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What is Genocide?

By Nadja Tesich

Last night, February 27, 2006, the BBC reported that the Hague Court is accusing Serbia and Montenegro of Genocide!! Why would they do that? The Hague Court is a US partner, and this is just a vain attempt to distract the world from the horrors the US is committing in Iraq.

The USA has powerful media, and they can do what they wish, but it does not mean that the rest of the world is going to believe them. People are not stupid. Sooner or later they find out.

There was no genocide in former Yugoslavia. Except in the US media. There was a civil war in which people died on all sides. And the civil war was largely instigated by USA. The Spanish Civil War was not a genocide nor was the American Civil War. However, the USA did things that resembled genocide, i.e., the killing of Native Americans and African Americans in large numbers; the horrors of slavery; the killing of 3 million Vietnamese and the poisoning of their land. The USA killed many people in Serbia in the spring of 1999, when it bombed the country day and night, bombing even hospitals and killing children and old people, destroying the land with depleted uranium munitions. Yet, this is not genocide. It is imperialism. You have power and you destroy. Genocide is something else. One clear case is the example of the Nazis trying to exterminate all the Jews in Europe during the Second World war. Genocide is when one side kills with intent and they don't get killed. Nazis.

To compare Serbia and Montenegro to the Nazis is truly sick. A people who more than any other fought fascism alone. This stupid, opportunistic comparison is demeaning to the memory of Jews who died in the horrible camps, where they were starved, tortured and gassed. We are living in an age where nothing counts and everything can be changed or assigned a monetary value. I resent the misuse of the word 'genocide' in the name of the Serbs and the Jews - the true victims of the past genocides.

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