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On previous pages we show that Srebrenica Muslims surrendered to the Bosnian Serbs in the very first few days of the Bosnian civil war. They surrendered on Sunday, April 19, 1992, less than two weeks after the U.S. declared Bosnia-Herzegovina an independent country on April 6, 1992. Now we will talk about the second surrender of Srebrenica which happened almost to the day a year later - on Sunday, April 18, 1993.

Sunday, April 18, 1993
The Second Surrender of Srebrenica

The Serbs of Eastern Bosnia, adjacent to Srebrenica suffered terrible atrocities at hand of Srebrenica Muslim fanatics. The official United Nations document we presented on our pages describes in detail the events of April 1992 - April 1993 and the atrocities Srebrenica Muslims perpetrated on their Christian Serb neighbors.

After a whole year of such suffering, the result of which was death of more than thousand Serbian civilians, the Serbs had more than valid reason in Spring of 1993 to take over Srebrenica and other Muslim controlled enclaves. They had moral right to bring criminals to justice. They most certainly had an obligation to their own families to get rid of the constant threat to the lives of their women and children. Still, the Serbs did not dare initiate an offensive which would wipe off the threat. It was obvious from the very first days of the conflict that the Western powers were completely, and in any way possible, in support of Bosnian Islam fanatics.

The initiative came from the Muslim side. On December 20, 1992, the commander of Bosnian Muslim Army, Sefer Halilovic, ordered all-out attack on Serbs in central Drina river region (which includes Srebrenica). Initially the Muslims were successful and many Christian Serb lives were lost. Then the Muslims were stopped. On March 9, 1993 the Muslim commander ordered, once again, the attack. This time the Bosnian Serbs counter attacked and were soon successful in taking over some of the Muslim strongholds like Kamenica and Cerska.

Despite Western protests, threats of every kind (geared at Serbs only) and demands that fighting should stop, Srebrenica was about to fall.

Srebrenica Muslims negotiate surrender

Serbs within 1,000 yards of Srebrenica
demand a permanent end to the fighting

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina The United Nations' most senior military commanders in what was Yugoslavia met with a blunt rebuff Friday when they made an urgent visit to Belgrade, the Serbian capital, to try to win Serbian assurances that Serbian nationalist troops in Bosnia will not overrun the besieged Muslim enclave of Srebrenica.

The Serbian military commander in Bosnia, [Bosnian Serb] General Ratko Mladic, emerged from a meeting with the U.N. military commanders in the Serbian capital and angrily rejected the principal demand that the U.N. generals had carried to the meeting, that Serbian forces permit an infantry company of 150 Canadian troops serving with the U.N. force to enter Srebrenica to serve as a guarantor of the enclave's survival.

"Over my dead body, or the bodies of my family," Mladic told reporters who asked him about the U.N. request, according to Reuters news agency.

[But...] According to Reuters, Mladic also agreed to attend a meeting under U.N. chairmanship with military leaders of the Muslim-led Bosnian government at Sarajevo airport on Monday to seek a permanent end to the fighting around Srebrenica.

An official of the U.N. military force in Belgrade, Shannon Boyd, told reporters that Mladic commander, had undertaken to order the troops who have approached within 1,000 yards of Srebrenica to halt their attacks from 2 p.m. local time Saturday, and to hold their fire even if attacked...

The above quote is from:
"New York Times News Service"
Author: John F. Burns
Friday, April 9, 1993


SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina United Nations officials said Thursday night that Bosnian defenders were negotiating a surrender to Serbian forces of the besieged Muslim enclave at Srebrenica that would guarantee the safe evacuation of the 60,000 Muslim civilians there and of the beleaguered garrison.

The officials said Srebrenica could be in Serbian hands as early as noon Friday, and at any rate within two or three days, since Bosnian efforts to defend the city appeared to have virtually collapsed.

Srebrenica has been in a state of chaos for weeks. Thousands of homeless Muslim refugees have jammed the city's streets, food shortages have threatened mass starvation, and hundreds of seriously wounded people have overwhelmed the city's only hospital, which has only two surgeons.

"The Serbs are moving in fast, and the Bosnian forces are trying to negotiate a settlement," a U.N. official said at mid-evening, as Serbian forces advanced to within 2,000 yards of the city center on its southern and southeastern side.

The U.N. official said contacts between the two forces, through the small U.N. military detachment in Srebrenica, were aimed at a surrender...

"It doesn't look good," the U.N. official said, asking that he not be identified.

The above quote is from:
"New York Times News Service"
Author: John F. Burns
Thursday, April 15, 1993
(NYT-04-15-93 2116EDT)

It is important to notice that Bosnian Serb commander, General Mladic, is fully aware that NATO forces, sitting in supposedly "neutral" U.N. peacekeeping uniforms are NOT neutral. It does not look good for Alija Izetbegovic's Islam fundamentalists and their half-hidden Western ally. Over his dead body would Mladic let NATO ally enter Srebrenica and save it for the Muslim butchers.

Mladic demands that Srebrenica Muslim butchery of Serbian Christians in nearby Serbian villages stop. He demands a permanent end to the fighting around enclave. The Serbs demand peace and that is exactly what Western "peacekeepers" can not afford! They did not came to Bosnia out of their kind heart to keep peace. They came to conquer Bosnia and build permanent NATO bases there. More war, not peace, is what NATO needs. The bases will, at some future time, be used to attack and finish off Russia. British invented "Great Game" and "Eastern Question" is still in town. The whole relationship between Eastern and Western Christians revolves, once again, around Bosnia. Bosnia's destiny -- and at that moment in 1993 it seems to be a complete surrender of Islam forces to Eastern Christians -- revolves round Srebrenica. As many times before the Western Christians will do their best to keep Eastern Christians subdued under Islam. And that is why they can not hide their anger and they scream at the top of their lungs.

This time, some masks would have to fall. Right away!

The guise of neutrality - abandoned

U.N. officials in Bosnia have abandoned their previous guise of neutrality in recent days and issued a series of harsh condemnations of the Serbian forces for their attacks at Srebrenica.

The above quote is from:
"New York Times News Service"
Author: John F. Burns
Thursday, April 15, 1993
(NYT-04-15-93 2117EDT)

Notice from the above texts that it was local Srebrenica Muslims (Naser Oric, himself) who, in direct negotiations with Serbs wanted to surrender. That will not go easy with his Western allies who want to lift negotiations to the level of high Bosnian Muslim command in Sarajevo. They want the negotiations to be conducted under supervision and tutorship of the NATO allies. More than anything, NATO commanders and soldiers do not want to be fired from this "peacekeeping" job. They want to still be employed, even under this guise. They insist that Canadian (NATO) troops enter Srebrenica.

Mladic has another worry. The military victory is his and he should have upper hand. Even though his troops are only 1,000 yarsd away from Srebrenica on April 9th, he waits almost entire week, till April 15, negotiating and doing his best so battle for Srebrenica does not bring many Srebrenica civilian casualty which Western media would be too eager to present as Serb purposeful "genocide" over the Muslim population.

Mladic is ready to let entire population leave. According to Geneva Convention, the winning army has to respect the wish of civilians to leave. He is rightly concerned that Srebrenica Muslim military personel would leave too, and simply regroup to fight Serbs on some other battlefield in Bosnia. Some of these "fighters" are people who slaughtered old, defenceless Serbian peasants in nearby Serbian villages.

Should war criminals regroup?

They [the Bosnian Serbs] have refused urgent U.N. appeals for permission to fly U.N. helicopters over Serbian-controlled territory around Srebrenica to evacuate some 500 wounded people, some of whom are among the 100 people wounded Monday.

U.N. commanders favor helicopters for the evacuations because many of the wounded are in such critical condition that doctors are reluctant to place them aboard the trucks that U.N. officials have used to evacuate more than 7,000 people from the city, mostly women and children, in the last three weeks.

Another reason for flying U.N. helicopters into the city is that Serbian commanders have insisted that any men between 18 and 60 who cross the siege lines aboard U.N. trucks, even if they are seriously wounded, will be taken off the trucks, and the wounded transported to serbian hospitals, to prevent the men from rejoining the Bosnian forces elsewhere in the war after they recover.

The above quote is from:
"New York Times News Service"
Author: John F. Burns
Thursday, April 15, 1993
(NYT-04-15-93 2116EDT)

Let us state the obvious. The Serbs have power to take over Srebrenica. This means that:

  • The Serbs will control the entire territory
  • The Serbs will control the population and make sure there will be no future resistance
  • The Muslim enemy will be disarmed
  • Enemy weapons will be surrendered and become Serbian weapon
  • War criminals among the Muslims would be brought to justice
The net result is peace in the region. The Serb controlled part of Bosnia would not look like a Swiss cheese any more. The too long borderline of conflict between Serbs and Muslims is shortened and the Serbs who in 1992 declared that they want the end to the war are so much closer to that goal.

As we will see, the Serbs were so eager to reach permanent end to the fighting round Srebrenica that they abandoned all of the above goals they already had at hand. They will reduce their demand to one only: DEMILITARIZATION of Srebrenica.

At this point, the West and their Mujahedin ally will sign anything, just to stop the immanent Serbian victory. Before the ink dries on the signed agreement though, they would renege on all promises signed.

Srebrenica surrenders
(for the second time)

Srebrenica to disarm in 72 hours

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) -- Bosnian Serbs and Muslims signed a cease-fire for the embattled eastern town of Srebrenica early Sunday and [the Serbs] guaranteed safe evacuation of [Muslim] civilians...

The accord was reached under threat of Serb invasion and effectively amounts to the surrender of Srebrenica, one of the last Muslim strongholds in eastern Bosnia...

The Srebrenica truce, which began at 4:59 a.m. (10:59 EDT), calls for U.N. forces to demilitarize the town within 72 hours of their arrival, said Cmdr. Barry Frewer, a U.N. spokesman in Sarajevo...

Terms of the cease-fire were reached Saturday [April 17, 1993] at a meeting in Sarajevo between the two rival military commanders, Lt. Gen. Ratko Mladic of the Bosnian Serbs and Gen. Sefer Halilovic of the Muslim-led Bosnian government...

The above quote is from:
"The Associated Press"
Title: "Srebrenica evacuations begin"
Sunday, April 18, 1993

The Canadians from the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) were ordered to secure the demilitarisation of Srebrenica, which is also a Moslem guerrilla stronghold, within 72 hours of their arrival.

The agreement signed by Sefir Halilovic, commander the Moslem-led Bosnian army and Serb Army head Ratko Mladic stipulated that Moslem fighters should turn in *all* weapons and ammunition to U.N. peace-keepers by 11 a.m. (0900 GMT) on Wednesday.

It guaranteed "correct treatment for any personnel who hand over their weapons to UNPROFOR" but did *not* seek the disarming of the powerful Serb siege forces equipped with heavy weapons...

U.N. commanders General Lars-Eric Wahlgren and General Philippe Morillon went to Karadzic's base at Pale near Sarajevo to press him to have his men honour the ceasefire.

As part of the agreement, Mladic lifted his ban on the deployment of the Canadians. He also authorised the opening of an air corridor between Srebrenica and the Moslem haven of Tuzla to allow British and French U.N. helicopters to evacuate 500 of the most seriously wounded and sick...

UNPROFOR spokesman Barry Frewer... told reporters the deal "has stopped the advance on Srebrenica. It could be a watershed that would bring calm to the area."

The above quote is from:
Author: Mark Heinrich
Sunday, April 18, 1993

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina. A contingent of 135 United Nations soldiers from Canada entered the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica on Sunday to set up a "safe area" under an accord signed before dawn by leaders of Bosnian Serbs and Muslims.

In addition to the "safe area," the accord included an immediate cease-fire and a 72-hour deadline for U.N. troops to disarm the government [i.e. Muslim] garrison in the eastern Bosnian city.

"Yesterday, we have saved the city," Lt. Gen. Philippe Morillon, the U.N. commander in Bosnia, said at a news conference in Sarajevo. He said [the Bosnian Serb] troops were within hours of overrunning Srebrenica.

But the pact, reached after 16 hours of talks at the Sarajevo airport, amounted to little more than a disguised surrender of Srebrenica, said commanders of the Muslim-led defenders of Srebrenica. Their view was shared by some senior officers on Morillon's staff.

A senior Bosnian officer who attended the negotiations said... "We're not fooling ourselves... This is a surrender..."

The U.N. officers who criticized the Srebrenica accord pointed to what they said were serious loopholes.

First, they said, the accord provided for the surrender to U.N. forces of "all weapons, ammunition, mines, explosives and combat supplies inside Srebrenica," a requirement that they said would almost certainly mean that only the Bosnian defenders would be stripped of their arms...

Morillon said the deployment of the Canadian infantry company, a step he had sought since he made a personal stand at Srebrenica in mid-March, would prevent Serbian forces from attacking the area because they would endanger not only the 30,000 Muslims but troops backed by 180 nations.

"An attack on Srebrenica tomorrow would be an attack on the whole world, it's clear," he said...

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times News Service"
Author: John F. Burns
Sunday, April 18, 1993
(NYT-04-18-93 2104EDT)


Very clearly, NATO set Srebrenica as a trip-wire. The Serbs would have to dance on that wire.

Eleven point plan of Muslim disarmament

By this time the Muslim "defenders" of Srebrenica have committed unspeakable atrocities on the surrounding Serbian population. The Western officials know about the crimes. We remind you of the UN document clearly describing Srebrenica Muslim crimes.

Would concerned Western humanitarians demand that these monsters get punished? No, they are actually worried that any punishment will be exacted. The Western politicians worry for the lives of the Islam fundamentalists and do their best to protect the criminals.

Western politicians protect Muslim fanatics

Despite the Security Council's doubts about the justice of the cease-fire pact reached in the eastern town of Srebrenica, the truce appeared to be holding there Sunday.

Some 130 Canadian peacekeeping troops whom the Serbs stopped from reaching the town on Saturday finally made it past the Serbian siege lines to receive a hero's welcome from the inhabitants.

At the same time French and British helicopters in U.N. colors were allowed to fly in and evacuate 133 of the most seriously sick and wounded people, running a shuttle service from the Muslim stronghold of Tuzla some 45 miles away...

[Bosnian Serb President Dr. Radovan] Karadzic has pledged that his forces will not enter Srebrenica and that no harm will come to *any* of its inhabitants after they are disarmed. But in London, [British "neutral negotiator" David] Owen expressed doubts.

"They'll let out the young children, elderly people, women. They'll all come out easily," he told the BBC. "The danger will be over the males of fighting age accused [SIC!!!] of killing Serbs."

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times News Service"
Author: Paul Lewis
Sunday, April 18, 1993
(NYT-04-18-93 2116EDT)

Karadzic and his officers assembled in Pale for meetings with U.N. officials waved off threats of direct military action by the West with an air of both bravado and victimization.

Their discussions with Lt. Gen. Philippe Morillon, U.N. commander for Bosnia, and Gen. Lars-Eric Wahlgren, overall commander of the U.N. forces in the former Yugoslavia, centered on the implementation of an 11-point plan agreed to early Sunday morning to end the bloody three-month Serbian siege of the Muslim mountain enclave of Srebrenica.

The bargain was struck after 14 hours of talks at the Sarajevo airport between the Bosnian Serb commander, Gen. Ratko Mladic, and the Muslim commander of the Bosnian army, Maj. Sefer Halilovic.

Under the plan, Srebrenica would be "demilitarized" within 72 hours, meaning that the Muslim fighters would lay down their arms in exchange for "free passage" out as civilians. A convoy of 130 Canadian U.N. troops was sent to the town and arrived shortly before noon Sunday to monitor another provision of the plan the air evacuation of the wounded and sick to the Muslim town of Tuzla.

For the first time, the two arch-enemies agreed to establish a "safe zone" to prevent further loss of life, a procedure to monitor the cease-fire and a joint military "liaison board" to work out difficulties in implementing it.

An apparently unspoken point in the plan is the tacit recognition that Muslim fighters are likely to try to slip through the Serbian lines to disappear into the surrounding mountains.

"In a cease-fire, under the cover of night, anything can happen," said one U.N. officer with a wink.

Morillon, who promised the... people of Srebrenica that he would not abandon them, said he was satisfied with the negotiations. He predicted that further bloodshed would now be avoided and that even Muslim fighters would be allowed to leave.

"The agreement is for everyone man, woman and child," he said, hitching his fingers under his military belt and smiling.

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times News Service"
Author: John Darnton
Sunday, April 18, 1993
(NYT-04-18-93 1848EDT)

International media on 19 April report that UN helicopters are continuing an operation begun the previous day to bring sick and wounded from the besieged east Bosnian Muslim enclave to the relative safety of Tuzla. On 18 April the Muslims and Serbs with UN mediation reached "an agreement on the demilitarization of Srebrenica," which the BBC said effectively constitutes the surrender of the town. The 19 April Washington Post quotes analysts as noting "the anomaly of UN officials in New York negotiating a Bosnian peace that would require the Serbs to relinquish captured territory and the Security Council voting tougher sanctions against them..."

The above quote is from:
"RFE/RL Daily Report", No. 73,
Monday, April 19, 1993
Author: Patrick Moore

NATO unable to disarm one mile wide, two mile long enclave!?

With entry of Canadian troops into Srebrenica the Islamic fanatics and war criminals got their NATO supporters in their midst. From April 1993 until July 1995 when Srebrenica fell for the third and final time the Muslim criminals got NATO body guard in uniforms of "neutral" U.N.

With this kind of support the Islam fanatics of Srebrenica will be completely free to exit the safe area, murder any Serbs they find on their path, and then come back into safe area, under NATO umbrella.

But what about the eleven point plan that everyone agreed to? What about the pretense that U.N. (actually NATO troops) have task to keep the promised peace by disarming the thugs? That's an easy one. Western political tradition is rich in millenia long experience in the art of lie and pretense.

Lying as an ancient Western tool

1) UNPROFOR in Bosnia requested from the Serbian forces to extend the deadline of 72 hours of Bosnian soldiers in Srebrenica (initially this deadline would be Wednesday 21. April).

  The Bosnian Muslims are hesitant to give up their arms, which Canadian soldiers are looking after. It is now up to the Serbs, will they extend it or not. Since an agreement has been made, the Serbs have every right to keep the Wednesday deadline official.

2) Muslim authorities in Srebrenica are not allowing civilians to leave the area.

3) UN wants Zepa, Gorazde to also be considered "safety zones".

The above quote is from:
BBC 15 h GMT
Tuesday, 20. april 1993

The talks appeared close to breaking down over Serbian demands that U.N. troops in Srebrenica meet a 72-hour deadline for disarming the Bosnian defenders.

U.N. officers had asked that the deadline, expiring at noon on Wednesday, be extended for 72 hours.

Gen. Milan Gvero, deputy commander of the Serbian nationalist [sic] forces, was quoted by the Serbian nationalist [sic] news agency as saying there would be no extension.

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times News Service",
Author: John F. Burns
Tuesday, April 20, 1993

SREBRENICA DRAMA CONTINUES. The 21 April Los Angeles Times reports that UN officials say they will need three additional days to disarm the Muslim defenders of Srebrenica, but the Serbs apparently demand that the disarming be completed on schedule. The UN is trying to dispel the image that it has negotiated the surrender of the town, arguing instead that it is trying "to stop the killing and starvation." It is also seeking to make "safe havens" out of the other two Muslim-held enclaves in eastern Bosnia, Zepa and Gorazde.

The above quote is from:
"RFE/RL Daily Report", No. 75,
Author: Patrick Moore
Wednesday, April 21, 1993

It was a day that must have left U.N. peace keepers in Bosnia frustrated. Canadian troops in Srebrenica faced a deadline today for disarming Muslim fighters there under the terms of last weeks agreement designating Srebrenica a "safe area". U.N. officials there say that they succeeded in their objective and that the town of Srebrenica itself has now been demilitarized. Muslim fighters have turned in some weapons but it is not clear how many. The so called "safe zone" is 4 kilometers long by 1.5 kilometers wide. Around the perimeter of the city, along the front lines of defense no U.N. troops are positioned and the Muslim fighters there still have their weapons. Leaders of the Bosnian Serb's forces around Srebrenica say that they want all the Muslim fighters in the area disarmed but the Serbs there have not yet resumed their attacks on the city...

Bosnian Army forces meanwhile reported what they said was the MAJOR battle field victory on the hill known as BAN BRDO overlooking Tuzla. Soldiers then indulged in a WIERD CELEBRATION through the afternoon and evening. Soldiers returning to the city from the front lines shot hundreds of rounds of precious ammunitions into the air to mark their victory. They pulled up in front of a major downtown hotel with five captured Serb soldiers in their custody, one of them a woman. In full view of the press corp and U.N. personnel, the Bosnian [Muslim] Army troops then paraded the [Christian] Serbs through the hotel dinning room as though they were trophies. The Serb's faces were bruised and bloodied; obviously they had been seriously beaten. It was a sorry sight in a war that becomes sicker and more tragic by the day.

I am Tom Jelton in Tuzla.

The above quote is from:
Author: Tom Jelton's report from Tuzla, Bosnia
American radio station "NPR"
820 KHz 22:00 U.T.C.
Wednesday, April 21, 1993

BOSNIAN UPDATE. International media report on 22 April that the UN announced the previous day that the disarming of the Muslims in Srebrenica was completed on time. Most of the fighters left the embattled town and took their weapons with them, however, prompting the Serbs to call the disarming bogus. There are 145 Canadian UN troops in Srebrenica, but from reports on the BBC and elsewhere it is not clear if they intend to defend it against any Serb attacks, as some media accounts suggested on 21 April.

The above quote is from:
"RFE/RL Daily Report"
Author: Patrick Moore
Thursday, April 22, 1993

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina After hours of tension that threatened new bloodshed, U.N. officers said late Wednesday that they had met a deadline for disarming the defenders of Srebrenica, the battered enclave that is one of the last Muslim footholds in eastern Bosnia.

If the announcement proves correct, Srebrenica will have to depend for its safety on a 145-man U.N. contingent from Canada, a prospect that is causing severe anxiety. The Canadians, who have only machine-guns, assault rifles and sidearms, would be the only buffer between the tens of thousands of civilians [only!?] and an aggressive force of several thousand Serbian nationalists with tanks and heavy artillery.

A cease-fire signed early Sunday by the town's government defenders and its Serbian attackers required the United Nations to disarm the Muslim forces within 72 hours.

But if many Muslim fighters in Srebrenica evaded the hurried weapons collection, as some senior officers fear, the scene may be set for a brutal showdown.

Serbian military commanders have warned repeatedly that any cheating on the arms roundup would void the agreement to demilitarize the town, and they have vowed renewed attacks if the agreement is not honored. ...

In Belgrade, the chief of staff of the Bosnian Serbian forces, Gen. Manojlo Milovanovic, said the Muslim-led forces had effectively reneged on the accord, Reuters reported. "The Muslims have given up a ridiculously small quantity of weapons," he said.

One senior U.N. official said commanders had "no contingency plans" in the event of a Serbian attack...

"Basically, all that stands behind those Canadians in Srebrenica is Bill Clinton and the Serbian fear that he might order air strikes against their guns," the official said.

One officer in Sarajevo said the Canadian commander in Srebrenica, Lt. Col. Tom Geburt of the Royal Canadian Regiment, was "tearing out his hair" at the prospect of having to defend the city, or even his own men.

Among the U.N. officers and at U.N. headquarters in New York, there was disagreement on what the Canadian troops would do if the Serbs attacked.

Cmdr. Barry Frewer, the Canadian Navy officer who is the spokesman for the U.N. force in Bosnia, said that under the rules of engagement, the Canadians would use their weapons to try to save civilians. "We can use our weapons to protect ourselves and those who are under our protection," he said.

But other officers said the Canadians would not fight the Serbs except to defend bunkers and other positions occupied by the Canadians themselves.

That appeared to be the view of senior officials in New York, who were quoted in a BBC radio report as saying that Frewer was mistaken and that the Canadian troops had no authority to protect civilians, only themselves. That has been the standard position of U.N. commanders here, who have often rejected pleas for help from civilians under threat of attack, saying that the mandate of the 8,000-member force does not authorize it to protect civilians.

The above quote is from:
"Times News Service"
Wednesday, April 21, 1993
(NYT-04-21-93 2100EDT)

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina A tense standoff continued on Thursday in the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia, with Serbian nationalist commanders claiming that U.N. troops had made "a farce" of their pledge to disarm the town's Muslim defenders, collecting only limited numbers of old weapons and allowing thousands of Muslim soldiers to retain their arms.

At one point on Thursday, Serbian commanders hinted that they might attack the town and its U.N. defenders, but, at nightfall, Canadian officers serving in the 145-man U.N. military contingent reported that the town and its immediate vicinity were mostly quiet.

In Sarajevo, the U.N. commander in Bosnia, Gen. Philippe Morillon, of France, gave assurances that the town and the U.N. contingent were safe. A Serbian attack, he said, would be "a declaration of war against the whole world."

While U.N. officers took a confident stand, there were mounting signs of anxiety behind the scenes. A senior U.N. official who helped negotiate the cease-fire that led to the U.N. soldiers entering Srebrenica said that his conversations with top Serbian military commanders made him fearful that they would attempt "something drastic."

The U.N. official said that some of the Serbian commanders even seemed eager for a showdown over Srebrenica and seemed undeterred by warnings that a renewed attack on the town might provoke Western military intervention.

"There's a real millennial mood among the Serbs," the official said. "They say that the world is preparing to crucify them, and that they are ready for it, that they will go down fighting."

Referring to a [Kosovo] battle in 1389, when the defeat of a medieval Serbian kingdom by Ottoman Turks set the seal on 500 years of Turkish rule in the Balkans, the official added: "Srebrenica could become the Kosovo Field of 1993. There is a real Kosovo complex among the Serbian leaders."

Other U.N. military officers offered accounts of developments in Srebrenica that presented the situation not as a potential disaster for the vastly outgunned U.N. force and for tens of thousands of Muslim civilians in the town, but as a step toward ending the war. Morillon told a news conference in Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, that the U.N. operation in Srebrenica could be duplicated elsewhere, laying the basis for implementation of an international peace plan.

"We will start implementing the demilitarization we have achieved in Srebrenica across the whole of Bosnia-Herzegovina," he said." ...

Canadian officers supervising the disarming of Muslim fighters in Srebrenica reported to U.N. headquarters that they had collected and destroyed a quantity of heavy machine guns, recoilless rifles, mortars, and personal weapons, mainly assault rifles. A U.N. spokesman in Sarajevo, Cmdr. Barry Frewer, of the Canadian navy, said that the weapons destroyed also included "some heavy field guns."

But Gen. Manojlo Milovanovic, chief of staff of the Serbian nationalist forces in Bosnia, was quoted by Tanyug, the Yugoslav news agency, as having said that U.N. officers had "made a farce of the operation" of disarming the Muslim fighters, because few weapons had been surrendered and most of them were old.

Milovanovic, apparently relying on reports from a Serbian liaison officer in Srebrenica, said that the U.N. operation was a violation of the cease-fire and that Serbian forces considered themselves relieved of their commitment not to attack the town.

Frewer refused to say how many weapons had been destroyed. But he implied that Milovanovic's assertions were not groundless by saying that the number of weapons fell short of the amount that the United Nations had expected from the 7,000 Muslim fighters it had estimated to be in Srebrenica and Muslim-held villages around the town. As for the kind of weapons handed in, Frewer said: "We have received some antiquated pieces, yes. Also the odd modern piece."

With Serbian forces poised at the outskirts of Srebrenica, U.N. commanders appeared to have decided that their best hope of avoiding a renewed battle for the town was to declare the disarming a success
, and to rely on Serbian concerns about possible Western military action to keep the Serbian forces from attacking.

The above quote is from:
"Times News Service"
Thursday, April 22, 1993
(NYT-04-22-93 2039EDT)

Who is to believe that Mighty NATO was unable to disarm a village "4 kilometers long by 1.5 kilometers wide!?" Two years later NATO will disarm entire Serb population of Bosnia and Krajina. Then they would bomb and disarm Yugoslavia, Iraq,...

We should add that Bosnian Muslims fanatics were militarily completely defeated. Their only and true ally was the West, that could order them to do anything. But, of course, this was a pretence, a circus, and evryone involved knew it. The Serbs, for sure, did not have power to make NATO be honest and keep its word. It was cowboys and Indians once again. As usual, the cowboys did not respect the signed agreement. It is important to make Indians sign a peace agreement, even a peace pipe will be smoked, but the next morning the cowboys can continue slaughtering Indian women and children. Someone was a primitive savage in this story.

Islam fanatics and their Western protectors were only bying time so Western proxies on the ground could get better armed and equipped.

Here we go again...

Muslim fanatics, saved by NATO
vow to return to Srebrenica

TUZLA, Bosnia-Herzegovina In a smoky bomb shelter beneath the main hospital here, wounded and maimed Muslim soldiers airlifted [by NATO] from Srebrenica vowed on Tuesday to continue their yearlong struggle to defend their homes.

"I'm going back for sure as soon as I'm well," said Muradif Habibovic from his bed. "Even like this, I will go back." He held up both hands, which were bandaged and missing fingers...

Next to him in a long row of new wooden beds provided by international relief agencies, Sinan Muhic, who lost a leg in a Serbian shelling attack, was just as resolute about returning...

The above quote is from:
"Times News Service"
April 20, 1993
(NYT-04-20-93 2103EDT)

Bratunac, May 3, 1993 (Tanjug) - Moslem troops in the area of Srebrenica, a Moslem enclave in Eastern Bosnia, have been incessantly opening fire on Serb positions, despite the ceasefire which came into effect on April 18, local Serb military sources told Tanjug on Monday.

Moslem troops on Sunday night launched the strongest attack on the strategic point of Kvarc, in the Bratunac area, but the Serb troops did not respond, they said.

The demilitarization of Srebrenica still has not been completed as is officially claimed, local Serb military sources said.

Under an agreement between the Bosnian Serb and Moslem military commands, Srebrenica is to be proclaimed a demilitarized zone. a Canadian battalion of the United Protection Force (UNPROFOR) is deployed there...

The above quote is from:
Title: "Moslems continuously provoke in Eastern Bosnia"
May 3, 1993

Yes, this happened right away, less than three weeks after Canadians supposedly disarmed Srebrenica war crimninals. Yes, only Belgrade news agency Tanjug reported these first Muslim attacks from U.N. "demilitarized" Srebrenica. Western media, as a part of NATO service to their mujahedin proxies, would downplay or not report at all these attacks from the "free zone." The neighboring Serb villages, for the next two years, became free-to-murder zone for Srebrenica fanatics. The Islam fundamentalists now had open, NATO protection.

Now did you understand that signing an agreement to demilitarize Srebrenica actually mean that Srebrenica Muslims should give their arms away? If you did, you must be some stupid Serb. Isn't it obvious to you that demilitarization means that Muslims have now a signed right to strengthen, arm, equip and train their troops? Well, read the explanation given by Bosnian Muslim generals themselves.


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