxies in the field - the Muslim authorities. They have accepted the Muslim documents at face value. Mr Opacic was shipped, right away, that early summer 1995, to the Hague jail at Schevingen. From jail to jail this witness was "protected."

Mr. Opacic continues his story:

"FOR A YEAR, they prepared me in the Hague Tribunal prison for the testimony in the trial. They showed me everything on videotapes and gave me materials to read overnight in order to get ready for the trial. They also took me to see prosecutor Grant Niemann, who also played videotapes for me. They secretly took me to Kozarac [Bosnia] in the Republic of Srpska so that I could show them locations of mass crimes and mass graves. I had to agree to read day and night in order to know what that was all about. They dragged me around Kozarac and pointed out places and houses, asked me to confirm a location and I confirmed whatever they asked from me. I had no choice to say anything else, since they took my statements, given under duress in Sarajevo, as the truth.

"Actually, I was without protection of any sort. They totally isolated me, separated me from the public and no one knew my identity nor the truth about me. I had no other choice but to, for example, memorize everything I heard on a videotape. Thus, I prepared for the trial for a whole year."

Mr. Opacic have asked, many times during his imprisonment in Muslim and The Hague prisons to meet with representatives of the International Red Cross [IRC]. He was denied access to IRC until some time in 1996. IRC has never placed Mr. Opacic's name on their list of prisoners of war. Mr. Opacic's family believed that he had gone missing.

And that is how the final mistake have occurred. (The Associated Press story, above, calls it "a shocking revelation.")

To protect his family, still living in Bosnia, "protected" witness "L" have said to his torturers that his father have died and that he has only two sisters left. On October 25, 1996, in preparation for the final event of being a witness for the Western cameras, the prosecution decided to show "Mr. L" that they have him in complete control. They have brought to the Hague court Mr. Opacic's father Janko and brother Petar.

Investigator Robert Reid have asked witness "L" whether he knew those people. Dusko Opacic stuck with his idea of protecting his family he said he does not know them. Reid then have asked Mr. Janko Opacic whether he knows Mr "L". Dusan Opacic was to have disappeared, dead for two years now... No-one from the family saw him since. "This is my son" said Janko. And "this is my brother" said Petar.

And that is how "L" broke and admitted he is Dusan Opacic. He immediately apologized for lying and explained that he was forced to do so by Muslim government.

The Hague prosecutor's true mistake was that all of this occurred - true - in pre-trial, closed session, away from cameras - but in front of Mr. Tadic's defense lawyer professor Michail Wladimiroff. What were they to do now - murder professor Wladimiroff? Cut his tongue out so he does not tell the scandal to the media?

It was time to do some serious damage control, maybe even some apologizing. Western media, a part of the same governing mechanism have done its part. Speaker for Bosnian Muslim and darling of Western media Mr. Mohammed Sacirbey got to be in front of microphones of Voice of America and in front of Dutch TV cameras, in Roiter news etc. He repeats that Muslim government has nothing to do with Witness L.

For the Voice of America Sacirbey have said (October 30, 1996):

"Every indication of common sense would indicate that this person is a liar in every sense of the word, since he must have been lying somewhere along the way.

Was there an excuse to Mr. Opacic for torture, for young years spent in jail? The excuse came from the very top, from Tribunal chief prosecutor Louise Arbour. She sent excuse to the leader of Bosnian Muslim Islam fundamentalists. According to the mentioned article in "Dani":

In the letter sent to Alija Izetbegovic on December 2 1996, Louise Arbour stated that "a brief but intensive investigation of the Prosecutor's Office did not uncover anything that would support Opacic's claims that he was forced by your authorities to give false testimony at the trial to Tadic, or that they prepared him to give false testimony. On the contrary, the information available to the prosecutors suggest that Opacic's claims against your authorities are false."

As already in the Hague, Mr. Opacic applies for political asylum in the Netherlands. How naive of him. He did not play the role given - he should be punished, not rewarded. He gets sent back to the hands that have tortured him, back to Muslim prison. He is still there, in Zenica, as you are reading this.

But, after this kind of scandal, what happened to the prime target, Mr. Tadic; the one who Witness "L" was to testify against? Was trial against Mr. Tadic's dismissed? Or did the prosecutors have guts to continue?

Oh, yes they did. And, after many years spent in NATO custody Dusan Tadic gets (on May 7, 1997) a sentence longer than some true Hitler's criminals. Hitler have trusted his beloved Nazi Germany to General Karl Donitz, supreme commander of Nazi marine forces that have sunk more than 3,000 allied ships and killed tens of thousands of sailors. Donitz gets 10 years jail time at the original Nuremberg trials. Mr. Tadic gets twice that - twenty years of jail at the Hague NWO mockery of Nuremberg.

Not only that, during this first, showcase trial, under American pressure, the court had a task to prove that the struggle of the Bosnian Serb people not to live under Bosnian Muslim rule was - an international war of aggression! After spending more than 1,300 years in Bosnia as the largest ethnic group - the Bosnian Serbs are INTERNATIONAL aggressors on their own lands.

It is story in itself that two out of three Hague judges rebelled and ruled that war in Bosnia was a civil war! Only the third, judge, coming from the USA, remained true to her task in claiming that Serbs committed aggression. It seems that entire English language got polluted with Orwellian new-speak, "aggression," "conquest," "democracy," "freedom," and many other terms are in a bad need to be redefined.

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