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Compiled, Designed & Produced
by William Dorich
Publisher : Kosovo Charity Fund
Editor : Basil W. R. Jenkins
Project Director: Anita Dorich

Texts by
Dimitrije Bogdanovic
Alex Dragnich
Dimitrije Djordjevic
Thomas Emmert
Mary Nicklanovich
Rev. Bishop Atanasije Jevtic
V. Rev. Mateja Matejic
Archimandrite Dositei Obradovich
Slavko Todorovich
+Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic

Religious Consultants
His Grace Bishop Chrysostom
Archimandrite Dositei Obradovich
V. Rev. Dennis Pavichevich

Published 1992
by the Kosovo Charity Fund
With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Chrysostom,
Bishop of Western America
1621 W. Garvey Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91803

by William Dorich


  The Preface to Kosovo
  The Saga of Kosovo
  Raska and Kosovo
  Serbs and Albanians Under Turkish Rule
  The Serbian Revolution and Albanians
  Prelude to World War I
  World War I and New Tutelage for Albania
  Between Two World Wars
  Kosovo in the New Yugoslavia
  Serbian Rulers
  The Era of Prince Lazar
  The Kosovo Legacy
  The Kosovo Question - Past and Present
  Kosovo 1389
  The Heavenly Kingdom in Serbia's Historic Destiny
  Windows to the Past - Serbia's Written Heritage
  The Maiden of Kosovo
  The Death of the Mother of the Jugovici
  The Role of St. Vitus' Day in Modern Serbian
  Kosovo and Vidovdan After Six Hundred Years

All Rights Reserved
Adapted for the Internet by: Srpska Mreza