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Today the Hague is still the symbol of justice and high moral values. This is the place of choice where Serbian "war criminals" (all the Serbian leaders included) will meet the justice of the Western "democracies". 

Lest we forget!

The following photograph was referenced in:

Time-Life books: "The SS", Edition 1989, page 160.
The caption under the photograph reads (quote):
Nazi salutes prevail as the Dutch Volunteer Legion leaves The Hague for a Waffen-SS training camp in Germany in the summer of 1941. A message scrawled on the railroad car - "We are going to fetch Stalin!" - foretells the legion's ultimate destination: Early in 1942 the troops went into line near Leningrad.
(End quote).

In the same book, by chance(?) in the page that faces it (page 161), the book shows Dutch SS allies from Bosnia - Bosnian Muslim SS Division "Hanjar".

No such train EVER left Serbia. Many nations had such Waffen-SS volunteers but not the Serbs. 

The Dutch were called by their Nazi allie Hitler to fight for "New World Order". Following their self-proclaimed high moral values and being of Ubermenschen (super-human) stock they are at the same task today.

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First posted: May 29, 1998
Last revised: April 17, 1997