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Post-Dayton BOSNIA:
"Creating a level playing field" - American way

USA arms and trains Bosnian Islam fundamentalists...
Disarms, harasses and hunts down Christian Serbs

Clear for everyone to see USA builds Islamic Republic in the declared "Heart of Europe." West European allies cowardly watch in dismay.

This is PAX AMERICANA Par Excellence. The Serbs are the last American Indian tribe to be pacified.

America forges the old Hitler's alliance
Following exactly in Hitler's footsteps, Bill Clinton insists on anti-Serb alliance in Bosnia. Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims should join forces against Bosnian Serbs.

Bosnian Muslims maintain ties to Iran
Dayton agreement strictly prescribes that Bosnian Muslims should terminate their cooperation with Iran. They do not. The Clinton Administration is informed about activities of the Bosnian Muslim proxy, but does not care. The proxy may never be wrong.

U.S. openly trains and equips Bosnian Islam fundamentalists
Huge amount of sophisticated weaponry gets paid by U.S. and Arab allies and gets shipped to Bosnia. Europeans are opposed but do not dare complain.

Clearly anti-Serb activity
Serbs, the American ally from the two world wars, are told in no uncertain terms that arming and training Bosnian Muslims and Croats is geared against the very existence of the Serbian people in Bosnia. The only option given to the Serbs is to be obedient slaves. Whatever the Serbs do, they can never be right.

U.S. professional cleansers train Serbian enemy
"Retired" U.S. soldiers, most of them Vietnam veterans, are sent to teach Bosnian Muslims how to use the new sophisticated weapons. They are the same ones who thought Croats how to cleanse the Serbs from Krajina.

Ready to cleanse the Bosnian Serbs
Not enough evil is still done to them so American press urges Administration to use all the tools of oppression at its disposal and become a viceroy in Bosnia.

Engineering democracy - American style:

 --  Banning the largest Serbian party in Bosnia
In preparation for the first post-Dayton "democratic" elections in Bosnia the Western tyrants ban participation of the largest Bosnian Serb political party. Excuses are many and easy to invent.

 --  NATO paratroopers attack Serbian radio station
The Serbs get valuable lesson in "Rights to a free speech."

 --  105% of Muslims vote!
Americans rig the election so their candidate an Islam fundamentalist wins. It is a shocking scandal but which Western language still has use of the word: Shame!

Nobel Laureate banned from Serbian books!
Western rulers of Bosnia use truly Orwellian methods in oppressing the Serbian people. They are busy rewriting Serbian history as well as books for the Bosnia Serb children. If the new generations of Serbs in Bosnia are to be good, obedient slaves to the Western "values" they better not learn about glorious and rebellious Serbian heritage. The key Serbian books are banned. This includes the works of one Ivo Andric and the book that got him Nobel Prize. It also includes the anthem of multi-ethnic Yugoslavia which calls for the union of the South Slavs.

American justice: Serb hunt!

Kidnapping and murder of a Serb General
According to only few months old Dayton "peace" agreement the war in Bosnia is over. It is January 30, 1996 and with NATO troops (now called IFOR) guaranteeing peace two Serb officers are passing through Muslim controlled part of Bosnia. Muslims snatch the two Serbs before the very eyes of the IFOR. They get tortured, interrogated 20 hours a day and for six days. The two Serbian officers are on no-one's war crime list and the kidnapped Serb General Djordje Djukic was only in charge of food supply for the Serbian troops. He is also gravely ill. Nothing matters. The Muslims, as American proxies, can not make a mistake - whatever they do. The Serbs simply get handed over to the Hague "justice." That court is established by NATO as a tool of enslaving the Serbian people. Practically, the General gets murdered in the Hague dungeon. This is only the beginning of what the Serbs are to expect from justice rooted in the American Wild West.

Tortured to testify against the Serbs
His name was to be simply Witness "L." He was to be a key witness in a key trial that would "prove" Serbian war crime in Bosnia. He was actually a young Bosnian Serb soldier caught by the Muslims and severely tortured as a part of "training" into how to testify against the Serbs. As a good trainee he was then handed over to the officials of the Hague dungeon. He was then trained by these Westerners for a full year... But then something went wrong... This was to be one of many shocking scandals we know as "International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia" [ICTY]... But NOTHING seems to be able this " international" (actually NATO) institution into non-existence.

"I was tortured, forced to confess"
Says another Bosnian Serb, "I was given 60 pages to learn by heart and recite. I was afraid for my father, afraid they might kill him because of me. I said what I did to survive," he added. "Otherwise he and I would have been dead in a day. But I talked and here I am still alive..." This much the New York Times could print on January 31, 1996 on page six. At the time when Muslims tortured Mr. Herak, in 1992, the New York Times was instrumental in using Mr. Herak's lies as major "proof" of Bosnian Serb atrocities. John Burns, NYT journalist whose propaganda attack on the Serbian people can only be compared to Goebbelsian attack on the Jews got Pulitzer's prize for the article on Herak. Everything gets downplayed despite the fact that there is absolutely no material evidence to what Mr. Herak said under torture. Atop of that two supposedly murdered Muslims appear unharmed. Despite the scandal, the Western sense of "justice" still keeps Herak and his tortured codefendants in jail.

The new NATO-Gestapo sport: Serb hunt
Brave NATO executioners of the Hague justice attack Serb, Mr. Drljaca while he was vacationing at a lake. Mr. Drljaca got liquidated, point blank, mafia style in front of his son and brother-in-law. The two survivors are then brought to Muslim stronghold for questioning. The SFOR Nazis then describe the event as "self-defense." It turns out Mr. Drljaca was on NATO's secret list of Serbian war criminals.

Murdered in a car filled with children
Another Serb gets brutally slain, on the road, in his car. NATO/Gestapo shoots a car that contained Mr. Gagovic and five young children! By miracle the children survive to tell the story. The children are then brought to NATO base for questioning. Mr. Gagovic was also on NATO's secret list of Serbian war criminals.

NATO kidnaps and tortures wrong twins
Yet another in the endless list of NATO/Hague scandals. NATO troops kidnap Serbian twin brothers and whisk them to The Hague. The twins get beaten and are ordered to "admit" of being some other twins... It would be funny if it was not sad.

Non-existent person - Serb war criminal!
In the funniest scandal of all the Western seekers of justice fall for a trick. A fictional character from a Serb novel gets listed as Serbian war criminal. If you are a Serb - that is incriminating enough - you do not even have to exist!

Murder At The Hague?
Did Serb Slavko Dokmanovic commit Harry Houdini type of a suicide or was he simply murdered by the Hague New World Order proponents unable to prove his guilt. A Serb can leave the Hague "tribunal" dungeon - only dead!

 --  Serbian survivor of WWII concentration camp murdered at the Hague
Serbian doctor who survived infamous Jasenovac concentration camp of WWII gets kidnapped by NATO and murdered at the Hague.

Bottomless pit of the Western morality
The Hague Tribunal established by NATO in order to blaim the victims knows no shame. Learn more about the tribunal's endless train of scandals.


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