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Fascism is alive and well in Croatia

Professor Howard L. Adelson

The Croatian government of Franco Tudjman, the erstwhile supporter of Tito's communist regime and the current racist President of Fascist Croatia which parades itself as the successor of the Nazi-created Independent State of Croatia of World War II infamy, has embarked on a program of that of the Nazis in 1939. Croatia alone is responsible for the recent violent outburst of bloodshed in Slavonia. A truce was brokered by the UN after the bloody warfare OF 1990-1, and the Serbs, the true victims in the Bakans, observed it scrupulously.

The Croatian Fascist government, however, utilized the truce to rearm and to prepare for attacks against the Serbian peasants in Slavonia. In 1993, they attacked and murdered the Serbs along the Adriatic coast, and now they have attacked the Serbs in Slavonia. At the same time, the Bosnian Muslims have begun attacks against the Serbs in violation of the truce agreements that thay made under UN auspices. This is the result of the false policy of the embargo against the Serbia which was instituted upon the demand of the U.S. The bloody strugle in Yugoslavia has been exacerbated by that embargo. The Croats and the Bosnians have been encouraged by the embargo to attack the Serbs.

- Enourmous amounts of money are being expended in public relations campaigns to create a distorted picture denying the Croatian treachery and the resort to violence. Thousands of innocent Serbs have been forced to flee their homes in Slavonia to save their lives because of the "ethnic cleansing" by the Croatian Fascist army. If there has not been the same extensive butchery as occurred in 1991 and in 1993, it is because the vast majority of Serbs, knowing what to expect , fled for their very lives. Only those terrified Serbs who were too old or too feeble were left behind in the Sebian flight, and the number murdered by the Croats has not yet been counted.

Within the areas controlled by the Muslim Bosnians or the Croatian Fascist, Jews are also attempting to flee. There is no flight of Jews from the Serbian controlled areas of former Yugoslavia, only from the Bosnian and Croatian-controlled regions. Yugoslav Jews are aware that Bosnian Muslims provided troops for Nazi armies, and that the Croatian Ustashi, the spiritual founders of Tudjman Croatian Republic, participated in every way possible in the Holocaust.

Today Ustashi murderers are being rehabilitated and are being extolled as national heroes by Tudjman despite the fact that they were among the most brutal villains. Those villains killed Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, while conducting a religious war against the Serbian Orthodox Church and Judaism during the Second World War, in the name of "ethnic cleansing". Croatian cruelty during the Second World War beggars the imagination. It equalled that of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen in Soviet Union. They murdered innocent man, women and children with the utmost cruelty and without remorse, and now they compound the crime by attempting to excuse it. Indeed, they glory in their murderous conduct.

Franco Tudjman stands convicted by the words of his own mouth and by his writings of being a vicious racists and anti-Semite. He is an unregenerate Fascist racist and monster. Franco Tudjman is the inheritor of the infamy of Ante Pavelic, the Poglavnik or Fuhrer of the abominable Fascist Croatia created by the Axis after their conquest of gallant Yugoslavia.

For those who doubt the truth of the Ustashi atrocities, it is only necessary to read the horrendous accounts by Allan A. Ryan, Jr, entitled Quiet Neighbours. Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals in America, about the vile Croatian Minister of the Interior under Pavelic, the Ustashi leader Andrija Artukovic whom Ryan called the "Dean of Nazis" in this country. Additional information of unbeleivable cruelty may be gleaned from Vladimir Dedijers`s book The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican. The Croatian Massacre of Serbs During World War II.

The horrors of Jasenovac concentration camp must not be concealed. The blood of the hundreds of thousands who were tortured and murdered there cries out from the ground. Tudjman is trying to destroy all evidence that such a camp ever existed and is attempting to eliminate the graves of the martyrs. The Jewish-Serbian Friendship Society of America, a group composed largely of survivors of the persecution in Croatia and Bosnia, participated in the candlelight vigil in Chicago in commemoration of the murdered Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. Serbian Orthodox priests and Orthodox Jewish rabbis prayed for the murdered innocents. This was organized by the newly created Jasenovac Memorial Committee. Members of that group participated in the Yom Hashoa March of Remembrance on April 30 and attended the memorial service at the Museum of Tolerance.

The Jewish-Serbian Friendship Society of America, located at 283 Trino Way, Pacific Palisades, California 90272, deserves support from all Jewish federations and charitable individuals. They are trying to keep the memory of the martyrs of Yugoslavia alive and to prevent a new seizure of power by the Croatian and Bosnian Fascists who want to resume persecution. We should be grateful to them for recalling the persecution and martyrdom of one of the most valuable Jewish communities of the pre-Holocaust world.

The current Croatian fascist regime is actively attempting to obscure or to belittle the murder of the Jews and Serbs. The president of the Jewish communities in Croatia, at the ceremony held in the Jewish communal center in Zagreb, condemned, in the strongest terms, the Croatian attempt to deny the Holocaust. Tudjman's Croatia, the successor of the murderous Ustashi Independent State of Croatia established under Pavelic and Artukovic, would like to erase the very memory of Jasenovac and the other concentration camps at Stara Gradiska, Koprivnica, Gospic, Jadovno, Kruscica, and on the Island of Pag.

Reborn Fascist Croatia, torn from the heart of Yugoslavia, is bloody reminder of the Nazi hatred of democratic pre-War Yugoslavia and Serbia. The Germans, led by Heinrich Genscher and Helmuth Kohl, played the leading role in the disintegration of Yugoslavia. That was a war aim of the Nazis during the Second World War. They achieved it in 1991. Americans must no longer be silent about the destruction of Yugoslavia. It was a crime to destroy the Yugoslav state which had a democratic tradition before the Nazi invasion. It was the Serbs who rose successfully in rebellion against the puppet, royal government that wanted to serve the Nazis. For that act, the Germans took vangeance, and Winston Churchill rose in the House of Commons to memorialize the Serbian heroism.

The fragmentation of Yugoslavia has been disaster that has resulted in rivers of blood being shed. Perhaps it is time to concede the failure of the destruction of Yugoslavia. Perhaps we should act to preserve the unity of the largest possible part of Yugoslavia. We might then restrain the atavistic brutality of the Croats Ustashi who are even now trying to erase the physical remains of Jasenovac camp where hundreds of thousands were brutally slaughtered.


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