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Encyclopedia Britannica
All editions from 1971 to 1989
Entry: Yugoslavia, WWII

Europe's unknown genoide

Everyone knows what happened to Polish Jews. Very few people know what happened to Bosnian Serbs during World War II. Powerful forces were hiding this appalling slaughter of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies by Croat Nazis, known as ustashas, and their Bosnian Muslim Islam fundamentalists.

Croat Communist Tito governed Yugoslavia for more than three decades after the end of WWII. He downplayed Croat Nazi genocide over the Serbs under pretext that he is buildin a new Yugoslavia based on principle of "Brotherhood and Unity." The fact that it was Croats and Bosnian Muslims murdering Serbs all across Croatia and Bosnia was to be brushed aside. Tito even ordered that the mountain crevices where entire Serb villages were slaughtered and thrown into be closed with concrete. The Western powers were only happy to participate in hiding the genocide as they envisioned Vatican as an important tool against growing Communist threat. The crime was so extensive and so shocking that number of books exist in Western languages talking about it.

Hitler gives Bosnia to Croat Nazi control

The new state was composed of Bosnia, Herzegovina and Dalmatia as well as the old Croat province. In a note to Mussolini and Hitler, [Croat fuhrer] Pavelic asked for recognition of "the independent state of Croatia." Both dictators informed the Croat leader that in the name of the Axis powers the recognition sought not only was cheerfully granted but that both powers received "with joy and satisfaction" the news that the Croat people had won their struggle for independence in an hour when the Axis powers had demolished the artificial creation which once was Yugoslavia.

The above quote is from:
"CURRENT BIOGRAPHY, Who's News and Why,"
Editor Maxine Block
H.W. Wilson Company, New York, N.Y. 1942, pp 651 - 653

CROATIA (Nazavisna Drzava Hrvatska or Independent State of Croatia, NDH) ... established during WWII, that was in existence from April 1941 to May 1945. Its area... CONSISTED OF WHAT ARE TODAY THE FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA AND THE FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA... Its capital was Zagreb. It had population of 6.3 million, of whom 3.3 million were Catholic Croats, 1.9 million Serbs, 700,000 Muslim..., 40,000 Jews, 30,000 Gypsies...


The above quote is from:
"Encyclopedia of the Holocaust,"
Edition 1990, Vol 1, page 323,
Entry: Croatia

How can 3.3 million exterminate 1.9 million people!?

Obviously, the Croat Nazi plan to exterminate all Serbs they got under their control was a formidable task. How can 3.3 million exterminate 1.9 million people!? Even some Germans thought it impossible but Croat Poglavnik (fuhrer) Pavelic thought otherwise. Pavelic got Hitler's personal support. Hitler had passionate hatred for the Serbs dating from World War One Serbian heroic resistance to Austria-Hyngary and Germany.

Convert or die!

Pavelic was quoted as saying: "Croatia gives its full adherence to the principles and reasons which inspire a united front for creation of a new order in the European and Asiatic World. Croatia's induction into the military alliance of the Axis powers had immediate effect on its Jewish problem." Dr. Ante Pavelic announced that it would be solved "in a radical way under the German order." Also ordered by Hitler to put a "river of blood" between the Serbian and Croatian nations, Pavelic did so by carrying out the slaughter of some 300,000 Serbs living in Croatia [already by 1992, when this book was published] and the destruction of scores of their communities.

The above quote is from:
"CURRENT BIOGRAPHY, Who's News and Why,"
Editor Maxine Block
H.W. Wilson Company, New York, N.Y. 1942, pp 651 - 653

As after the fall of the Hapsburg Empire, Croat nationalism evolved into the demand for a Greater Croatia including all Bosnia, the Serb enclave in the innennost corner of Bosnia, and in the coastal regions [Krajina] became a thorn in the Croats flesh.

It would have been consonant with the accepted standards of this our civilized age to transplant this whole group to Serbia forcibly, but the new Ustashi rulers of Croatia, "Poglavnik" Pavelic and Marshall Kvaternik knew of a still more effective solution. Why increase the military strength of Serbia by giving it more men? Better to kill the animal on the spot! A certain ritual was followed in carrying this policy through. Ustashi detachments arrived in the Serb villages and summoned the inhabitants (if they did not proceed to slaughter at once) to accept immediately the Roman Catholic faith, thus transforming themselves, from Serbs, into Croats. Those who refused conversion -- and they were in a large majority, since to these western Serbs religion meant everything -- were told to assemble in their church. Then the church doors were locked, the church went up in flames, and men, women and children perished with it. Only the massacre of the Jews provided a parallel to these horrors.

The above quote is from:
"European Communism"
Author: Franz Borkenau
London 1951, page 371

Entire Bosian Serb villages
thrown into mountain pits

[T]he Serbs... settled in Croatia [in Krajina region] since the fifteenth century, and had defended it against Turkish domination. Since then every effort to "croatize" and "catholisize" this population had been futile. It was composed of 800,000 souls before the Yugoslav debacle in 1941. This opportunity for getting rid of them, therefore, seemed providential to the Ustashi government, and they were sure of succeeding quite easily if they adopted the same methods as the great Hitlerian Reich. But there remained the question of Bosnia-Herzegovina which the Croats now controlled and which they hoped to annex permanently. And it was there that 1,200,000 Serbian Orthodox resided. The problem was how to get the best of such large human masses, nearly three times more numerous than the Catholic population [of Bosnia-Herzegovina]. This was Pavelicís great dilemma and all the repeated massacres, concentration camps and deportations to Serbia, could not solve it.

There is a proverb: "Necessity finds a way." And so it was that the Ustashi decided to make use of nature to facilitate their duty as killers. The country abounded in deep crevices and gorges. The Drina [river] especially had worn its bed between Bosnia and Serbia through a succession of wild and grandiose canyons, somewhat similar to those in Colorado. These admirable sites would serve as cemeteries and slaughterhouses both at the same time. The work would thus be simplified and all that sufficed was to push the victims off the steep cliffs. So this method was adopted for the Serbs who lived along the river in eastern Bosnia, and their bodies, mingling with those of the Jews, were so numerous in certain places, that they were used as a bridge for the massacrers to cross.

"Across the Drina -- or into the Drina," expulsion or physical extermination, such was the formula, terrifying in its merciless simplicity...

No detail was overlooked in bringing this gigantic undertaking to a successful conclusion, for it meant the immolation of a whole people. Like the Hitlerians in Poland, yet considerably outdoing them in cruelty, specialized units plowed the way, just as Tamerlane or Genghis Khan had done in times gone by. The most noted was the "Devilís Decision" or the "Black Legion," and all the indescribable crimes that were committed on the banks of the Drina could never be counted, nor those at the extreme point of Bosnia in the districts of Bosanski Petrovac, Kljuc, Sanski Most and Bosanska Krupa...

At Prebilovci and Surmanci, in Herzegovina, 559 Serbs, all of them old men, women and children, were led to a deep crevice called "Golubinka," massacred and then thrown into space. And to do the job more thoroughly, hand grenades were hurled down upon the dying bodies. The names of the assassins have been kept... This ravine swallowed up several tens of thousands of men, women and children.

The above quote is from:
"Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941- 1945"
Author: Professor Edmond Paris
The American Institute for Balkan Affairs
Chicago, 1961
Quote taken from edition 1990, pp 101-103

Bosnian Muslims join
in slaughtering Bosnian Serbs

Bosnian Muslims are Serbs and some Croats who, for benefits offered to them by Turkish conqueror of Bosnia, converted to Islam. For centuries they served the foreign intruder. In Ottoman Turkey which ruled their Christian subjects through atrocity, these "made Turks" tried to outdo the Turks. Nazi Croats who were serving Hitler and his New World Order found an easy ally in Bosnian Muslim population that already had long tradition in serving foreign powers, a population brought up to hate their Eastern Orthodox neighbors.

Bosian Islam fundamentalists join eagerly

In order to succeed in his gigantic enterprises of "cleansing by making more room," the Poglavnik was obliged to assure himself of every possible cooperation, especially in the regions where the Serbian masses were more densely settled...

[I]n Bosnia-Herzegovina, occupied by Ustashi, lived the Moslem minority, of which a small part was oriented as Croatian nationalists, and represented moreover, in the Ustashi government by Osman Kulenovic, who was vice-president, and his brother Drafer, former Yugoslav minister. Pavelic understood perfectly the advantages he could draw for this situation: by winning over the greatest possible number of Moslems, and making them fight against the Orthodox Serbs, he would succeed in a double victory. The two camps, in a ruthless war, would end by exterminating each other and thus pave the way to the total "catholicization" and "croatization" of the entire province.

In order to carry out this machiavellian plan, he resorted to corruption, promising high positions in the administration...

According to the Ustashi decree of May 31, 1941, the Serbian Orthodox could, in principle, be converted, according to their choice, to Roman Catholicism or Catholicism of the oriental ritual, or to the reformed religion or that of Islam...

This bait brought the desired results and assured Pavelic of the co-operation of a part of the Moslems, above all those in Eastern Bosnia. With the help of the Great Muphti of Jerusalem, Amin el Husseini, a ferocious pro-Hitlerite, the "Bosnian Division" and the "Handzar Division" (Dagger Division) were formed, copied after the Ustashi specialized divisions. Simultaneously they spread terror in the Orthodox regions, pillaging, raping and massacring.

In the districts of Rogatica, Vlasenica, *Srebrenica* and Visegrad, numerous massacres of Serbian Orthodox were conducted by Moslems.
But the Serbs in the region, in order to defend themselves against these specialized divisions, formed groups of "Chetniks" which, in turn, demanded reprisals of the Moslem population...

The above quote is from:
"Genocide in Satellite Croatia 1941- 1945"
Author: Professor Edmond Paris
The American Institute for Balkan Affairs
Chicago, 1961
Quote taken from edition 1990, pp 119-121


During our journey toward the hill of Javor, near Srebrenica and Ozren, all the Serbian villages which we came across were wholly massacred. In the villages between Vlasenica and Kladanj we discovered children who had been impaled upon stakes, their small limbs still distorted by pain, resembling insects stuck through by pins.

The above quote is from:
"Assassins au nom de Dieu"
Author: Herve Lauriere
Paris, 1951, page 58


Many books, but obviously still too few, were written about Europe's second worst genocide of World War Two; the genocide the Serbian (and Jewish and Gipsy) population of Bosnia and Krajina suffered at hand of Croat and Bosnian Muslim Nazis.

We live in a shocking world. We live in a world where Germany got reunited and, as one of its first acts, decided to revenge for Serbian resistance to Nazism. It was Germany that insisted, unilaterally, that new Croatia which is actually an exact copy of the old, Nazi Croatia be recognized. Other Western powers followed.

We live in a world in which Bosnian Serbs, the survivors of four centuries of Turkish genocidal policies, Austro-Hungarian oppression, and the above described holocaust by Croat and Muslim Nazis, were persistently labelled as Nazis in American media. The same media told you that history of Bosnia is too complicated and then, counting on your ignorance called Bosnian Muslims "tolerant" and "democratically oriented."

Some people say that those who do not know their history are bound too repeat it. The Serbs knew their history to damn well. It was literally written in their skin. It is the Western powers who insisted that their people should not learn history - just so that they can repeat it. Just so they can repeat their audacious injustice against Bosnian Serbs.

Thanks to America and Germany, Croats were armed, trained and equipped. Thanks to America, Bosnian Islam fundamentalists (including their Al Qaeda friends) were armed, trained and equipped. Thanks to America Hitler-Pavelic plan of ethnically cleansing, actually annihilating Bosnian and Krajina Serbs is almost brought to completion.

Krajina Serbs are no more.

To add insult to injury, Western media, politicians and movie stars claimed to be involved in Yugoslav and Serb destruction - for humanitarian reasons. And that is where the West finally surpassed Hitler. Western so called culture (soaked in lies, pillage and genocide) found its new low.


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