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Professor Emil Vlajki:



The dream of totalitarian rulers has become reality. From now and by those dominating the world with a highly sophisticated technology, it is possible (without any risk and human cost) to attack, destroy and finally defeat a given country simply by air strikes. At this time the Occident, having this kind of invincible weapons: missiles, bombers and logistic support, rules the entire earth through fear of military interventions, economic sanctions, embargoes, conspiracies and the media's propaganda. Without any power balance, the leading "International Community" comprising 15% of the world population has been transformed into a powerful vampire able to kill night and day without the slightest possibility of being stopped. Almost every day there are new, deadly outcomes of this policy in "un-rational countries": Rwanda, Bosnia, Turkey (against Kurds), Sudan, Chechnia, East Timor, San Salvador, Guatemala, Iraq, Yugoslavia (including Kosovo) In this context the UN is a useless dead body, the left-utopian-human rights tendency is the matter of only a few intellectuals and western public opinion enjoys its power and domination. After thousands of years of the development of rationality apparently aiming at an unified world based on universal human rights, the modernity has become the matter of a few who exercise their world domination without scruples and with a brutal force. The Stone Age appears again in its most sophisticated version. The bellow example is merely a demonstration of the nowadays spiritual poverty of the "most rational part" of human kind.

"Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi"
(What is good for Americans and NATO, is bad for others)

There is no example in world history of this kind of cynicism which, at this time, occurs in Yugoslavia. The "International Community" (Western allies, NATO) perform the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe since WW II. After Serbs from Croatia and Muslims from Bosnia, the victims this time are about a million of Albanians from Kosovo forced to become refugees and eight million Serbs who are under the NATO "humanitarian" air strikes. It seems that in occidental mind there was no other way to implement stability in this part of the world, but the proportions of this manipulation are beyond any human understanding. In any case, one has not to believe in this kind of stories for naïve people, telling us about the retarded reaction of the "International Community" regarding the "Serb's criminal behavior " and its astonishment concerning the extent of the ethnic cleansing of Albanians, etc.

The end of the 20th century is the United States era with their rational accomplishments but also with their brutality. This powerful country without history has proclaimed its leadership over the entire world and announced a New World order. Its aggressiveness against Russia (for geo-strategic reasons but also against everything that is Slav, orthodox and "communist") has the same intensity as before the fall of communism.

Due to this policy which means the continuation of the cold war, there are already hundreds of thousands of dead and things keep going in the same direction. The fact that the United States along with Germany and the Vatican are responsible for the dissolution of the second Yugoslavia and now want to finish their job by destroying the rest of the country by separating Montenegro from Serbia and occupying (the southern part of) Kosovo.

Although the main strategic goal is to destroy (by the most sophisticated technology in the world) an ally (Serbia) of the (future strong) Russia, the United States along with the European community also wants to prevent Muslims penetrating Europe through Bosnia or/and "Great Albania". Thus, for the "International Community" the menace for stability in the region has been Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo and Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. The "international community" found the solution in ethnic cleansing which would occur through the series of Balkan wars.

And it is exactly what has happened. During the first wave of wars, the "International Community" helped Croatia get rid of 400 000 Serbs who were settled in the region of Lika, Zagreb and Slavonia (it was the worst ethnic cleansing to occur in this dirty war, 1992-1995). At the same time, the "International Community" permitted Croats and Serbs to eliminate a large number of Muslims in Bosnia, and Muslims to chase an estimated 150 000 Serbs from Sarajevo. Finally, by the Dayton agreement, Serbs from Bosnia were obliged to cut off all possible links with Serbia, and Muslims were neutralized through the "Muslim-Croat confederation".

The second stage of this "rational (humanitarian) project" was a little more delicate to perform. Albanians from Kosovo (considered as Muslims) wanted independence from Yugoslavia in order to create the "Great Albania" (Kosovo + part of Macedonia + Albania). Western allies took measures against it. First of all they occupied Albania (militarily and economically) and put their troops into Macedonia. But Kosovo was part of a sovereign state (Yugoslavia) which was hostile to the implementation of foreign troops on its soil. Then the "international community" used the same procedure as it did in Bosnia with Muslims. It encouraged by all means the Albanians from Kosovo to ask for independence and to fight the Serbs. After that, when clashes and mutual aggressiveness took a proportion of the real war, the "international community" offered the "peace proposal" of Rambouillet whose main clause was the implementation of 28 000 troops in this Serbian province "for humanitarian reasons". It is amazing how only H. Kisinger saw the real purpose of this "peace proposal" which aimed to prevent the Kosovo Albanians from independence.

Certainly, Serbs could not accept the occupation of a part of their territory and war with NATO forces started aiming to the occidental "strategic goal B". The first outcome of the second stage of the Balkan wars has been the ethnic cleansing of Albanians from Kosovo (it was so obvious that it would happen right from the beginning of hostilities). In the first place NATO, by affirming its strong opposition to ground intervention in Kosovo, gave a hint (permission) to the Serbs to get rid of Albanians. On the other hand, NATO by promising the Albanians "to liberate" Kosovo, asked them to leave the future battleground. Thus from both sides, Albanians were pushed to leave their country. However it is strange the naivety of the Albanian leaders (especially the KLA leaders) who believed NATO's arguments. When the ethnic cleansing is completed, there is a realistic option for the northern part of Kosovo that, once without Albanians, it is going to become the integral part of Serbia. The southern part of Kosovo would be proclaimed the "safe zone" for the Albanian refugees and occupied by NATO troops. It would be, at the same time, the "victory" of the Serb regime and the "victory" of the "humanistic" and military strategy of NATO. Therefore, the part of the region (Serbia) would be stabilized without the threat of Islamic penetration into Europe through this province. After a while the war would stop, the media would make a big fuss about humanitarian rights, several people would be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and in several years everything would be forgotten. The new era of relationship between Christianity and Islam would begin.

This bureaucratic, brutal but theoretically efficient rational procedure implying the genocide of entire nations has several "collateral" aspects: The economic destruction of the region will permit the "international community" to activate its capital (aid, investments, etc.) and solve a part of its unemployment. Also, the implementation of 30 000 troops + people assuring different services, helps to decrease unemployment. In the future, the destroyed country (Serbia), through receiving aid, will depend economically on international financial institutions. A little war like this one serves to test new NATO weapons but also checks out the readiness of Russia and China to become involved in the conflict.

More specifically, the separation of Montenegro from Yugoslavia means at the same time the non-possibility for Russia to have access to the Adriatic sea.

The new rulers of the world do not care about the main international institution which is the UN. Having military supremacy and underestimating the power of Russia and China, the "international community" makes a law (makes wars) without consulting the UN Security counsel. First of all the US imposed their "marionette" Kofi Anan to the post of Secretary General of the UN. But this act was without any political effect because only the Security counsel of the UN can give permission to start a war.

Thus the "international community" fearing Russia's and China's veto and overestimating its powerfulness, has decided to avoid the Security Counsel. Since then, in one year, the United States (combined with NATO) attacked by air four countries: Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia. Only God knows how long this superiority complex of the "international community" will last, but it is clear that the Yugoslav conflict, because of the probable Russian implication (through the "coup d' État" against Yeltsin), could easily lead to a worldwide war.

Machiavellian political science may learn substantial things from the Kosovo refugee crisis. First of all military aid was offered by the "international community" to the KLA organization (fighting for Kosovo independence). After atrocities committed by both Serbs and the KLA where the main victims were the Albanian people, NATO first accused the Serbs of fighting the "peaceful and helpless people" and declared that only its troops presence on Kosovo soil could assure peace in the region and the safety of Albanians! The political expression of this attitude was the Rambouillet "peace proposal"-ultimatum ("if you do not accept a deal, you will be bombed") which included the presence of 28 000 NATO troops. When the Serbs refused this ultimatum (the occupation by NATO of their territory), the "International community" decided to attack a sovereign country which is Yugoslavia. Albanians from Kosovo were told that this province would be bombed and, if Serbs continue to resist, that a NATO ground attack would occur. Thus, there are four major reasons provoking the exodus of Albanians:

1.The fighting between KLA and Serb forces; 2.The bombing of Kosovo by NATO (the large part of Kosovo is already destroyed by NATO bombs); 3.The escape from the future battle-ground; 4.The ethnic cleansing by the Serbs (especially in the northern part of Kosovo historically important for Serbs).

What is most cynical is the fact that the "international community" knew, wanted and deliberately provoked the flight of the Albanian population from Kosovo. Acting that way, NATO killed two flies at the same time: it diminished chances for the Islamic penetration into Europe and found a good pretext for its little war against Yugoslavia by accusing Serbs of committing atrocities against Albanians!

Modern Machiavellianism includes as its main aspect the Human rights freedoms. The "international community" proclaimed itself as a defender of universal human rights. Thus, when it makes war, its enemy must be somebody who is acting against humanity by committing horrible deeds. In this regard, Serbs are demonized. They are permanently, intensively accused of being aggressors, killers, rapists, and genocidal, threatening their neighbors, etc. The principle that somebody is innocent until proven guilty does not prevail here. Proof is not necessary. "Serbs have already killed and raped people, they are certainly doing the same thing now". "There are indications for it" (for example, suspected "mass graves", afterwards denied by Pentagon on April, 22, 99, and again stressed in May 1999), "there are witnesses" (Albanian refugees whose stories could be hardly considered as being objective). Prime ministers, foreign affairs ministers and military leaders of the "international community" permanently repeat these allegations trying to justify the bombing and destruction of Yugoslavia. They pretend to be "humanitarian" (they pretend to have "principles") regarding the Albanians from Kosovo, but they are not humanitarian ( they do not have the same principles) in regards to the Kurds, Palestinians, to the peoples from Chechnya, or Southern Sudan, Southern Lebanon, San Salvador, etc, with millions of dead and refugees. It does not matter if a principle is not a principle, the important thing is that public opinion believes this propaganda.

Of course, the powerful media of the "international community" (which covers 95% of the entire world) go along with their "humanitarian" politicians and military staff. 24 hours a day and every day they repeat the same allegations (lies) "confirmed" by pictures (pictures of refugees can not say why these people flee) and by opinions of numerous "specialists" for the Balkans whose dogmatism and prostitution are unpardonably shameless from the point of abstract humanism but fit quit well with their main goal; to preserve western domination. It is amazing how a kind of primitive symbolism can easily influence public opinion. Before each bombing of Yugoslavia causing numerous deaths, the TV report begins with the melodramatic picture of Albanian refugees meaning: "death and destruction of Yugoslavia which follows is absolutely justified" or/and "the only way to stop the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo is through the destruction of Serbia". This "objective propaganda" is so well synchronized that it matches and even overcomes the one conducted by the Nazi regime sixty years ago about the German refugees from Sudety in Czechoslovakia (one also has to remind the lies broadcasted by CNN during the Gulf war in 1991 and concerning the "atrocities" committed by Iraqi troops "against babies" in Yemen). It appears more than ever the fact of the total subordination of the occidental media to the economic, political and military elite and rational killers.

But the most terrifying thing is the one concerning the large part of occidental public opinion. These people programmed through the educational system to accept the "supermen ideology" believe and enjoy the fact that the Western world is the most powerful one on earth. They accept and support everything coming from their propaganda as the Germans did in regard to the Jews under the Nazi regime. They are already accustomed to the numerous wars led by the "international community" and they want this kind of spectacle more and more. At this time, the permanent bombing (without any stated reasons) of a defenseless country which is Iraq, and making thousands of victims, does not provoke any human reaction from public opinion. These people are concerned by Albanian refugees (manipulated by NATO) but not by Serb refugees from Croatia (at least 400 000), Kurd refugees from Turkey (more than a million), or by Catholic refugees in Sudan (more than 2 000 000), etc.

These people are concerned by atrocities committed in Kosovo and few years ago in Croatia (burned Albanian and Croat villages, and murdered people) but not by burned (Serb) villages in Croatia, or atrocities in Turkey, San Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Sudan, Rwanda. Of course, if you ask them about it, they condemn these atrocities but they do not ask for NATO military intervention! Thus their "humanism" and/or "compassion" is pure hypocrisy and merely reflects their inferiority complexes hidden by an aggressiveness against defenseless nations. At this time when occidental spectators watch day by day the systematic destruction of Yugoslavia including "collateral casualties" (thousands of dead), their madness goes so far that they demand now for more bombing and even for the ground troops intervention! In the name of the Albanian refugees, and like in the Millgram experiment (stating the extreme cruelty of the "ordinary people"), they want to punish "bad Serbs" by death and destruction. Occidental people have a feeling of belonging to the most powerful world community and their "permissive aggressiveness" fulfil their human emptiness.

It is well known that the masses always enjoyed cruelty. But in ancient times when people enjoyed fighting in the arena, they showed their feelings openly, without shame. Today, the situation is quite different. You have to present yourself as being peaceful, tolerant, kind, etc. Thus, in order to express freely your instincts of aggressiveness you need a good reason. The best one, nowadays developed by the "international community", consists of proclaiming somebody or something as being so bad (scapegoat) that only a severe punishment could be the appropriate measure against this evil. In other words, once Serbs were identified as bad (supposedly committing ethnic cleansing, genocide, rapes, etc.), bombing and killing them becomes "urgent and unavoidable"; nowadays, this kind of "humanistic hypocrisy" is absolutely necessary to justify one's murderer's instincts. The schema of this shameless attitude coming from the "free world" is as follows:

The construction of the defamatory stories concerning the future scapegoat (accused of being "criminals against humanity"), mostly based on pure lies The making of these lies truthful (through intensive media propaganda The "legitimation" of the killing of people (for instance, by bombing the countries like Iraq or Yugoslavia) on the grounds of these lies The proclaiming the aggressiveness of their own as being a humanitarian one

By understanding this context it is also understandable the superficiality and cynicism of the belligerent (NATO) "arguments" (statements):

We bomb and kill Serbs, we destroy their country but we are not against them! We are making war only against Milosevic! We are making war in order to protect peace! During our bombing, they were not supposed to be there (people, hospitals, embassies, buses, trains, and other civilian targets)! The destruction of Yugoslavia occurs for humanitarian reasons! In this conflict between Serbs and Albanians, we do not take sides! Not one Albanian flees NATO bombing and fighting between Serbs and the KLA; they flee only Serb atrocities! We intervened militarily in Yugoslavia in order to improve the situation of Albanians (since the intervention they have been 1 000 000 refugees)! We had to intervene because of the sufferance of Albanians (even if it were true, what about Kurds, Palestinians, people from East Timor, Guatemala, or San Salvador, etc.)! We will enforce (by making war on Serbia) the return of Albanian refugees to their homes (what about the return of 400 000 Serb refugees from Croatia)! Our bombs are "clean" and destroy only the military infrastructure (in fact, regardless of "collateral effects", bombs have radioactive compounds and their final effect will be the creation of the largest "soft" Hiroshima in human history. We are sorry for "collateral effects" (until now, several thousand civilians killed "by mistake" and civilian infrastructure destroyed).

Maybe the occidental public opinion accept these inconsistencies, lies and cynicism because it does not know that:

Until 1989, Kosovo had one of the greatest autonomy in the world with all imaginable human rights for Albanians. But Albanians, since Tito's death in 1980, wanted independence and they fought for it by committing enormous atrocities against Serbs. Thus, the abolishment of the autonomy was the logical consequence of this attitude. In Serbia (especially in Vojvodina) there are several minorities: Croats, Hungarians, Czechs, Rumanians, etc. All of them live in real fraternity and mutual tolerance. They have their schools, papers, broadcasting. Even during the war between Serbia and Croatia in 1991, the Croatia minority in Serbia (200 000 people) never had any difficulties with the Serbian regime.

Conclusion (main points)

For geo-strategic reasons, the "international community" (led by the US) has provoked onto the Balkans (and actively participated in) the biggest genocide in Europe since WWII.

It deliberately destroyed the Second Yugoslavia (local nationalist leaders were only their marionettes); It supported Croatia in ethnocide over the Serbs (400 000 refugees who will never return to their lands); It encouraged Serbs and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina to commit genocide on Muslims; It provoked the flight of around 1 000 000 people from Kosovo; At this very moment, with the agreement of the current Russian regime, it's committing the worst imaginable genocide against the Third Yugoslavia; In their attacks over Yugoslavia it uses radioactive bombs which will poison the whole region for centuries to come; It destroyed the very fragile system of international law; In order to justify these crimes, it has established through the media and on a world level the most sophisticated system of manipulation transcending the Nazi system of propaganda; By its action, the risk of a military confrontation with Russia (freed from the US puppet Yeltsin) is extremely probable with unpredictable consequences.

Emil Vlajki is a former professor of political science at Sarajevo University. He was also visiting and associate professor: Yale, Leuven, Montréal, Laval, Ottava. This text is adopted from his upcomming book. You can send comments to vesnaradulovic@sprint.ca


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