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Tito's "Republics"

1. Butchering the Serbs

Tito, the Croat and the absolute ruler of liberated Yugoslavia used the first occasion to, right away, divide the Serbian people.

The Serbs are by far the largest ethnic group of Yugoslavia. The next most numerous group are Croats who are twice fewer in numbers. For sure to rule the country, Tito knew, you have to control the largest ethnic group. Divide and rule. Tito's strategy -- and later on quite openly declared policy -- was "Weaker Serbia = stronger Yugoslavia."

The Serbian people got divided into four "republics" while the Republic of Serbia itself was the only republic of the federation to be further divided into three areas: Kosovo, Voivodina and "Serbia Proper."

More still - South Serbia, a geographic region which is known from ancient times as Macedonia was ripped away from the Serbian people and declared a separate "republic". The Serbs who lived from 7th century on in this geographic area were declared a separate "people" and even a new language (which is actually a dialect of Serbo-Croatian) was invented.

Truly Tito was a "Father of Nations" as he sometimes liked to be called.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Book of the Year 1946, page 854, entry "Yugoslavia":


Yugoslavia was divided [by the ruling Communists - Croat Tito and Slovene Kardelj] into six federal districts, Bosnia-Herzegivina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, each with its own administration, mostly under communists... In Macedonia, Macedonian was recognized as a separate Slav language and was made the official language of south Serbia. A special alphabet was evolved for the new language.
End quote.

A new language invented by Communists! Amazing. But at the time, right after WWII the Communists were not only in power in Yugoslavia - they had absolute power. They were next to God. They could create new "languages" and new "peoples." Or else...

At the same time the Communists were busy hunting and machine-gunning all opponents of the regime.

Here is a study from a Western source showing Tito's butchery of the Serbian people:

The following map was referenced in: "Communism and the Yugoslav National Question" by Paul Shoup, Columbia, 1968.

The text associated with the map: Political subdivision under Communist rule, 1945-... Census 1953: Number of Serbs in each political unit.

    Serbs within Serbian Republic... 4,087,600 = 58%
    Serbs outside Serbian Republic... 2,978,300 = 42%

Notice that "Macedonia" was integral part of Serbia and recognized as such by the allies and the rest of the world in the years before World War One. (Yugoslavia was formed after WWI out of two free Serbian states - Serbia and Montenegro - and out of portions of Austro-Hungary liberated by the Serbian armies.) During the war the Serbs died en masse in Macedonia (especially at Monastir-Kajmakchalan battle) trying to liberate the lands they considered their own.

It was obvious to the Western analysts right away that Tito's division was dangerous and unnatural. Notice how this Encyclopedia Britannica, Book of the Year 1947, calls Tito's creation "states" and puts quotation marks around that term. Notice also that Tito did not wait for long to stop a democratic pretence and install openly communist system of the government.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Book of the Year 1947, page 852, entry "Yugoslavia":


With the election of Nov. 11, 1945, in which the voters could only vote for the unique list of candidates presented by Marshal Tito's Liberation Front government, the outward compromise character of the government ceased and it became openly a government modelled in every instance after the totalitarian example of the Soviet Union. Even the nationality problem was solved after the Soviet model. Yugoslavia was divided into six "states," Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, each with its own administration but directed entirely and unified by the Communist party...
End quote.

... More to come ...


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