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Terrible injustice was done to the Yugoslav peoples and the Serbs in particular. The question remains...


In the well known movie about American Mafia "Il Padrino", a Mafia boss explains to his colleague why he had to murder his cousin:

"It is strictly business - nothing personal!"

The cold war is over for a decade now - but there is NO Peace Dividend. NATO has to survive so that hundreds of billions of dollars can be sucked out of the American people. Any excuse to prolog NATO's life - is a good excuse.

January 1994: The crisis

For many decades the United Nations was a stage of the battle between the two super powers. With the USSR gone it seemed at first that American newly born Empire can use the U.N. as a vehicle to rule the world. Bosnia was the laboratory where this model was to be tested. Most of the "neutral" UN troops that defended Bosnian Muslims were actually NATO troops. But that was clumsy, indirect way to rule the Earth.

...And what to do with NATO anyhow?

Sun-Sentinel, Sunday, January 30, 1994
Editorial by Robert Fabricio (Quote:)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the very foundation of U.S. Defense strategy, is on brink of a breakup. Manfred Woerner, NATO's secretary general, has lost 30 pounds and developed chronic ulcers in the past year from the strain of trying to keep the alliance together.
(End quote)

Follow this link to see how a Sarajevo market massacre was staged to provide an excuse for substitution of "U.N. troops" - with NATO ones. On the ground NOTHING have changed. The important change was that NATO's role as the World Policeman was LEGALIZED for the first time.

The actual ceremony of substitution of the U.N. blue helmets with the original NATO ones lasted only minutes.

The problem was solved.

NATO expansion: Great Business!


New York Times, Sunday, June 29, 1997,
Page A1 (front page):
by Jeff Gerth and Tim Weiner

(Excerpts from the article - quote):

Washington, June 28 - At night, Bruce L. Jackson is president of the U.S. Committee to Expand NATO, giving intimate dinners for Senators and foreign officials. By day, he is director of strategic planning for Lockheed Martin Corporation, the world's biggest weapons maker.

Mr. Jackson says he keeps his two identities separate [Wow! Who can believe that!?], but his company and his lobbying group are fighting the same battle. Defense contractors are acting like globe hopping diplomats to encourage the expansion of NATO, which will create huge market for their wares.

BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE AT STAKE in the next global arms bazaar: weapon sales to the Central European nations invited to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Admission to the Western fraternity will bring political prestige (sic!) but at a PRICE: playing by NATO rules, which require Western weapons and equipment.

"THE STAKES ARE HIGH" for arms makers, said Joel L. Johnson, vice president for international affairs at the Aerospace Industries Association, a trade group...

The potential market for fighter jets alone is $10 billion, he said. Those jets will require flight simulators, spare parts, electronics and engine improvements. "Then there's transport aircraft, utility helicopters, attack helicopters," Mr. Johnson said - not to mention military communications systems, computers, radar, radios and the other tools of a modern fighting force.

"Add them together, and WE'RE TALKING *REAL* MONEY," he said...

"To make sure the Senate knew this was an important aspect of U.S. security," Mr. Jackson said, his U.S. Committee to Expand NATO recently gave a dinner for a dozen Senators at the private Metropolitan Club, two blocks from the White House.

Over lamb chops and red wine, the Senators heard Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright explain NATO expansion. The guest list included Bernard L. Schwartz, chairman of Loral Space and Communications, a company partly owned by Lockheed Martin. Mr. Schwartz personally donated $601,000 to Democratic politicians for the 1996 election. Lockeed Martin itself gave $2.3 million to Congressional and Presidential candidates in the 1996 election, part of a five-fold increase in defense companies' donations to Democrats from 1992 to 1996.

Lockeed Martin wants its F-16 fighters to replace the old Soviet made MIG-21's in the hangars of Central Europe. Norman R. Augustine, Locheed Martin's chief executive, toured Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia in April, drumming up business and supporting the largest possible expansion of NATO...

"Norm has an emotional [sic!] commitment to NATO expansion," Mr. Jackson said...

NATO was founded in 1949, at the dawn of cold war, TO ENLARGE THE UNITED STATES' POWER IN WESTERN EUROPE... The end of the Soviet empire created the chance to expand the alliance...

The Administration says the cost of few nations' joining NATO may reach $35 billion over 10 years, with the United States paying about $2 billion. But the Congressional Budget Office says the cost may reach * $125 BILLION * over 15 years...

Critics of NATO expansion say weapons spending could create political and economic problems in Central Europe.

"It is extraordinarily unwise for these countries to shoulder these costs when they must pay the costs of meeting their social needs," said Jack Matlock, a former United States Ambassador to Moscow.

"These countries are free to buy American arms," he said. "The question is how they pay for it. If American taxpayer finances them, THIS WOULD BE A DIRECT SUBSIDY TO THE ARMS INDUSTRY. If they pay for them themselves, it could lead to real distortions in these countries' own budgets." ...

Beyond Congress, the White House and the Pentagon, NATO expansion is a hot issue for the growing NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, where interest groups from associations with civic-sounding names to advance their causes.

Mr. Jackson set up his "U.S. Committee to Expand NATO" committee last November. The committee's board of directors includes educators, business executives and lawyers... One of its founders, Greg Craig, recently  became the State Department's director of policy planning...
(End quote)

American people paid more than TRILLION dollars to fat-ass military and greedy politicians for "defense" since the end of WWII. It turned out that Soviets were much less powerful then what the parasites of the American society had presented. So called "Evil Empire" dismantled itself without a shot fired.

NATO as a swat team!

How idiotic excuses can one come up with so we keep being stuck with this NATO money-sucking monster?

The excuse in 1997 was still Bosnia.

According to that ridiculous excuse NATO will collapse if its Bosnian "peace" mission collapses. And this mission will collapse if NATO swat teams do not hunt down Serbian "war criminals" Dr. Karadzic and general Mladic.

In other words hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars will be wasted on NATO (or saved to the American people depending on whether these two Serbian supermen can be murdered by NATO swat team.

Surprisingly no-one was questioning this logic.

New York Times
Sunday July 6th, 1997, Page A7
"With civil strive, NATO FINDS ITS ENEMY within"
by Craig Whitney

...The big question is... whether an expanded alliance can continue to provide security and stability in the [Central Europe] region rife with ethnic tensions like the ones that tore Bosnia apart.

(End quote)

Now it all falls in place. Now it should be clear to anyone why America (with considerable help of Germany) instigated the breakup of Yugoslavia. (Let me remind you that Yugoslavia was one of the few founding nations of the United Nations). It is also clear why war in Bosnia (and later in Kosovo) was instigated and then (and still now) fueled by the White House and the fat-ass generals.

It is MONEY stupid. (Hundreds of billions!) It is your tax money so that only industry with direct subsidy - the huge arms industry - can survive. And while Social Security and Medical Care are in deep trouble, while American radio programs discuss the acrobatic solutions for overcrowded schools in New York City (multiple shifts and shifted vacations were some of the suggestions), while entire industries are leaving the country and big companies are firing tens of thousands of workers -  there is no talk on the America's largest expense. Only last year [written in 1997] Clinton signed ten billion dollars more than Pentagon have asked for the infamous "defense".

Who are they defending America from?

The New York Times article continues with its explanation of why we have to continue paying for NATO:

New York Times
Sunday July 6th, 1997, Page A7
"With civil strive, NATO FINDS ITS ENEMY within"
by Craig Whitney

"The precedents set in Bosnia are no less crucial than they were in late 1995, when a NATO peacekeeping force commanded by American officers went in... [And bombed Christian Serbs for the sake of Islam Fundamentalists]...

Americans and Europeans agree that even if [NATO "peacekeepers"] stay there will be no peace in Bosnia unless the many people indicted on war crimes charges there are removed from the political scene and brought to justice in the Hague. Here again, officials say, the United States would have to take the lead to get the job done...

To some of [the joining countries], NATO would not be worth joining if it had been - or yet proved to be - unable to deal with the problem of Bosnia...

Some European official say that if [NATO troops leave then the], renewed fighting in Bosnia seems almost inevitable, and with it the LOSS OF *ALL* THE CREDIBILITY NATO HAS BUILT UP SINCE IT GOT INVOLVED THERE... "NATO would have failed in its most important post-cold-war mission, and what then would NATO enlargement would be worth?" said Richard C. Holbrooke [the creep]...

The most egregious political failure in Bosnia, the Europeans agree is the Bosnian Serbs' refusal to hand over people... to the international tribunal... Chief among those still at large is the Bosnian Serbs' former leader Radovan Karadzic... and his former army chief Ratko Mladic...

General George M. Joulwan Jr., the alliances American commander, canvassed European leaders last year on a proposal to create an INTERNATIONAL *SWAT* TEAM to go after people...
(End quote)

Did you notice that they mentioned that word CREDIBILITY of NATO. That was 1997 i.e. - before American lead NATO instigated trouble in Kosovo! When Kosovo trouble started - they used the same line of threatened credibility! Why change the lie if it have worked once already?

But, there you have it. If you were gullible enough you should have believed that if the SWAT teams do not murder Serbs in cold blood then Bosnia will fail. If Bosnia fails then NATO (and its credibility as the world bully) will fail... And you will be left with $125 billion in your pocket.

All intercontinental multihead nuclear rockets, all money spent for nuclear submarines, all of this will fall apart if a few Serbs are not killed. These Serbs must be some SUPERMEN.

Only days after this Nazi-propaganda-like article was published an open Serb-hunt started. Any Serb of influence is a target. The goal is to behead the Serbian people and keep their justified hatred against NATO alive. More turmoil is needed - to provide more excuse for NATO existence.

You can imagine what kind of "justice" could the Serbs expect in the circumstance when more than hundred billion dollars are at stake. For that kind of money they would kill my mother - and yours.

NATO-Gestapo hunted down a Chief of Serbian police in the city of Prijedor. The guy was fishing with his son and brother-in-law. He was murdered, in swim suit, in front of their eyes.

The second victim was Dr. Kovacevic, a Serbian Hospital director, who is a survivor of WWII Nazi concentration camp of Jasenovac. NATO-Gestapo came to his hospital in Red Cross van and with a Red Cross parcel. They pretended to want to deliver medicine to the hospital. Only 2% of international help gets to the starving  Christian Serbs. The remaining help goes to the Islam Fundamentalist Muslims. Of course, they did not fully inform you about the story...

It works: Money galore for the "defense"

The Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, Sepemer 30, 1998
(Front page)

Congress passed and sent to Clinton a $250.5 billion fiscal '99 Pentagon budget. The vote in the Senate was 94-2, and the president is expected to sign it. The measure includes an unspecified amount of contingency funds for covert operations...

The Joint Chief of Staff said the U.S. military readiness to deal with crises is fraying, and the defense budget should be increased by at least $15 billion a year. Some Senate Armed Services panel members criticized the chiefs for not speaking up sooner.
(End quote)


Time to admit it all

So it was Bosnia as an excuse for NATO's existence, then it was two Bosnian Serbs and then... Kosovo. So why not combine it all: Balkan is it!

The New York Times
Tueday, June 15, 1999
Page A27 - OP-ED

Thomas L. Friedman (the NYT's most pronounced proponent of the New World Order):


...Ever since the cold war ended, NATO planners have been groping for a new mission, a senior NATO official remarked to me at NATO's Brussels headquarters, and the Balkans is turning out to be it.

This shift from NATO to BATO - the Balkan-Atlantic Treaty Organization - has been driven both by humanitarian demands [sic!!!] and institutional imperatives. "In order to survive, an international organization can't just have a conceptual mission," the official said. "Organizations seek out action. They need to do things. That's why NATO needs the Balkans as much as the Balkans need NATO[sic!]...

The thing about the Balkans is that what NATO has to offer is exactly what they need. We have a product [huge storage of cluster bombs] that they want - peacekeeping and providing security" [he added].

And there are a lot of customers. Once NATO forces are fully in place in Kosovo, NATO's Balkan deployment will involve nearly 100,000 troops - 30,000 in Bosnia, 57,000 in Kosovo, 7,000 in Albania, 2,000 in Macedonia and 1,000 in Croatia. Many of those troops are committed INDEFINITELY.
(End quote)

Many problems are thus solved at one stroke. American military industry (good portion of American employment) has to go on. Huge stockpiles of weaponry has to find customers. You can not only store the product - you have to deliver it.

The customers are the same folks who are also called - "collateral damage". The customers get the product delivered straight to their head...

Unemploymet in the Western countries gets solved also by indefinitely storing some 100,000 people - as soldiers. In America it is mostly the poorest section of the society that joines the armed forces. These people who could cause trouble on American streets are instead trained to become professional murderers and are shipped abroad. America exports its miserable - to spread misery.

Nest of all is that in hundreds of billion of dollars the rich few have a huge pool to steal from. Here is an example:

The Time,
April 13, 1998
page 200 (bottom left corner in huge red font):


$48.7 BILLION - Amount the war in Bosnia has cost the international community since 1992
(End quote)

If that self-proclaimed "international community" (actually ex-collonial powers known as NATO) have given only fraction of that money to the peoples of Bosnia - there would NEVER (ever) be a war there. But that would not be a good business - would it? Good portion of those $48.7 billion have ended in some private pockets. Certainly not Bosnian ones.

Serbs, Albanians, Bosnian Muslims - you are murdered and cleansed thanks to NATO - but do not get upset. It is nothing personal. It is strictly - business.

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