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A Day of Ignominy, when Decency died
By Dr. Ian Paisley

Thursday, May 27, 2004
Two events will record March 24, 1999, as a day of gross shame for Britain and America in the annals of their history.

"[] what experience and history teach is this that peoples and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it."

Hegel: The Philosophy of History,
Introduction (1807).

Two events will record March 24, 1999, as a day of gross shame for Britain and America in the annals of their history.

NATO turns to terrorism

First, it was the day when the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation became the North American Terrorist Organisation. NATO, for the first time since its founding in 1949, launched a vicious attack against a sovereign country, Yugoslavia an act of aggression planned and sponsored by the man who shamelessly and unrepentantly defiled the White House and dragged the good name of America into the gutter. It is equally disgusting that Clinton's violence against the Serbs, who were our gallant allies in the battle against fascism in two World Wars, has been aided and abetted by his subservient poodle who resides at 10, Downing Street, London, SW1.
Associated Press Photo
(AP Photo/John Gaps III)

At one stroke on March 24, with the concurrence of these two men, NATO overturned its founding charter which had committed it exclusively to the enhancement of the stability, well-being and freedom of its member States by means of a system of collective security. Instead, it acted as the tool of the European Union by which it has now been hijacked as a policy-enforcer.

Vatican aggression against the Serbs

The pretext of stopping Serb "aggression" in Kosovo is demolished by the fact that the so-called Kosovo "Liberation" Army (KLA) has been pursuing a relentless campaign of terror against Serbia. 60,000 Serbs have been the victims of KLA-conducted ethnic cleansing in the last few years, a fact which understandably provoked the Serbs into justified retaliatory anti-terrorist self-defence, falsely portrayed by the Vatican-controlled media as aggression against the people of Kosovo (which in recognised in international law as part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). The KLA has been a most convenient pawn in the Vatican's historical obsession to dismember Yugoslavia into non-existence; indeed the whole campaign against Yugoslavia beginning with the illegal secession of Slovenia and Croatia in 1991 was recently described by the Russian Nationalist Leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky as "a Vatican plot".

The Serbs, like the Protestants of Northern Ireland, have been a consistent thorn in the flesh of the Vatican and in particular in its more recent plans to set up an EU Superstate. During the Hitler era, under the auspices of Archbishop Stepinac that mass murderer whom the Pope beatified in 1998 the fascist Roman Catholic statelet of Croatia systematically slaughtered a quarter of a million Orthodox Serbs, and forcibly converted up to a million of them to Popery. It is now a measure of the political convulsions caused by the envisaged New European Order that Clinton and Blair have become the executors of Vatican policy world-wide, particularly against the Protestants of Ulster and the Orthodox Serbs. In conformity with this policy, Serbs and Unionists are dishonestly portrayed as tyrants, while the real terrorists are elevated White-House and Downing-Street style and presented as the oppressed or dispossessed.

Distortion by Vatican-manipulated media

In a campaign reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda machine of Goebbels the Vatican-infiltrated world media have distorted and manipulated the facts, methodically victimising and demonising the Serbs. World TV stations have been propagating pictures of columns of refugees not only well-dressed, but also photographed in strangely contradictory climatic conditions allegedly fleeing Serb persecution. One photograph showed a "concentration camp" surrounded by chicken wire! Of course, this spectacle of unfortunate human beings forced to take flight was, remarkably, never seen before the NATO bombs began to fall on Yugoslavia!

The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Aleksy II, rightly accused NATO of starting the war and of committing "a sin before God", "an act of aggression against a sovereign state [Yugoslavia]". Not a word about this in the European or American press! Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov got it right too when he said on March 26 that NATO had "perpetrated a double crime on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia aggression and genocide of innocent people", including "serious infringement of the Geneva Convention of 1949".

The Pope's "blessed silence"

The world-renowned Austrian writer Peter Handke, who now lives in France, well knew the ultimate source of this aggression: on March 25 he sent a letter to the media in which he 'thanked' the Pope for his "blessed silence"! It should be remembered that the Vatican's silence in two World Wars indicated its complicity with German Nazi militarism. How symbolical that, on March 27, in the first wave of the NATO attack, it was German tornado aircraft that dropped four huge 900-kg bombs on Sumarice, where in 1941 the fascists killed 7,000 people in one single day, including 300 schoolchildren. In the words of Serbia-Information, the "new world fascists", "new barbarians" with "perverted minds" who had "never heard" about Sumarice, had "returned to the scene of the crime".

This fully vindicates Dr. Paisley's claim in his evening sermon on March 28 that what the Germans failed to achieve in Yugoslavia during World War II they are now attempting to finish off with the help of their former enemies Britain and America! This analysis was echoed by Radio Yugoslavia, which announced on April 1: "With the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the use of enormous military and destructive potentials, the governments of the US, Great Britain and France have humiliated and discredited the historic alliance and friendship between the nations of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the nations of their states, and the German government has once again harmed the unhealed wounds of World War Two."

NATO the tool of European Neo-Fascism

The fact is that the former defence alliance NATO is doing the dirty work of the Vatican-sponsored neo-fascists of Europe. Radio Yugoslavia recognised this when it announced: "At around 5 a.m. on Thursday, April 1, the NATO criminal aviation tore down the bridge across the Danube river, located some 500 metres from the centre of Novi Sad. [] The bridge was also torn down by Hitler's fascist army in 1944. With the bombing of this bridge, the NATO aggressor has once again confirmed his fascist strategy based on the destruction of civilian facilities and relevant infrastructure links, [while] presenting its public with a false picture of destroying only military facilities."

This raid was a symbolical repetition of history; for it also damaged the monument to the victims of the notorious Novi Sad raid in which Hungarian fascists killed and disposed of the bodies of over 4,000 Serbs and Jews by throwing them into the icy waters of the River Danube. The bridge, which Radio Yugoslavia said "has been razed by the fascists of the new world order", is scarcely 100 metres away from this monument.

On page 1062 of the Marshal Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopaedia of World War II, Edition 1985, Vol. 10, there is a photograph showing the Ustashi SS Black Legion, a Roman Catholic murder squad which perpetrated the most unspeakable atrocities against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies and is still openly praised by today's new Croatian State. Under the photograph is the caption: "Young volunteers follow in their fathers' footsteps. The independent State of Croatia is allied to the Axis powers." What, it must be asked, has changed today? Substitute "NATO powers" for "Axis powers" (since NATO has become the latest protector of the Croatian Neo-Nazis), and read that caption again. For the third time this century the Serbs are the victims of aggression and lies but this time Britain and America have joined in the Neo-Nazi aggression.

Tearing up its own Charter

NATO, that great organisation which effectively protected the West in the days of the USSR, has now become an instrument of belligerence and terror, despite the fact that the provisions of the NATO charter are exclusively defensive. The charter describes NATO's purpose as to "promote the common values of its members" and to "unite their efforts for collective defence" (Preamble), the "peaceful resolution of disputes" (Article 1) and the use of members' armed forces for "collective self-defence" only (Article 5). All signatory countries accordingly made a solemn declaration that they would never attack another State, yet on March 24 they collectively and systematically assaulted Serbia. It was Washington-led political gang rape, a mega-cowardice operation characteristic of the mentality of the man who lacked the courage to do his national service a man who never wore military uniform in his life and yet by some mind-boggling process became the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful armed forces in the world.

The Russians, who were provided with a forum for consultations with NATO through the North Atlantic Co-operation Council of 1991, are rightly angry that their approval was not sought; for not only have Britain and America ignored the provision for "joint consultations" (Article 4) and therefore acted illegally, but they have done so in the total absence of a situation where "a member is threatened" (Article 4). The Serbs have threatened no member of NATO. They are a small Balkan nation who have demonstrated the greatest courage, endurance and stability in the course of the chequered history of Europe.

Furthermore, the NATO Charter (Article 7) provides for the actual precedence not just the affirmation of members' obligations under the United Nations Charter, which expressly forbids both direct and indirect interference in the internal affairs of a UN member State. This violation justifiably provoked the anger of Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Of course, it comes as no surprise that, if Clinton could breach the UN Charter by interfering in Northern Ireland and sponsoring Irish Republican terrorism, he could also infringe it in relation to Serbia.

Britain's Shame at home

The second shame of March 24 was the Government's release of the 248th of the terrorist prisoners in Northern Ireland since the bogus "peace" process began all of them, as the Daily Telegraph editorial of that day put it, haters of "everything that makes our country decent: parliamentary government, the rule of law, religious tolerance, free speech". In releasing these the most dangerous men in Britain the Prime Minister visibly made a mockery of all those cherished British principles, and flagrantly reversed his own statement of May 6, 1988: "Prisoners should not be released early until the organisations to which they belong have substantially decommissioned their weapons." The killers and bombers, now liberated to return to their undecommissioned arsenal, literally laughed in court on hearing the news at the gallant dead of our security forces, the pathetic feeble-mindedness of Mr Blair and New Labour and, in the words of the Daily Telegraph editorial, "a country that defied the mightiest power on the Continent in 1939, and now bows low before a tiny band of terrorist-gangsters".

Blair and Clinton berserk

The leaders of Britain and America have gone berserk. While verbally denouncing violence they blatantly perpetrate it. While purporting to be peacemakers they openly conduct war. While preaching democracy they make provision for the inclusion of terrorists in government. While paying lip service to decommissioning they connive to circumvent it. While preaching principle they practise appeasement. Their knowledge of history is warped, their analysis of the present duplicitous, their vision of the future catastrophically misguided. They have violated all norms of moral and political decency and of international law, yet demonstrate not the slightest ounce of shame. Falsehood, subterfuge, ambivalence and evasion are their hallmarks.

Prelude to World War III?

The symbolism of the Balkans is ominous. It was there that World War I had its beginning, there too that the Germans and their Croatian collaborators perpetrated some of their most barbaric World War II atrocities. For the first time since 1945 German planes and bombs have rained down on Serbia, and this time Britain and America are on the wrong side. In their manifest lack of historical knowledge, from which their ignorance of Serb sensitivity must flow, Clinton and Blair have been accused by the Russian President of creating a chaotic situation which could trigger World War III. Already their unauthorised escapade of terror against the Serbs has dramatically worsened the situation in Kosovo and expanded the violence into neighbouring countries.

History in the Balkans, like history in Northern Ireland, is repeating itself, and there is an anonymous proverb to the effect that every time history repeats itself the price goes up both the price demanded by the terrorists, and the price paid by the innocent. NATO vandalism in Serbia must be stopped before Clinton and Blair inflame it into world conflict.

Churchill in reverse

When the Serbs joined the fight against Hitler-Ustashi terror in the 'forties supported by Moslems who joined the Croatian terrorist offensive against the Serbs in force Churchill said that the Yugoslavs had "found their soul"; but today, said the New York Times of March 29, Clinton had "married" a new partner, the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, whose goal was "not only independence, but expelling the Serbs out of the Province [of Kosovo]". Hence commentator Charles Krauthmer, warning of Clinton's "road to Hell" in the New York Times of April 2, justly asked: "Where in the world did Clinton learn history?" It is obvious that this man and his Downing Street puppet are married to terrorists of whatever sort KLA or IRA.

Dr. Ian Paisley
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