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Nadja Tesich
Writer, Professor of Film, Filmmaker

Nadja Tesich
Nadja Tesich
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Madam Tesich lives in the USA since age 15 and was educated at Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, NYU and Sorbonne
Paris and at the School of Oriental Languages (Paris).

She has been an Associate Professor of Film at Brooklyn Colledge and of French Literature at Rutgers University. She is a writer of novels, plays and screenplays.

Her first novel "Shadow Partisan" received an award from National Endowment of the Arts and New York State Foundation for the Arts.

The truth behind Pentagon's war in Bosnia
A speech made at Teach-in, October 12, 1995, Manhattan Community College, City University of New York

If only I lived in a fair country
An open letter to The New York Times

Call, message, springtime
Published in Belgrade daily Politika

Remembering My Brother, Another Victim of US Deadly Disorder
Steve Tesich, Oscar winning movie director

Nadja's Interview from 2005
The same in Serbian - Microsoft Word document (324Kb)

Nadja's Interview from 2006
- in Serbian.

What is Genocide?

Steve Tesich and his articles to the press

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