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The pages in this collection originate from:  

The articles collected by: Mr. Benjamin Crocker Works, Director
SIRIUS: The Strategic Issues Research Institute
E-mail: BenWorks@aol.Com
The original pages are at: Sirius Kosovo Archive ***

ARCHIVE: Kosovo Files

America's World War II Veterans on the Serbs

Kosovo in 1980's

Kosovo and Mr. Milosevic

Albanians and transnational crime

Albanian lobbying in USA

Drugs, KLA Mafia and Fundraising

Albanian Mafia & KLA Crime & Terror

KLA terrorizes Albanians too

Albanian American PAC Contributions 1980-2000

Bob Dole's KLA connection

Mme Albright and Kosovo

The Pretext: Racak Hoax

The forensic analysis of the Racak Hoax

KLA ideology

KLA leaders

KLA and Osama bin Laden

KLA as Army

KLA Terror and Cleansing Campaign

KLA Women and Terror Campaign

Under NATO bombs Albanians are leaving Kosovo

After NATO "liberation" KLA cleanses all minorities

Cleansing of the Serbs elsewhere in ex-Yugoslavia

David Hackworth on Kosovo (#1)

David Hackworth on Kosovo (#2)

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  Book of facts

History of the Balkans

Big powers and civil wars in Yugoslavia
(How was Yugoslavia dismantled and why.)

Proxies at work
(Muslims, Croats and Albanians alike were only proxies of the big powers)

The Aftermath

The truth belongs to us all.

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First posted: February 27, 2003
Last revised: May 31, 2004