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By Barry Lituchy October 1995

(*Published in the October 1995 issue of the College
Voice. College of Staten Island, C.U.N.Y.
Barry Lituchy has taught history at Brooklyn College,
N.Y.U. and Dowling College)

To travel from New York to Belgrade and then back again is to pass from the enemy's camp to the beleaguered camp of a small oppressed people and then back again. But it is also to pass from a world of lies and war crimes to a world at war. The United States of America is at war with the Serbs. Everyone in Yugoslavia and in most of Europe knows this. But here it is denied.

Even when the most massive weapons of destruction are launched from U.S. aircraft carriers in the Adriatic or from NATO warplanes 50,000 feet in the sky, each day brutally butchering civilians, -- men, women and children, -- still, war is denied.

Even as one million refugees flood into Serbia in the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in Europe since the Second World War and the U.S. deliberately withholds, blankets, food, aid of any kind, in order to punish the Serbs as part of its war policy against not just the government, but the entire people -- still. war is denied.

Even when an entire people, the Serbs of Croatia, are destroyed in a true act of genocide, carried out by the fascist Croatian military, but organized and led by U.S. military personnel -- still, war is denied.

And these events are either not reported or under- reported for the details are too gruesome, too revealing, and too convincing of America's guilt. For the truth is that America is guilty of war crimes in Krajina. In the Krajina, the Serbian region of Croatia, in entire people have been wiped out. But still, America's war against the Serbs is denied.

Instead, Americans are taught to stick their heads in the sand of television dope-operas like the O.J. Simpson "murder mystery." In this way our cultural establishment successfully trains a country of ostriches how to accept, love and obey a government and a system that destroys smaller countries and peoples, encouraging them to kill each other, while at the same time spouting the most cynical lies about "peace plans," "democracy" an "human rights."

Fascism and the New World Order

We are living in a new age that we do not yet fully understand. What is certain it that our American institutions, our so-called "intellectuals" and "cultural leaders" will not explain it for us. Our academics. scholars, teachers and journalists are as likely to tell us the truth as a whore on 12th Avenue is likely to resemble a nun. Their job is to justify and legitimize the status quo, or to obfuscate the mendacities of the power-brokers in Washington or on Wall Street. Hence, you get the verbal gymnastics of a Professor Dobos (History professor at College of Staten Island) who does fine tricks to convince people that Islamic fundamentalism and Croatian fascism are nothing to worry about, and that all the while America is really on the side of the Serbs.

But people in Belgrade (and I'm sure in other countries as well -- indeed, wherever entire peoples are threatened by American military aggression) are beginning to theorize about this new age of darkness that humanity is now entering, this new ago since the end of the Cold War that is sometimes referred to as the "New World Order," arrived in Belgrade on August 29th. the day before the NATO bombings of the Serbs began. I was there throughout the two weeks of massive bombings. I saw the horrendous destruction of civilian villages and the atrocities committed by NATO against the Bosnian Serbs on Serbian TV and in the newspapers. On one day ten infants were blown up by NATO jets. On another a small Serbian farming village that unfortunately lay on the road between Belgrade and Pale was destroyed, killing the inhabitants and the livestock. I was at the Serbian parliament and saw that miserable wart of a man Richard Holbrook walk out of his meeting with Yugoslav (Serbian) President Milosevic, acting as if he owned the building of Belgrade. And I saw the mood of the people of Belgrade and Serbia undergo a transformation during the three weeks I was there, from feeling of betrayal and sadness to one of ever growing outrage and hatred for America and its Western European allies. I saw demonstrations of thousands of Serbs calling for death to America, burning American flags. and. had hey not been held back by the Yugoslav military, prepared to seize the U.S. embassy.

And still, every day, the U.S. kills more Serbian civilians, every day commits more war crimes. And when I am asked what is the one word that I heard used over and over again most often to describe Americans, I have no need to hesitate for the answer is: "NAZIS!" Americans, say the Serbs, are the Nazis of today. Isn't time for Americans to look at themselves critically and to ask themselves what they are doing? Isn't time for Americans to ask themselves what they are becoming? For surely others in the world are already making up their minds. Americans are becoming the Nazis of the New World Order.

Economic Sanctions: Fascist or Democratic?

The internationally respected Yugoslav philosopher Mihailo Markovic has written an essay that should be widely read here entitled "Fascism and the New World Order." In it he draws certain historical parallels between the Fascistic "World Order" that Hitler and his allies tried to create in the 1930's and 40's. and the "New World Order" being constructed today. Markovic stresses that there are several important differences between the two systems: the ideology of liberalism versus fascism, the much higher level of economic and technological development in the America, the contrast between Fascism's culture of militancy with that of Liberalism's induced passivity and apathy. However. he makes clear that these differences are less important than the similarities. The main point being that while the U.S. may have different (and vastly more effective methods) for achieving its objectives, the intentions and objectives of American imperialism are almost exactly the same as those of Nazi Germany: to establish military and political domination over the entire world and over all peoples in order to ensure absolute and total obedience and total economic exploitation.

America's aim of achieving a global monopoly of political and military power by the U.S., as well as a monopoly on the wealth of the world. is little different in its essentials from the Nazi-fascist dream of a dominant Aryan race controlling the earth for a thousand years. As long as the Soviet Union existed, it prevented the realization of both Nazi Germany and American world domination. But today this mad dream is deemed possible by the regime in Washington.

In terms of domestic and foreign policies there are more similarities than differences between American and Nazi imperialism. The media is a good example. While there is a very limited degree of free speech here in the U.S. and Western Europe, criticism of the government and the elites is completely marginalized and excluded from the mainstream media in the United States. Indeed, there is a very clear line beyond which all media with any weight in American society will not overstep. Also. the interests of the mainstream media and cultural institutions are harmonized in precisely the way the Nazis intended their own cultural establishment to be designed. In fact, the Nazis had a word for it "gleichschaltung," which meant the harmonizing of mainstream cultural institutions with Nazi institutions and its ideology. Thus, American society corrupt in its objectives as Goebbel's propaganda machine was, while at the same time far more effective and damaging in its scope. Likewise. there are clear similarities in U.S. and Nazi methods for dealing with political dissent: the vast police and intelligence system of the American state dwarfs that of anything constructed by Hitler and Himmler, though the American approach is less crude.

The similarities are even greater when we come to foreign policy. As Markovic points out, The method of applying sanctions against entire nations and states is essentially fascist. An individual, individual responsibility and culpability are axioms of the liberal cultural and political tradition. If it proves impossible to identify the culprit for the crime, the true offender will, according to the tradition, be relieved of criminal responsibility rather than punish an innocent ma. Only fascist totalitarianism which, in this respect, followed the custom of the most primitive tribal civilizations in principle allowed for the collective responsibility and collective punishment of a nation or race. The current sanctions against all countries which have found themselves in the way of attainment of the interests of the leading powers of the "new world order," equally affect all citizens, including the vulnerable old population and the newly born children, only because they belong to a country and a nation. This moral and political scandal of world civilization at the end of the 20th century manifests a way of thinking which does not belong to a liberal and democratic tradition and fully corresponds to fascism.

Methods of Global Domination in the New World Order used against the Serbs

Indeed, economic sanctions are an act of war, even though, the U.S. and its allies deny that this is so. Naturally. the United States government would consider it as such if the same sanctions were ever imposed against this country. Nevertheless, sanctions are just one of the many new and sophisticated weapons of modern warfare that the New World Order is deploying against the Serbs. It is a type of warfare where both the victim and the aggressor are hidden from view: a warfare of unconventional armies and methods. These methods make sure to destabilize and weaken the country long before any direct military intervention is publicly discussed. In the end, the country that is targeted is either coerced into absolute obedience, or else destroyed.

Clearly, the intentions and goals of U.S. foreign policy in the New World Order bear a striking resemblance to those of Nazi Germany, the conquest and destruction of entire entire nations as part of an overall strategy for total world domination. What is needed now is an overview of the various methods and institutions that are being developed and deployed today in America's war against the Serbs, for surely they will be used tomorrow to destabilize and destroy other countries end peoples.

Cold War institutions or continuing significance for the New World Order those of the I.M.F., World Bank and other aid agencies which aim to impose a relationship of economic aid and then political dependency on the targeted country. In this way all future economic aid and foreign capital is gradually tied to the ever stricter imposition of policies made in Washington. Once this point is reached the country in question has abdicated its sovereignty and becomes little more than a colony. If we recall the early stages of the effort to destroy Yugoslavia, we will remember that it was through these agencies that U.S. foreign policy was enunciated prior to 1981. For countries like Yugoslavia, which refused to bow down to the dictates of the IMF and the US government in the period 1988-1990, the next step is massive destabilization. In the case of Yugoslavia this meant first of all the incitement of ethnic conflict and financial and political support for separatist or secessionist movements. The objective is simple: to divide people, against each other, thereby legitimizing a policy calling for the destruction of their state, which can then be replaced with smaller, easier to control and exploit, mini-states.

Sponsorship of ethnic conflict is closely followed by the launching of a media propaganda campaign against the targeted country and the introduction of the so-called "human rights groups." Human Rights groups today have as little to do with human rights as the slogan "arbeit macht frei" did with the liberation of the inmates of Auschwitz. In reality these are merely agencies of the U.S. government -- from which they receive their financial support. All human rights groups in the U.S. today receive sizable amounts of government financial assistance and repay that financial assistance by carrying out the foreign policies of the U.S. government. Thus, they are sent to the country targeted for aggression with the task of investigating or manufacturing human rights abuses (such as the supposed oppression of Croats or Bosnian Muslims that we heard so much about) which can then lay the basis for the next step in the destabilization plan: the media war.

Since I've already written a piece on this subject for this publication (see the February 1995 issue) I will limit my comments simply to this: just as the human rights organizations set the stage for war by falsifying or blowing up small incidents into major atrocities, thereby pitting peoples against each other and creating international incidents, the media plays an even greater role in that not only is it the vehicle for propagating phony human rights abuses (real human rights abuses rarely get broadcasted), but in that it is absolutely necessary to demonize a people in the media to order to destroy them. This too has such clear parallels to Nazi methods of conquest that it needs no comment.

Another related institution of modern fasist warfare that is being developed and deployed today against the Serbs is the so-called "international war crimes tribunal." The brazenly one-sided and fraudulent institution is glaringly apparent in light of the fact that (as of September 1995) no Croats or Muslims soldier has been indicted thus far, even as they rampage, pillage and murder across vast regions of Serbian territory. Ironically, this new weapon of destruction derives it's real historical inspiration, not from the famous Nuremberg and other anti-Nazi trials, but rather from the Nazi and Stalin show trials of the 1930's and 40's. It is from the latter that they derive their real objective: the annihilation of all political opposition and freedom. In the context of the New World Order they are also designed to strip a people of their right to self- determination.

Closely related to the human rights organization are the so-called NGO's or non-governmental organizations or foundations. There is a massive literature that already exists on this extraordinarily sinister phenomenon which goes back to the early part of this century. The Rockefellers, who played a big role in establishing so many of these foundations spoke of foundations as being force greater than governments for achieving the political objectives of the super-rich elites and their corporations. The most infamous of these in Europe today is the Soros foundation, established by the billionaire currency trader George Soros, reputed to be the richest man in the world. Through foundations such as the Soros, a country can be effectively destroyed from within. The Soros foundation has bought off important figures throughout Eastern Europe and financed the training and activities of tens of thousands of young people indoctrinated in the most reactionary and totalitarian notions of American culture. In simple terms, Soros has created a new generation of future leaders -- a fifth column -- prepared to take over the governments and countries of Eastern Europe within the next several years and to govern them like banana republics, completely according to the dictates of Washington. Recently the Soros foundation branch in Belgrade has been shut down for the simple reason that it financed the most extreme pro-American and treasonous activities imaginable for the last three years, supporting every U.S. policy against the Serbs including sanctions and bombings! If this isn't sabotage, destabilization and treason on a large scale then nothing is.

Also connected to the imposition of American sponsored foundations is the pressure on smaller countries by the United States to allow a degree of political pluralism and diversity of opposition parties in the country it seeks to destabilize that is itself maintains. Thus, while in the U.S. there are no political alternatives to the so-called "two party system" whatsoever, the U.S. insists on and helps to finance literally hundreds of opposition parties and organizations in Yugoslavia today, thereby creating political climate of extreme uncertainty, political paralysis and near ungovernability. Many of these political opposition organizations got their start through Soros.

Of course, one of the very most important methods of world conquest in the New World Order is the use of the United Nations and its deployment of so-called "peacekeepers." With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the UN is today completely controlled by the U.S. and its allies. As such, the UN has been transformed into one of the most powerful and multifaceted weapons in the American arsenal for the establishment of the New World Order (i.e.: U.S. global conquest). It was through the UN that the U.S. was able to impose sanctions and a naval embargo on the Serbs and make it binding on all nations. It is through the UN that international foreign policy of war against the Serbs is harmonized. And, of course, the imposition of UN "peacekeepers" in Yugoslavia was a key turning point in the conflict because it handcuffed Serbs militarily and established the basis for military occupation of the region against the Serbs. The UN acts under the false pretense of neutrality, but they are anything but neutral in the civil war in Yugoslavia. Their task from the outset was to militarily weaken and handcuff first the Yugoslav army and then the Croatian Serb and Bosnian Serb armies. In this way they prepared the way for the military build-up of the Croatian and Bosnian Muslim armies that were covertly financed, armed, trained and even led by (in order of importance) the U.S., Germany, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran, and ultimately the military defeat of the Serb forces there. The U.N. forces provided the necessary cover and entree through which the U.S. military collected intelligence data on the Serb forces and installations prior to the NATO bombings and for the covert arming of the Bosnian Muslim army that went on throughout the sham "arms embargo."

Clearly, the UN plays a key military, diplomatic and economic role in the imposition of U.S. world hegemony by providing the cover of neutrality for the initial military and diplomatic assaults on the country targeted for destruction. This too has enormous influence on the media and the human rights organizations that are, in way or another, connected to the UN. It should be noted that prior to the recent wave of NATO bombings in September. 22 of 23 human rights groups associated with the UN Commission on Refugees voted for and advised in favor of the bombings. In other words, nearly all of the so-called human rights organizations called for war crimes against the Serbian civilian population of Bosnia! No doubt they will do so again in regard to Serbia proper (Yugoslavia) when the time comes.

Finally, we come to the use of military force itself, which (in contrast to the "New World Order" initiated by Adolph Hitler) is shrewdly and covertly recognized by the American fascists and their allies to be used only as a last resort. In most cases the threat of massive destructive force is sufficient to impose total obedience over a people, where it is not, as in the case of the Cubans, Grenadians, Libyans, Panamanians, Iraqis and now Serbs, it must be used. but only after the proper conditions are met so that its effectiveness is immediate. Because once it is introduced, all other methods, including war itself, gradually lose their potency, In the first instance. mercenary armies are covertly armed, trained and led by the U.S. and its closest regional allies (in the Balkans that is Germany). Hence, the build-up and training of the Bosnian Muslim and Croatian armies from zero to their present level of superiority in weaponry. Direct military involvement by the U.S. itself must be introduced when the endgame is near and only then. Otherwise. its expense. its unpopularity, its obvious barbarism. and its tendency to force the tortured victim to stand up and fight to the death against the American invader (as in Vietnam) can turn the tables on fascists. I won't comment on the so-celled embargo which was simply an illusion designed for liberals and other day dreamers to ponder.

Thus, American strategy in the New World Order is to hold back direct military involvement to the last moment and to rely on other methods to weaken and destroy a people. Essentially, this means combining various methods of low- intensity warfare (sanctions, peacekeepers. media war, etc.) for long durations. decades if necessary, interspersed at strategic moments with high intensity, terroristic use of high-tech weaponry (the equivalent of the policy of dropping atomic bombs on Japan in 1945) for short durations. Another reason for this policy is the complete apathy of most Americans toward involvement in these colonial wars (despite the enormous media campaign). This problem is more than compensated though by the enormous technological advantage the U.S. has against its victims. Consequently, Americans can drop smart bombs from 50,000 feet or launch Tomahawk missiles from aircraft carriers hundreds of miles away, murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians, and yet suffer virtually no casualties! This is yet another important contrast between German and American fascism in that the Nazies were forced to exhibit a higher level of humanity and courage when butchering civilians than Americans, whose methods are by comparison far more depraved and dehumanizing.

What is this war really about?

Having just returned from Yugoslavia I am an eyewitness not just to a war, but to a genocide. I know very well how this term is deliberately misused today by the media and governments to rewrite history, denying the real crimes while exculpating the real criminals. This is precisely what the Bosnian Muslims, the Croats, the Germans and the Americans have done. And why not? They are the biggest genocidal murderers of all time! Americans don't know and aren't told that the Croatian and Bosnian Muslim concentration camp of Jasenovac nearly a million people systematically murdered between 1941 and 1944, including most of Yugoslavia's Jews. Nor that two Bosnian Muslim SS Divisions were raised in World War II to murder the Serbs of Bosnia. But for those of us who do know the history of the Balkans, and who know what is happening today, the term genocide is appropriate for describing what is being done and being planned for the Serbs. For if genocide means the deliberate destruction and murder of a people, this describes exactly what this war is all about.

The early strategy was to divide and conquer the Serbs. First, you have the Serbs of Croatia. They already have been destroyed -- all killed or exiled. Croatia today is a racially pure, Catholic state. just as they intended during the Second World War. It has race laws granting full rights only to pure Croatians; all other peoples have minority rights. Not only do they kill Serbs and burn and pillage their houses, they burn all books which mention the name Yugoslavia or that have print in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Next are the Bosnian Serbs. They are currently being massacred by NATO bombings which have destroyed most communications, water, electricity, and housing, and prepared the way for the launching of new military offensives by the Muslims and Croats. NATO aggression will not stop until the Croat and Muslim forces are capable of a mass murder surpassing that achieved by the wartime fascist regime. The resurrection by the United States and Germany of a powerful fascist Croatia once again in Central Europe will prove to be a nightmare for all of humanity.

And, finally. there are the Serbs of Yugoslavia proper. They are next. The U.S., Germany and its allies cannot tolerate even this strong a Serbian state in the Balkans. Three years of sanctions have literally starved the country, have killed thousands of civilians and forced hundreds. of thousands of other Serbs to emigrate. It shut down all industry. It cut living standards by half. It has created 50% unemployment. It has destroyed not just the economy but the very fabric of society undermining the development of the country not for a few years, but for a generation. But that's just for starters. America is preparing to tear even Yugoslavia apart: Kosovo's Albanian separatist movement lies in the wait for its orders to attack and launch a new civil war in the south of Serbia and in Montenegro. The U.S. and Germany are also determined to cut of the northern part of Serbia and hand it over to Croatia so that Croatia control the Danube River and prevents the economic development of Serbia and the southern Balkans. There already are bills in Congress in preparation for this.

But why destroy the Serbs? First of all, it is important to .... .... .... the original objective was the destruction of Yugoslavia, and in particular, socialist Yugoslavia. To destroy Yugoslavia it was necessary to destroy the Serbs because they were about half the population and they had the most to lose and the most to defend. Most importantly. they were the most interspersed people in the country. living in sizable proportions in all parts of the country except Slovenia. They were therefore the most supportive of the maintenance of both the multi-national and socialist nature of the state. The Croat, Slovene, Bosnian Muslim, and Albanian populations on the other hand all had historical connections to fascistic separatist movements supported by Germany and the U.S., and indeed had a long history of support for such movements. They were therefore the long destined clients of the U.S. and Germany in a post-Communist Balkans. When these movements were brought back to life by the West in 1989 they revived their old racist ideologies, programs and traditions as well, among which included the destruction of the Serbs. It must also be remembered that Serbs are historically the most powerful of the peoples of the Balkans. historically, it has been the Serbs who have posed the greatest threat and obstacle to foreign colonial domination. It was the Serbs who were mainly responsible for the gradual destruction of the Ottoman and Hapsburg empires in the Balkans, as well as the defeat later of Nazi Germany and its allies in the Second World War. In a neo-colonial new world order the Serbs would have to be destroyed at the outset, or else the Balkans could never be conquested. I ask myself often how it is that Americans can justify or allow the murder, the destruction of an entire people? And every time I come down to the same conclusion: in the end the Serbs really don't matter. This war is not really about the Serbs: it's about America and what it's becoming. It's about a country that can butcher ten infants and then turn around and preach about "human rights" and "democratic institutions." It's about this new dark era we are entering, referred to as the New World Order. The Serbs. for all of their great accomplishments as a people and their determination to be free of the foreign tyranny that now confronts them, are to be destroyed by a new fascism that is developing in this country, before our very eyes. And the Serbs are only the first of many peoples to die as a result of it.

Imagine if only Hitler. Himmler and Goebbels could awake from their graves and witness their present day vindication by America's new fascist alliance in the Balkans! Undoubtedly, they would reluctantly have to smile and say, "America. we've got to hand it to you. You did it far better than we ever could!"


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