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The Serbs of Eastern Bosnia, adjacent to Srebrenica suffered terrible atrocities at hand of Srebrenica Muslim fanatics. We documented this to you by presenting on these pages the official United Nations document (id: A/46/171 - S/25635) which clearly describes the events of April 1992 - April 1993 and the atrocities Srebrenica Muslims perpetrated on their Christian Serb neighbors.

On this page we will concentrate on events immediately preceding the second fall of Srebrenica (Sunday, April 18, 1993). We will document the ways the West continued to support Srebrenica criminals.

Spring 1993: Prelude to Srebrenica's second fall
Continued Western support of Srebrenica criminals

Shamelessly, the West kept supporting the Islamic criminals while still pretending to be neutral. They supported them overtly or covertly, any way they could. Already described cycle "Food for Muslims - death to Serbian Christians" continued uninterrupted throughout autumn of 1992 and spring 1993.

Completely besieged tiny Moslem enclaves in Eastern Bosnia as well as Sarajevo itself (for years!) never seemed to be without ammunition. "Poor, besieged Muslims" could again and again initiate offensives against the Serbs.

There was obviously something rotten in the "food" the "neutral" NATO was distributing. No-one is that stupid not to see.

Caught red-handed:

Back to Belgrade

Another convoy bound for the eastern [Muslim controlled] enclave of Zepa returned to Belgrade after Canadian officers refused to let Serbs inspect their weapons. A third convoy was believed to have reached [Muslim controlled] Gorazde...

The above quote is from:
"The Associated Press"
Title: "Serbs Reject Peace Plan, More Cease-Fire Violations"
Author: Slobodan Lekic
April 3, 1993
(AP-DS-04-03-93 1749EST)

Canadian (i.e. NATO) troops, dressed as "neutral" U.N. were to push through the Bosnian Serb lines with declared intention to (only) feed the Bosnian Serb enemy. Why would the Serbs not trust Canadians and why would they insist to inspect weapons the Canadians were bringing in? Maybe it is because any time such humanitarian convoy arrived the Muslim enemy would get a new will (and brand new weapons) to fight.


The dislocation of the Serbian population from Gorazde County [Eastern Bosnia] completes one of the strategic plans of the Moslam extremists in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In fact, an ethnicaly cleansed corridor has been created. It connects the Moslems in Bosnia with those in Sandzak [Serbia] that have been suplying man, arms and ammunition to Mr. Izetbegovic's army ever since the war started. "We would have long finished the war if UNPROFOR did not start bringing "help" to Gorazde with the permission of our authorities. When the first white [U.N.] trucks arrived, whose safe-passage was our duty, the Moslems in the city started using heavy machine-guns, mortars, hand launchers, missiles... weapons that they did not have until than. The arms we captured in the battle and the rounds of ammo we've found were made in Pakistan, Turkey and Egypt. All that was shipped to the Moslems under UN protection", says Mr. Ljubomir Rokanovic leader of the convoy of about 2,000 Serbs that have been displaced according to "London promise".

The above quote is from:
"Politika Ekspres"
Belgrade, September 3, 1992
(AP-DS-04-03-93 1749EST)

Did you notice, in our first quote, where the Canadian "humanitarian help" convoy returned to? To Belgrade!

"The strong-man" as Western media liked to call him, President of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, was bending backwards in trying to avoid unavoidable confrontation with the West. The West could only hope for such weakness in Serbian ranks.

Milosevic has allowed NATO to use next door Serbia as storage place for Western "humanitarian help." One was in my home town of Panchevo. French "U.N." troops were stationed in ex-Yugoslav Army barracks at the outskirts of the town. NATO expressed its gratitude in accordance to Western culture. They viciously bombed my town a few years later.

Let us check this "humanitarian help" ourselves. This Washington Post article was published only five days after the Associated Press' report saying that Canadians were sent back to Belgrade.

Five days later:
Serbs Uncover Munitions on U.N. Aid Trucks

SPLIT, Croatia, April 8 - The U.N. humanitarian aid mission in Bosnia was publicly embarrassed today when Serb nationalist forces besieging Sarajevo uncovered dozens of crates of ammunition on U.N. relief trucks apparently destined for the city's Slavic Muslim-led defenders.

The incident at a Serb checkpoint just outside the embattled Bosnian capital was seen as a major setback in U.N. attempts to be viewed as a neutral player in Bosnia's year-old Serb-Muslim-Croat war. The Serbs have argued long and bitterly that the 7,200 U.N. troops in Bosnia have sided against them in the factional war and were quick to seize on the ammunition crates as proof, summoning reporters and cameramen to record the discovery.

The 48 ammunition crates, found hidden in a load of flour being hauled from warehouses at Sarajevo airport to civilians in the predominantly Muslim suburb of Butmir, contained 7,500 7.9mm and 12.7mm cartridges - designed for use in AK-47 automatic assault rifles and heavy machine guns.

U.N. officials, who promised a complete investigation of the smuggling attempt, were embarrassed again when they launched a search of their own and found 24 sacks of gunpowder and at least 8,000 more rounds of small-arms ammunition hidden in false container bottoms at the U.N.-controlled airport, which serves as a depot for international food and medical aid for Sarajevo's 380,000 besieged civilians.

"We're totally baffled by this event," said Peter Kessler, a spokesman for the U.N. refugee agency, which coordinates the Bosnian aid effort...

In war-ravaged eastern Bosnia, meanwhile, U.N. prestige was battered further when a small convoy carrying the commander of U.N. troops in the republic, French Gen. Philippe Morillon, was set upon by a crowd of Bosnian Serb civilians near Zvornik - about 30 miles north of the besieged Muslim city of Srebrenica.

The crowd - composed mostly of women - pounded on the hoods of the U.N. vehicles, ripped off radio antennas and called Morillon "Hitler," according to reports from the scene. Morillon had hoped to lead 120 U.N. troops into Srebrenica to shore up the morale..., but the high-profile effort has apparently now been postponed.

Perhaps the only good news of the day for the United Nations was that 14 more relief trucks were allowed to enter Srebrenica, half of them carrying food, and left the embattled enclave loaded with 1,400 Muslim refugees en route to the Muslim stronghold of Tuzla, about 60 miles to the northwest...

The above quote is from:
"The Washington Post"
Title: "Serbs Uncover Munitions on U.N. Aid Trucks"
Author: Peter Maass
April 9, 1993

The discovery of the ammunition boxes in a concealed space beneath the container carrying the flour has been interpreted by Serbian military commanders as proof of their contention that the peacekeeping force here is a covert ally of the Bosnian [Muslim] government, intent on using the relief effort as a means of supporting the embattled Bosnian [Muslim] forces.

Serbian generals have written aggressive letters denouncing the "dishonest activities" of the U.N. and warning, in effect, that the Serbian forces reserve the right to shut down all relief efforts here, a move that would quickly starve many of the Muslim cities and towns...

The U.N., apprehensive that [Bosnian] Serbs might attack Western military planes that have been delivering food and medicine to the capital, suspended the airlift Saturday morning.

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times News Service"
Author: John F. Burns
Saturday, April 10, 1993
(NYT-04-10-93 1711EDT)

The Americans found much more comfortable way to supply their mujahedin friends:

Thousands of tons of aid:
American operation "Parachute"

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Military planes from the United States, Germany and France airdropped almost 60 tons of food and medicine over Srebrenica on Sunday, as the Bosnian Muslims were giving up the fight against the Serbs.

The airdrops started Feb. 28, launched by the U.S. Air Force on President Bill Clinton's orders.

French and German air force planes joined the missions in late March, flying with the U.S. Air Force out of Rhein-Main Air Base outside Frankfurt.

U.S. military reports said six U.S. Air Force C-130s, and one C-160 each from the French and German air forces dropped 57.3 tons of food and nearly 1 ton of medical supplies over Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina and returned safely to Rhein-Main early Sunday.

The airdrops so far have delivered nearly 1,967 tons of food and 47 tons of medical supplies, concentrating on the Srebrenica area in recent days as the situation grew more critical.

The above quote is from:
"The Associated Press"
Title: "Airdrop On As Muslims Flee"
April 18, 1993

Both Americans and their mujahedin allies on the ground were looking into new ways to closer cooperation. Some Bosnian Muslims may sound stupid for spelling clearly what closer American involvement ment. The fact that this was published reveals that the whole thing was a clear threat sent to the Serbs. It is as if saying: "We Americans, are helping your enemy - but you can do nothing about it."

Openning the door to American military intervention

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (UPI) -- Posters thanking President Clinton were being commissioned in the Bosnian capital Monday after U.S. transport planes began dropping aid to besieged towns in a move many Bosnians believe will eventually lead to American military intervention in the Balkans conflict.

"For six months our hope has been with the Americans," said Bosnian Information Minister Senada Kreso in reaction to the American air-drop of supplies. "We are thankful for the first act he took..."

"The American initiative gives us a sudden hope that Clinton has started something," Kreso said. "If they shoot one plane down, then the U.S. will shoot back. People here believe this is the beginning of a big battle." ...

One senior Bosnian government official, who refused to be identified, said: "If a U.S. plane is shot down, it will be a tragedy, but I'm sure the U.S. won't sit back and take it. They'll have to retaliate."

[Canadian Commander Barry] Frewer [spokesman for the U.N. Protection Force in Sarajevo] said Gen. Phillipe Morillon, head of U.N. forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina, initially "was not exactly pleased" about the air-drop operation, fearing that the United States had not considered all the consequences [for NATO troops in UN uniforms on the ground].

"We were unenthusiastic about the idea... If there are suspicions that these are weapons delivery air-drops, its anybody's guess what could happen. They [the Serbs] may shoot back," Frewer said.

Additionally, Frewer said that U.N. commanders were only consulted after the announcement was made by the Clinton administration, and he acknowledged that this had irked U.N. officials in Bosnia.

A few days later however, U.N. officials warmed to the U.S. plan after Gen. James Jones, commander of U.S. forces in central Europe, paid a visit to Morillon.

"We've now had a chance to meet with (U.S. military commanders) and see that their plan is a solid one with full considerations of all the risks involved," Frewer said after Morillon's meeting with James.

The above quote is from:
"The United Press International"
Title: "Bosnians see air drop as first step toward U.S. intervention"
March 4, 1993

Clinton's Administration had a complete disregard toward their NATO allies. This situation culminated in 1995 when some of NATO allies started thinking how to withdraw from NATO altogether.

The next step in taking Muslim side is to deny the Serbs a rare advantage they had. Keep in mind that this advantage was very important to two million Serbs who were ripped away from remaining Serbs in Yugoslavia by Western abrupt recognition of Croatia and Bosnia. Two million Serbs born to these two republics were to fight a battle of survival against much more numerous enemy: four million Croats and two million Bosnian Muslims.

To fully understand the Serbian fight for survival and the fact that the Serbs had all possible rights to wage that fight, please take a look at American State Department map, issued in March 1992 showing the fact that Bosnia and Krajina Serbs were indigenous people of the two secessionist republics. These were the very survivors of World War II second worst genocide in Nazi occupied Europe.

The West was to rip every advantage from already disadvantaged Serbs. American press and politicians was calling this renewed genocide geared against the Serbian people: "Levelling the playing field".

"No-Fly Zone" =
Denying Serbs to fly

NATO to keep Serbian aircraft from flying over Bosnia

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) _ In a significant expansion of the Western military role in the former Yugoslavia, the United States and its NATO allies approved an operation Friday to keep Serbian aircraft from flying over Bosnia.

The mission, which could begin as early as next week, gives alliance planes authority to fire on violators and may involve 50 to 100 jet fighters...

Approval for the operation came hours before Bosnian Serbs rejected, as expected, a peace plan accepted by Muslims and Croats. The Serb move derailed efforts by international mediators to end the year-old war that has torn apart the Balkan republic and has threatened to ignite a wider regional conflict.

The airborne operation approved by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would be the first of its kind since the alliance was formed in 1949 to contain communism. NATO warships have been sent to the Adriatic Sea to watch for violations of a U.N. trade embargo on Serbia and Montenegro, the remaining Yugoslav republics.

[E]thnic Serbs mostly have only light aircraft.

So far, the no-fly zone has been violated 465 times, mostly by non-military flights, U.N. officials say. But recently, small planes have attacked Muslim villages in eastern Bosnia...

The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday authorized NATO warplanes to shoot down aircraft violating the no-fly zone. But it bowed to pressure from Russia, a longtime Serb ally [???], and ruled out pre-emptive strikes on Serb airfields.

NATO ambassadors met Friday in special session at the behest of the United Nations...

NATO Secretary-General Manfred Woerner said the decision to get involved in the Bosnian conflict "clearly signals a new role and a mission for our alliance."

"It is the first time this alliance will run a military operation in practice, not an exercise," he said. "It is the first time this will take place out of (NATO's) area (and) the first time in support of the United Nations."

The Allied commander of Europe, U.S. Gen. John Shalikashvili, will be in charge of the operation from his headquarters near Mons, Belgium, Woerner said...

The United States, Britain, France and the Netherlands are expected to take part in the mission.

The German government, paralyzed by a constitutional war over its international military role, voted Friday to help enforce the no-fly zone...

NATO members are Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the United States

The above quote is from:
"The Associated Press"
Title: "NATO Allies to Enforce No-Fly Zone of Serb Aircraft Over Bosnia"
Friday, April 2, 1993

The enforcement by American, French and Dutch fighters of the ban on flights is not a measure of great consequence by itself. General Manojlo Milovanovic, the Bosnian Serbs' chief of staff, has mocked it.

NATO aircraft, he said, could "run at full speed over Bosnia while the Serbs continue to do their job, to keep their territories and liberate them." But the general is no fool. He also remarked that the aircraft now patrolling Bosnia's skies are on reconnaissance, preparing the way for future military intervention, including the bombing of strategic targets.

Some U.N. men are inclined to agree. "They are looking at gun emplacements and making grids," said one senior official. "And not just that. You should see our headquarters in Zagreb. Some of my colleagues are very upset that they are being tossed out of their nice offices for the NATO men who are taking over."

The above quote is from:
"The Economist Newspaper"
(Distributed by the New York Times Special Features)
Friday, April 16, 1993
(NYT-04-16-93 0241EDT)

Great! The World Policeman is born! Now two million Bosnia and Krajina Serbs are to fight two million Bosnian Muslims, four million Croats and close to billion strong most industrially powerful nations of NATO. Plus more than billion Muslims of the world. Two million against two billion!

What a beautiful coalition these NATO countries are! With the exception of few tiny countries like Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg and Norway these are colonial countries; the self proclaimed rulers of the World. Through centuries of pillage, land-grab and genocide these countries amassed enough wealth to keep, for ever, in "Might is Right" games.

How nice that Germany, which instigated two world wars and which attacked and tried to conquer and subdue the Serbian people for two times in twentieth century were ready to change their Constitution so they have free hand to do it again. During World War II, it was Nazi Germans who supervised one of the worst holocausts of the war - the extermination of Bosnian Serbs. The Nazi Germans helped their Islam fundamentalist friends then, and, by never learning the notion of SHAME, they are to help them again.

Who are we missing? Oh, Turkey! Turkey "ruled by atrocity," as some Western books say, over Christian Serbs, for over FOUR CENTURIES in Bosnia! Local traitors, Bosnian Muslims, are actually their creation.

After four centuries of atrocity in Bosnia
Turkey did not have enough of Serb suffering

ANKARA, April 9, Reuter - NATO-member Turkey is willing to send a squadron of fighter jets to help enforce a U.N. no-fly zone over Bosnia, state-run radio quoted the government spokesman as saying on Friday.

"If NATO makes a formal request from Turkey to help secure air security over Bosnia (the government) is ready to authorise the despatch of a squadron of 18 F-16s," State Minister Akin Gonen said after an overnight cabinet meeting.

The 16-nation alliance decided on Thursday to start patrols over Bosnia from 1200 GMT on Monday using planes from the United States, France and the Netherlands.

The Turkish government secured parliament's approval in December to send military forces to Bosnia...

The above quote is from:
Friday, April 9, 1993
(RTw 04/09 0252)

Jihad calls to punish the Serbs

As Srebrenica fall was coming closer, the threats, coming both from West and Middle East became louder.

Its a Holy War!
Let us support mujahedin!

[Bosnia Muslim leader] Alija Izetbegovic said "Islamic countries should give more help to fellow Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina." Saudia Arabia provided significant humanitarian aid...

Speaking in Riyadh, Saudi capital, Izetbegovic said: "Bosnian Muslims are fighting a holy war to defend themselves against Serb attacks. They do not need soldiers from other countries, but wanted wider Islamic support when they next ask the U.N. to lift its arms embargo."

As he put it "we have many boys willing to fight, we need arms."

The above quote is from:
(BBC, 16h GMT, 11 April 1993)

LONDON (APRIL 13, 1993), UPI - Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher called on the British government Tuesday to begin arming Bosnian Muslims to allow them to defend themselves against the Serbian advance in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

A rearmed Bosnian Muslim force, Thatcher said, should be supported by an ultimatum delivered to the Serbs to accept the U.N.-brokered peace plan or face military retaliation.

"The present policy of humanitarian aid, plus negotiations, plus trying to get a cease-fire clearly hasn't worked... We can't go on with this policy - namely feeding people but leaving them to be massacred," she told the British Broadcasting Corp.

She said arming the Muslims would end the conflict, and she cited the example of the U.S.-backed mujahideen in Afghanistan, who eventually ousted Soviet forces...

BOSTON Apart from humanitarian concern, President Clinton has a profound stake in the horror of Bosnia. It is the world's belief in his will to use American power.

Belief in American power has for many years been the most effective deterrent to international aggression. It is more crucial than ever in an increasingly chaotic world, a world with only one superpower.

... The right course for Clinton is clear, and doable: Tell the Serbs to stop the sieges of Srebrenica and Sarajevo at once. And if they ignore the ultimatum, use American air power to take out their guns.

If Srebrenica falls, Clinton and the credibility of American power in the world will also be victims.

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times News Service"
Sunday, April 11, 1993
(NYT-04-11-93 2000EDT)

In Vancouver, British Columbia, President Clinton's spokesman, George Stephanopoulos, said the American leader "deeply believes" Serbs must be punished for aggression in Bosnia.

The above quote is from:
"The Associated Press"
Title: "Sarajevo Airlift Resumes; Srebrenica Officials Block Evacuation"
Author: John Daniszewski
April 4, 1993
(AP-DS-04-04-93 2007EDT)

Calls multiplied from Western politicians for air strikes in Bosnia and Belgian Foreign Minister Willy Claes warned they could continue "in the direction of Belgrade" if Srebrenica fell.

The above quote is from:
Author: Mark Heinrich
Sunday, April 18, 1993

The Clinton team began the presidential transition eager to reverse [sic] the Bush policy. Bosnia was the subject of Presidential Review Directive 1, the first issue on the White House's foreign policy agenda. The issue was considered so important, it was sent directly to "the principals," a committee made up of Secretary of State Warren Christopher; Aspin; the director of central intelligence, R. James Woolsey; Vice President Al Gore; Powell; and Madeleine K. Albright, the U.N. delegate. The administration instructed the State Department and Pentagon to draw up the broadest possible list of options, but many were quickly discarded...

At the administration's orders, the Pentagon drew up a list of possible bombing targets, including the [Bosnian Serb] artillery around Sarajevo, bridges [on river Drina] between Bosnia and Serbia, and targets deep in Serbia.

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times News Service"
Authors: Stephen Engelberg with Michael R. Gordon
Saturday, April 3, 1993
(NYT-04-03-93 1647EST)

Bomb the Christian Serbs
to satisfy Muslim fundamentalists

Muslim fundamentalism is a mounting concern in many countries, also with a connection to Western impotence in Bosnia. The Arab world has long believed that the West has a double standard for Israelis and Palestinians. If Muslims come to believe that the West wrote off Bosnia's Muslims, allies like Turkey could turn away from the West, with negative strategic consequences.

Sooner or later, unresolved resentments come home to roost. Muslim terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in New York City [for the first time, on February 26, 1993, at 12:18PM] to protest what they saw as American complicity in humiliations in the Middle East. Everything is connected, and sooner or later Europe and the West may have to pay a price for their impotence in the Balkans.

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times News Service"
Author: Craig R. Whitney
Monday, April 5, 1993
(NYT-04-05-93 0926EDT)

More to come....

Western powers pretend
to be looking for peaceful solution

In this farce hand-picked anti-Serb bigot David Owen (of Britain) and his personal friend Cyrus Vance (of United States) pretend to be neutral negotiators. They devise a "peace plan" for Bosnia. In his book, a few years later, Owen will shamelessly admit that the first goal of the plan was to punish the Serbs and to deny Serbian people right for self-determination. The representatives of the Old and New Evil Empire will try to shove the plan down Serbian throat. The Serbs would be idiots to accept such suicidal plan. Everyone expects them to refuse it. This would be used to "prove" that the Serbs do not want, or value peace.

Holding population of Serbia - hostage!

Using astonishing logic, the Western powers decide to keep population of Serbia as hostage. If Bosnian Serbs refuse the plan - the Serbs of Serbia and Montenegro (the remaining part of Federal Yugoslavia) will be punished with even more draconian sanctions.

Throw Serbia off the planet!

PARIS, April 17, Reuter - France said on Saturday rebel Bosnian Serbs were on the verge of capturing the Moslem town of Srebrenica and called for immediate United Nations and European action to isolate Serbia...

Foreign Minister Alain Juppe demanded in a television interview the adoption of a draft Council resolution totally isolating Serbia, saying it could no longer be delayed by Russian reservations.

He also hinted at a prospect of military action against Serb forces, saying words might not be enough. Defence Minister Francois Leotard broke off his weekend to return to Paris for urgent consultations on Bosnia, officials said.

In London, a government spokeswoman said British Prime Minister John Major discussed the Bosnian crisis with French President Francois Mitterrand on Saturday and would talk to U.S. President Bill Clinton on Sunday.

"All possible steps must be taken to protect the population of Srebrenica," she said. Britain was also pressing for a new resolution on tougher sanctions from the Council early next week "if it is not possible to adopt it over the weekend."

Juppe, quoting information from the French high command, said Serb troops were within one km (half a mile) of the centre of Srebrenica, "which, since it is a small town, means they are in the suburbs and the town may fall at any moment."

He added: "The Serbs don't give a damn for the international community... That is why we demand today that the U.N. Security Council vote at the earliest possible moment the resolution which totally isolates Serbia from the rest of the world."

The adoption of the resolution, which would close all road, river, trade and telecommunications links with Serbia, was last week postponed until April 26 at the request of Russia, partly to help President Boris Yeltsin win a referendum on his powers.

Juppe said France regarded the assault on Srebrenica as a turning point in the year-old Bosnian conflict that justified over-riding the Russian reservations.

He also said he would take initiatives to press the European Community to look at ways to increase the economic, diplomatic and political isolation of Serbia.

Asked about suggestions by the United States and EC mediator Lord Owen that the West should use selective bombing against the Serbs, he said France did not want to endanger its 5,000 troops on the ground with U.N. peace- keeping forces in ex-Yugoslavia.

But he added: "We naturally do not rule out going further, if necessary, to put an end to this unacceptable, barbarian and inhuman behaviour of the Bosnian Serbs..."

The above quote is from:
Author: Paul Taylor
April 17, 1993

Just as Bosnian Serbs decide not to crush Srebrenica - the "neutral" NATO will use the UN to impose the deadly sanctions. Unknown thousands of Serbian children and elderly, the weakest portion of population, will perish without medicine. The worst traitor of Russian people of all times, Yeltsin and his gang will not veto the sanctions. These are supposedly the "allies" the Serbs have.

Western powers pretend
to be concerned for Bosnian Muslim civilians

The Western powers are supposedly concerned for well being of civilian population of besieged Srebrenica. Who do they send to protect them? They send French Foreign Legion veteran, general Philippe Morillon. This is the same legion that was infamous for their atrocities committed on African Muslims. In this farce he will, somehow, find warm heart for the Bosnian Muslims.

The Western powers, soaked in genocide, will claim that the Serbs would massacre Srebrenica Muslims once they enter the town. The Serbs, who in their entire history never (ever!) committed mass atrocity against any civilian population, will offer to let any Muslim civilian (excluding, of course, the war criminals who massacred Serb population) to leave. Muslims are in desperate position in Srebrenica run by thugs. The thugs decide they need civilians to hide behind them. If civilians are to leave it would be called "ethnic cleansing." The UN/NATO officials comply. Who damn cares about Muslim civilians, there is Jihad going on and Allah never cared how many souls will have to meet him if the land is to be won for Islam.


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