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"The broad mass of people... falls victim to a BIG LIE more easily than to a small one."

Adolf Hitler,
"Mein Kampf"
Vol I, chapter 10

Bosnia and the Big Lie

History was the first casualty of the Bosnian war. It will be easy to see why. Here we will only say that the Western governments wanted to dismantle and conquer multi-ethnic Yugoslavia. Islam fundamentalists among Bosnian Muslims who wanted to secede from the country were natural allies in this project. The obstacle were the Serbs who were founders of the Yugoslav Federation and who wanted to keep the country together.

The Western governments found themselves bound to a task of finding an excuse for their future involvement on the side of Islamists and against the interests of Christian Serbs. Therefore, there was a need to present former as good guys (as victims) and later as bad guys (the victimizers). This was a formidable task! Countless Western history books written in the last few centuries say exactly the opposite.

No problem. The Big Lie was born.

Lying in order to achieve goals -- the Machiavellian "ends justify the means" -- have rich tradition in Western culture. Mass media was instrumental in teaching the publick how to simpathize with Bosnian Islam fundamentalists and how to hate the traditional ally of Western democracies - the Christian Serbs. The sad fact is that people in the West today obtain their daily "information" by watching TV and reading newspapers. No-one in the West has time any more to read old pre-1991 books which were telling the full truth. This is how it was possible for Western media to lie to their teeth. They lied by both omitting the basic facts and by substituting them with outright lies.

It all worked beautifully.

For the Big Lie to be successful it has to be simple. Here again, we have to quote Adolf Hitler, the son of the West and an expert on propaganda and brainwashing. He advised:

All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself.

There were two major, simple lies the Western media propagated as a substitute for historical facts. In Orwellian fashion the two lies completely contradict each other, but it seems to have bothered no-one:

Lie #1: There was always war in Bosnia.

According to this lie, the local Bosnian primitive tribes were at each other's throats for centuries. The message was that it is dangerous and useless for the Western powers to get involved. This lie was used extensively in the initial phase, at the very beginning of the war, as the West pretended to sit neutral and idle on the sidelines as the war started to unravel and got to be more bloody by the day thus providing an excuse for Western "humanitarian" intervention (i.e. the conquest of Bosnia) in the later phase.

In actuality it was the West who initiated the war in Bosnia in the first place. The West started supporting its Islamic proxies right away and any way possible: through diplomatic recognition, through pushing U.N. resolutions to expel Yugoslav Federal Army, etc. They also provided full media backing, but Islamic proxies, as foot soldiers, were to carry most of the initial burden in trying to rip Bosni out of Yugoslav federation. The goal of dismantlement and conquest had to be achieved with minimal cost in Western lives. More than anything, time was needed so the West could arm, train and equip their new (old) Islam fundamentalist friends.

Lie #2: There was always peace in Bosnia.

This lie was more and more popular in the second phase, toward the end of the war, when the West was more ready to intervene militarily. The time in the first phase was used to prep the Western public for the "humanitarian" action. Once the minds were conquered by lies the time came when the real conquest of Bosnia could begin.

According to the story of the second lie the Bosnian Muslims are truly great, beautiful, independent minded, democratically oriented Europeans who, thanks to their endless tolerance of more primitive Serbs could keep Bosnia in eternal peace and harmony. It was Serbian "strongman" Milosevic who, in a speech called all Serbs of Yugoslavia to start war against everyone else in the country in order to create "Greater Serbia." It is this supposed Serbian intolerance that started the war. The Serbs (came from where!?) and conquered most of Bosnia. Together with handful of local Serbs who rebelled against this beautiful country they not only grabbed lands which were not theirs(!?) but also committed atrocities in form of mass murder, concentration camps, mass rape, etc. The accusations Western media pilled up against the Serbian people (as a whole!) were so staggering that (always moral) West could not endure it any more. The West had to send its planes, ships and soldiers (and then build large, permanent bases) in order to stop - this alleged genocide. The Serbs (the people!) simply had to be stopped and - punished.

"Ignorance is strength!" noticed George Orwell in one of tyrannical slogans from "1984." In order to perpetrate astonishing injustice on Christian Serbs, and for the sake of Muslims, the Western politicians had to brainwash the Western public. The first task was to ensure ignorance of the public. This is why the Western media was trying its best to discourage Western reader who would dare search for the truth. And this is why the media frequently repeated phrases like: "History of the Balkans is too complex" or "Balkans has too much history."

While the world is not flat and while life teaches us that reality frequently turns to be more complex than fiction, those who are eager to know the truth will easily obtain it and as easily comprehend it. The truths about Bosnia are no different.

We promise to transform you into an instant Balkan expert. Just by reading these five pages you will know more than New York Times dared tell you in last 12 years.

keeps repeating itself in Bosnia

A short history of Bosnia

Historically - Bosnia is Serbian Land
The Serbs settled in Bosnia in 7th century. In 15th the Turks conquered Bosnia. Some Serbs, for benefits, converted to Islam. They are now called "Bosnian Muslims." For more than 1,400 years Eastern Orthodox Serbs were the largest religious group of Bosnia. Even today, Christians (Serbs and Croats, combined) outnumber Muslims in Bosnia.

For centuries Muslims oppressed Christians in Bosnia
Chauvinism and hatred the Bosnian Muslims have for the Serbs who remained Christians lasted at least four centuries. As Western books admit, the Turks ruled their Christian subjects by atrocity. Bosnian Muslims, who liked to be called "Turks," tried to out-do the real Turks in oppression.

1875 - the Serbian uprising in Bosnia
"EASTERN QUESTION" The Serbs could not endure the oppression and they rose to arms a few times. What happened is identical to what was repeated in 1990's: The Western Christians did their best to keep Eastern Christians subdued under Islamic rule!

WWII Bosnian Muslim role in Europe's second worst genocide
The untold story about suffering of Bosnian Serbs at hands of Croat nazis and their Bosnian Muslim Islam fundamentalist friends. What happened in Srebrenica and Drina river region is mentioned on the page couple of times.

Intelligence International has been publishing independent intelligence reports for business and government since 1938. Their 1992 report gives a concise picture of what happened in Bosnia and why.

Note for Srebrenica "massacre" readers:

Srebrenica lies in strategically important Drina river valley. More specific history of both Drina river valley and Srebrenica - to come. For now, let us say that Srebrenica was formed by Serbs more than millennia ago. Its name comes from Serbian word "Srebro" which means "silver." It is our Argentina. Argentina got its name from Latin word "argentum" also meaning "silver." The small mining village shared the same destiny as most of Bosnia. The second largest genocide a nation suffered, per capita, was the genocide Bosnian Serbs suffered at hand of Croat nazis, known as Ustasha and their Bosnian Muslim Islam fundamentalist helpers. Some of the worst horrors happened in Drina river valley and Srebrenica itself. After this holocaust, the Eastern Orthodox Serbs ceased to be the largest religious group of Srebrenica. NATO was to justify this injustice.

Most of Bosnia is still - Serbian Land

Geography was the immediate second casualty of the Bosnian war as Western media kept their readership in the dark on all simple, basic facts including the one that Christian Serbs - not the Muslims - have more right to claim Bosnia as their country. Just as a thief, in trying to escape angry crowd cries "Catch the thief!" while pointing at someone else, the West and their Islamic allies accused the Serbian people of conquest while, at the same time, trying to conquer the lands which were always -- and right at that moment -- in Serbian ownership!

Did you know that some 65% of all privately owned lands in Bosnia in 1992 were owned by the Serbs? Why didn't you know this crucial fact?

On the other hand were you not told countless times -- and any time possible -- that "Bosnian Serbs who are only 33% of the total population of Bosnia 'grabbed' 70% of the land?"

Here is how Encyclopedia Britannica, edition 1990, just a year before the civil wars would start in Yugoslavia, presents "Ethnic composition of Yugoslavia.

Can you find "Sarajevo" and Bosnia-Herzegovina triangle in the middle of the map? Is Sarajevo with Muslim majority? Where are the Bosnian Muslims majority in the republic? Close to nowhere. Are you not shocked? Why should this miriad of colors representing Bosnia be governed by the Moslems?

Take a look at our map section and notice that all maps, coming from different Western sources, show the same disposition of ethnic groups in Yugoslavia. Earlier Western maps do not show Bosnian Muslims as a separate ethnic group. Bosnian Muslims are not ethnic group. They are religious group. They are Christian traitors who, for benefits, converted to Islam. Western maps after 1989 are, for sure, not kind to the Serbs and try to diminish the areas where the Serbs are majority population. Still, all of the sources show the same disposition of peoples of Yugoslavia.

And this is why they did not tell you. Just watch the Serbs (here presented in red) of Krajina (North and West of Bosnia) and Western Bosnia disappear:

This catastrophy would never happen without NATO's help to both Nazi Croats and Islam fundamentalists among Bosnian Muslims.

This kind of cleansing, cowboys - the world's most infamous ethnic cleansers - did not do since the time of forceful expulsion of Indian people to the Trail Of Tears! The Serbs of Yugoslavia were treated as if being American Indians.


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