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Srebrenica Muslim women and children
Was it a genocide?

"Genocide! Ethnic cleansing!" shout Americans, Germans, Turks and Western European NATO allies alike. They should know it. Over past few centuries they themselves committed genocide and ethnic cleansing on such a scale that no-one would ever be able to outdo. Tens of millions, men, women and children perished. Whole continents were cleansed. They are the experts. They know. All that they did was "only a history." We, who were on the receiving end should forget and forgive. We should do it so they can do it to us once again.

These NATO gentlemen all now sit on a high moral plane, you see. Somewhere close to God. They are now, as always, the ones who have the moral right, even an obligation, exactly because of past "mistakes" they made, to judge supposedly primitive and supposedly vengeful people like the Serbs.

Aside from this hypocritical moralizing, was it a genocide, or is the word genocide, in Srebrenica case, twisted to a new, unbelievable extent, as if being a rubber, infinitely elastic, straight-jacked specially tailored to fit the Serbs?

Let us say that the Serbs know a genocide when they see one. Let us, once again remind you what it was like to be a Serb in Drina river valley, not so long ago and still in Serbian living memory. What happened in and around Srebrenica during WWII?

Entire Bosian Serb villages massacred

[T]here remained the question of Bosnia-Herzegovina which the [Nazi] Croats now controlled and which they hoped to annex permanently. And it was there that 1,200,000 Serbian Orthodox resided. The problem was how to get the best of such large human masses, nearly three times more numerous than the Catholic population [of Bosnia-Herzegovina]. This was [Croat fuhrer] Pavelic’s great dilemma and all the repeated massacres, concentration camps and deportations to Serbia, could not solve it.

There is a proverb: "Necessity finds a way." And so it was that the Ustashi decided to make use of nature to facilitate their duty as killers. The country abounded in deep crevices and gorges. The Drina [river] especially had worn its bed between Bosnia and Serbia through a succession of wild and grandiose canyons, somewhat similar to those in Colorado. These admirable sites would serve as cemeteries and slaughterhouses both at the same time. The work would thus be simplified and all that sufficed was to push the victims off the steep cliffs. So this method was adopted for the Serbs who lived along the river in eastern Bosnia, and their bodies, mingling with those of the Jews, were so numerous in certain places, that they were used as a bridge for the massacrers to cross.

"Across the Drina -- or into the Drina," expulsion or physical extermination, such was the formula, terrifying in its merciless simplicity...

No detail was overlooked in bringing this gigantic undertaking to a successful conclusion, for it meant the immolation of a whole people. Like the Hitlerians in Poland, yet considerably outdoing them in cruelty, specialized units plowed the way, just as Tamerlane or Genghis Khan had done in times gone by.

The above quote is from:
"Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941- 1945"
Author: Professor Edmond Paris
The American Institute for Balkan Affairs
Chicago, 1961
Quote taken from edition 1990, pp 101-103

During our journey toward the hill of Javor, near *Srebrenica* and Ozren, all the Serbian villages which we came across were wholly massacred. In the villages between Vlasenica and Kladanj we discovered children who had been impaled upon stakes, their small limbs still distorted by pain, resembling insects stuck through by pins.

The above quote is from:
"Assassins au nom de Dieu"
Author: Herve Lauriere
Paris, 1951, page 58

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Now, that was a genocide! A true genocide. Per capita, it was probably the second worst genocide of WWII. Put in simple words: If you had such luck to just be born as an European Jew in decades before WWII, your chances to survive the war were slim. Your chances were not much better if you were born as a Bosnian or Krajina Serb.

If you were a Srebrenica Serbian child age 10 in 1945 and you were lucky not to end impaled upon stakes during WWII, you would be 60 in 1995. You would clearly remember the genocide you survived the first time. If you were only expelled from Srebrenica in 1990's, as all the Serbs (at minimum) were, then you were lucky again that your head was not chopped off to be one of Srebrenica Muslim leader, Naser Oric's, private collection of chopped off Serbian heads. One thing is sure - you would recognize that it is genocide, over barely survived Bosnian Serb population, happening once again.

We know too well how would a high cultured and democratic Western nation react at even a remote attempt that their population be target to an atrocity, let alone a repeated genocide. But, as repeated so many times by American media (when Americans slaughter en mass some far away people in these days): "These [primitive] people have different value of life." How did the Serbs value life? Did they use the occasion to settle the score?

Srebrenica Muslims abandon
their wives and children

Wives and children to merciless Serbs!?

Many Dutch soldiers said they had been upset and troubled by the sight of [Srebrenica Muslim] soldiers seeming to abandon their wives and children to the advancing Serbs...

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times"
Author: Alan Cowell
July 23, 1995

Of course, these Dutch soldiers read their nice, anti-Serb, racist Dutch newspapers with concocted astonishing stories depicting 80,000 (in their entirety) Bosnian Serb soldiers being able to rape 100,000 Bosnian Muslim women while keeping 4,000 kilometers long front line against three (3) times more numerous enemy. The Dutch soldiers were concerned about the Serb super-brute raping all the Srebrenica Muslim women and chopping to pieces the Muslim children. But Bosnian Muslims knew their Christian Serb neighbors better. They knew that the in entire known history the Serbs never (ever!) committed mass genocide on defenceless non-Serb population. End of story.

Would it be different this time? The Serbian wounds, the Serbian grief was too fresh. Just look again at, here presented UN document documenting the atrocities these Srebrenica Muslims committed in one year only (April 1992 to April 1993).

A simple glance at the long list of mutilated Serbs looks like population census. Anyone who got to Srebrenica Muslim bloody hands was butchered. The old and the young.

Here is a short excerpt from the long list:

Old, helpless Serbs

  • Miladin (Nedjo) Milanovic, a man born in 1920, murdered at age 72, in May 1992
  • Leposava (Risto) Popovic, a woman born in 1919, murdered at age 73, in July 1992
  • Milovan (Joso) Pavlovic, a man born in 1919, murdered at age 73, in June 1992
  • Gojko (Lazar) Jovanovic, a man born in 1917, murdered at age 75, in May 1992
  • Vladimir (Stojan) Stojanovic, a man born in 1915, murdered at age 78, in January 1993
  • Milos (Maksim) Zekic, a man born in 1914, murdered at age 78, in May 1992
  • Bogoljub (Mikailo) Eric, a man born in 1914, murdered at age 78, in May 1992
  • Mileva (Milorad) Dimitric, a woman born in 1912, murdered at age 80, in July 1992
  • Vaso Poraca, a man born in 1912, murdered at age 80, in July 1992
  • Zlata (Milos) Jovanovic, a woman born in 1911, murdered at age 81, in December 1992
  • Danilo Djuric, a man born in 1910, murdered at age 82, in October 1992
  • Mara Bozic, a woman born in 1909, murdered at age 84, in January 1993
  • Stoja (Milorad) Vasic, a woman born in 1908, murdered at age 84, in May 1992
  • Blagoje (Pero) Popovic, a man born in 1907, murdered at age 85, in July 1992
  • Sekula (Nikola) Ristanovic, a man born in 1906, murdered at age 86, in May 1992
  • Dostana M. Matic, a woman born in 1902, murdered at age 90, in September 1992

The above quote is from:
This official UN document

Did not these Serbs suffer enough through two world wars? What was the point of murdering them at such an old age? Who could these old survivors of Ustasha and their Bosnian Muslim SS hurt?

Serbian children - butchered:

  • Slavisa (Jovan) Cirkovic, a boy born in 1973, murdered at age 19, in June 1992
  • Zeljko (Milorad) Peric, a boy born in 1973, murdered at age 19, July 1992
  • Nebojsa (Zoran) Milosevic, a boy born in 1975, murdered at age 17, in July 1992
  • Zivojin (Stanoje) Milicevic, a boy born in 1981, murdered at age 11, in September 1992
  • Mikajlo (Mile) Pavlovic, a boy born in 1982, murdered at age 11, in February 1993
  • Vladimir (Stanko) Gajic, a boy born in 1988, murdered at age 5, in February 1993

The above quote is from:
This official UN document

So, the Serbs revenged, right? Any high-cultured, Western civilization, with their high moral values and with the special value they put on (their only) human life, would revenge. Right?

It is the Serbian tradition
never (ever) to revenge

Well, the Serbs are one primitive sort. Instead of raping the Muslem women and butchering their children they provided bus transportation. Hundreds of Serbian buses were organized to bring Srebrenica women and children to what the Muslims considered their own, "free" territory.

"Genocide!" scream Germans. They did it differently. They also provided transportation (usually trains) but not to Israel. It was transportation to gas chambers.

"Genocide!" scream Americans. They did it differently, too. They dropped a nuclear bomb, a tool of holocaust, on a large city, murdering more than 100,000 civilians, men, women and children in an instance. Those who did survive regreted that they did, as they pilled rotten skin and burned flesh from their limbs and bones, and the bodies of their half-cooked children. Now that's a genocide! Then the Americans dropped another nucler bomb just to show that they can do more. Of course, according to the exhibit celebrating the event in Washington, DC "Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum," the whole affair is represented as a humanitarian gesture. Human lives were saved. American lives - the only lives that ever counted.

Of course, America is tirelessly at it today, as we speak, always engaged in an Orwellian, "endless war for endless peace," leveling (again for purely humanitarian reasons) towns and cities far and wide, on any and all continents but Antarica. People simply do not live there, so there is no-one to bomb.

Sometimes America may have a half-reason for atrocious behavior (like in Fallujah which is plowed by American bombs, through and through, daily), but most of the time the Americans, the leaders of democratic West, are in business of perpetrating yet another preventive genocide. The assumption is that those "primitive, non-democratic" peoples would do that to us if they could, so why don't we do it to them first.

Here we have to explain why the Serbs, even though white, did not adopt or practice genocide philosophies of their Western, "democratic" brothers.

Sorry, we Serbs will not compete here for the title of a more humane, super race. If we are different it is not because of some superior gene. We Serbs are simply a result of a long history of suffering. The history thought us very different lessons than it did the Western Europeans.

The Serbs had bad luck to live on one of (geo-strategically) most important communication throughways of this planet. In the times of ancient Roman Empire, the road was called "Via Ignatia" and it connected the two most important cities of the Empire: Rome and Constantinople. Balkans is the only land bridge connecting Europe with Asia and Africa. It connects Central Europe and Middle East. It connects Industry (machines) of Industrial European West and oil fields (fuel for the machines) in Asia. Via Ignatia, which naturally follows river valleys of Morava and Vardar rivers (Central Serbia) was the road used by all those who wanted to conquer and control Planet Earth. Crusaders traversed it couple of times on their way to rob and pillage Arab countries. The Turks traversed it trying to conquer Europe and the world for Islam. Germans and Austrians needed it to reach the oil fields and ignited World War One over it. America now needs it in order to surround and (try to) destroy and conquer left-over Russia.

It is the Serbs and the Greeks who felt compelled to fight against the foreign intruders and try to preserve their way of life. All other Balkan nations (Croats, Bulgarians, Bosnian Muslims and Albanians, alike) were always bending to the will of the conquerors, offering Hitler, Ottomans and Americans alike their quisling services.

Simply put, throughout known history, the Serbian people was forced to fight for bare survival. Always in defensive positions the Serbs developed, early on, a particular code of combat behavior. It solidified in a motto: "Čojstvo i junaštvo" (read as "choy-stvoh ee yoo-nash-tvoh").

"Junaštvo" is understood by the Serbian fighters as heroism, as the selfless fight to defend our right to exist; to defend our families, shrines and our way of life. It is also described as "The courage in defending oneself against the intruder."

"Čojstvo" means both humanity and manhood. It is described as "A courage, a presence of mind, in defending our helpless, defeated enemy - against ourselves."

We consider this motto as part of our Christian heritage. It is so deeply rooted that no sane Serb would ever dare go against this root and try to revenge against enemy women and children. Never! Western hypocrites could not find *ONE* example in more than thousand years long, known history of the Serbs to point to and say "Here, the Serbs are prone to committing a genocide. Here is what they did before!"

The history of Serbian battles and suffering was that whenever on the loosing side the Serbian enemy, whether Turks, Croats or Nazi Germans could always surrender and know that they will be treated humanely by the Serbs.

And that is why the Srebrenica Muslims left their women and children to Serbian hands.

But to pin the word "genocide" on the proud Serbian people was desperately needed by Bill Clinton and NATO/Nazis. They had to have an excuse for one more "humanitarian" Western intervention; for one more conquest. They simply could not lie about the obvious and say that Serbs mutilated women and children in Srebrenica. The whole hope was that many Srebrenica fighters will die in the insane, suicidal attempt to retreat, by force, through rugged terrain and well defended Serb-held territory.

Here, in time, we will present to you photographs of Westerners congratulating the Serbs for humanely treating Srebrenica Muslim women and children. Scenes from Srebrenica:

  • General Wesley Clark exchanges hats with Serbian general Mladic
  • Dutch officers drink wine with general Mladic

So, what happened to Srebrenica Muslim "column of men and boys?" Were they a legitimate military target?


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