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"Tito's Yugoslavia"

Conquest to enlarge Croatia and Slovenia

This is just a place holder... More (much more) to come. So called Trieste crisis happened almost immediately after allies victory over Nazi Germany. And it was the first serious crisis that could have involved a direct clash between Western armies and Soviet army. Tito risked it as he was eager to enlarge his beloved Croatia and Slovenia.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Book of the Year 1946, page 854, entry "Yugoslavia":


In the field of foreign policy the Yugoslav government raised demands upon Italy and Austria. From the later it demanded Klagenfurt and southern part of Karnten (Carinthia); from Italy Venezia Giulia, the former Austrian Kustenland, with the important port of Trieste. The demand of the Italian territory led to international complications which were not settled by the end of 1945.
end quote.

Detailed study to follow...


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