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"Srebrenica story" - A journey through evidence and documents.

July 1995
The Third Surrender of Srebrenica

A short reminder:

  • April 19, 1992 - Only 13 days after Western insane declaration of Bosnia as an independent Muslim state, Srebrenica Muslims voluntarily surrender to Bosnian Serb forces. The Muslims offer their weapons. The Serbs let them stay and even offer an autonomy.
  • April 1992 to April 1993 - Muslims slaughter Serbian civilians in nearby villages with impunity. They are protected by "neutral" NATO masquerading in U.N. uniforms.
  • April 18, 1993 - Militarily, Srebrenica falls for the second time. NATO demands that Serbs should not take over the town. They offer to disarm Srebrenica war criminals. They claim that they have completed disarming Muslims.
  • April 1993 to July 1995 - Instead of disarming Islam fanatics Pentagon arms them and even ships Arab volunteers to Bosnia. Al Qaeda and Srebrenica thugs are American friends. Slaughter of Serbs in villages near Srebrenica continues.

Then, unexpetedly, Srebrenica falls for the third time.

Helpless NATO can not stop the Serbs

On one of countless Srebrenica Muslim provocations, Bosnian Serbs respond with 200 soldiers and five tanks. What ensued looks like a bad joke. It is exactly unbelievable. Some 450 Dutch soldiers well equipped with anti-tank weaponry and supported by mighty NATO aviation could not (if we are to believe it!) stop these 200 super-Serbs.

The "safe zone" was supposed to be "demilitarized." Instead, the enclave also contained some 10,000 mujahedin soldiers well equipped by Pentagon. This force was sitting in advantegious, defense position. They could have easily stoped the small force that entered the enclave. To everyone's surprise they did not even try! Instead the mujahedin terrorists started suicidal retreat, on the opposite side of the enclave. They tried to break through thick Serbian lines. Here the table was turned and Muslims had to charge through well entrenched Christian lines.

The abandonment was a political decision!?

The Muslim defenders of Srebrenica put up only a brief fight against the Serbs, and their commanders left the night before the Serb tanks entered the town, according to Western intelligence sources yesterday.

The abandonment of Srebrenica to a relatively small Serb advancing force caused surprise in the West,
especially after the largely Muslim government army had demonstrated considerable infantry skills in recent attacks.

There were reports that up to 1,500 Serbs were involved in the assault on Srebrenica, but intelligence sources estimated the main attack was carried out by a force of about 200, with five tanks. "It was a pretty low-level operation, but for some reason which we can't understand the BiH (government [i.e. Muslim]) soldiers didn't put up much of a fight," one source said.

Srebrenica was officially demilitarised on April 17, 1993, but the government soldiers were not short of weapons. Before the Serb advance on the town, the Muslims had been shelling Serb units along the main road to the south. The intelligence sources said it was that harassment which precipitated the Serb attack on the 1,500 Muslim defenders inside the enclave.

However, the [Serb] advance into the town was seen by intelligence assessors as an opportunist move. "I don't think the Serbs had predicted the timing of this operation," one source said. The apparent decision by the Muslims to abandon the town provided the Serbs with a sudden opportunity to occupy Srebrenica, bypassing the Dutch on the road a mile south of the town.

The intelligence source said: "The BiH [Muslim forces] just melted away from Srebrenica and the senior officers left the night before." The source said the Muslim defenders were "adequately armed" for street-fighting.

However, the Muslims suffered many casualties in their recent offensive against the Serbs around Sarajevo and there may be a reluctance to take on the Serbs again, at least for the moment. "The action ground Sarajevo involved probing attacks to test the Serb defences, and they discovered to their cost that retaliation was very strong," one military source said.

The reputation of the government army has much improved over the past 12 months. It is recognised to be better armed, better commanded and more capable of mounting well disciplined infantry attacks. However, despite its growing capability, the Muslim force has yet to prove it can sustain a longer-term campaign.

The soldiers in Srebrenica were only local defenders and it is possible they were incapable of mounting a defence. If it was a political decision to abandon Srebrenica, it could be seen by the Serbs as an invitation to move on to the next Muslim enclaves, in particular Zepa and Gorazde. State Department officials in Washington said last night that the two areas were likely to fall unless the international community moved quickly to defend them.

The Western intelligence sources said Zepa would be a relatively easy target because of its size. Gorazde would be more of a challenge...

The above quote is from:
[British] "The Times"
Title: Muslim soldiers 'failed to defend town from Serbs'
Author: Michael Evans, Defence Correspondent
14 July 1995

... The Dutch accounts, by soldiers, officers and the Defence Minister, were unanimous in asserting that the Bosnian Muslim soldiers who had been under siege in Srebrenica for three years abandoned the town around two days *before* it fell. Before the defenders left the town, General Couzy said, Dutch soldiers saw: "in two locations there was fighting between those [Muslims] who wanted to stay and those who wanted to go.

Many Dutch soldiers said they had been upset and troubled by the sight of soldiers seeming to abandon their wives and children to the advancing Serbs...

The above quote is from:
"The New York Times"
Author: Alan Cowell
July 23, 1995

Mighty NATO aviation
could not stop Bosnian Serbs?

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ The U.N. "safe area" of Srebrenica fell today to the Bosnian Serb army despite a NATO airstrike designed to end a Serb offensive against the eastern enclave. Srebrenica is the first of the six U.N.[/NATO]-protected areas to fall.

"The Bosnian Serb army is now in control of Srebrenica," U.N. spokesman Alexander Ivanko said.

He said the eastern Bosnian town had been overrun and that Dutch [i.e. NATO] peacekeepers who had set up a line south of the town to defend it against a rebel [sic!] assault had abandoned their post. They were were attempting to re-establish a similar defense line outside the Dutch main peacekeeping base in Potocari, north of the town, he said.

In Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Stephen Oberreit, a representative of Doctors Without Borders, said his group had evacuated the Srebrenica hospital and a mass flight was under way.

"Nobody is left in the town, the whole population is on the road, to Potocari," he said, referring to a U.N. [i.e. NATO] peacekeepers' base two miles to the north.

Word of the enclave's fall came shortly after American and Dutch warplanes acting on behalf of NATO attacked Bosnian Serb forces in Srebrenica to punish them for attacking the area and Dutch peacekeepers there.

Since Sunday, the United Nations has warned repeatedly of possible airstrikes if the Bosnian Serbs did not abandon the tank and infantry offensive they launched Wednesday against the government-held [read: Muslim held, cleansed of all Serbs] enclave of 42,000 people, populated mostly by Muslim refugees.

The Serbs ignored the U.N. warnings and fought with Dutch troops manning the defensive line along the town's southern limits, shelling the town and a U.N. camp.

Srebrenica is the first "safe area" the United Nations [i.e. NATO] established two years ago to protect [Muslim] civilians [only], but as with the five other U.N.-protected areas, the designation has not kept it out of the war.

The Serbs had said Monday night that the inhabitants and U.N. peacekeepers had 48 hours to get out of the area and leave their weapons behind.

The Bosnian Serb army has said it launched the offensive because government [i.e. Muslim] troops were crossing the enclave's boundary to attack Serb positions.

The United Nations confirmed today that government troops had used the safe haven status of Srebrenica town to launch offensives [actually terrorst attacks against Serbian villages] from the enclave that surrounds it.

In Pale, the Bosnian Serb headquarters east of Sarajevo, Jovan Zametica, an adviser to Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, said:

"The Muslims have abused the status of Srebrenica's 'safe area' in order to launch terrorist raids against the Serb civilian population," he said. "We have had 30 killed civilians in the past 45 days and we are determined to put a stop to these acts of terrorism."

There was no independent confirmation of the number of [Serbian] casualties... [sic!]

The above quote is from:
"The Associated Press"
Title: First U.N. Safe Haven Falls to Bosnian Serbs
11 July 1995

Srebrenica Muslim suicidal run

U.N. observer, Portuguese Army officer, Carlos Martins Branco explains the suicidal nature of the Muslim decision to abandon easily defensible positions and try to break through Serbian defense positions on the other side of the enclave.

The suicidal run!!!

The zone of Srebrenica, like almost all of Eastern Bosnia, is characterized by very rugged terrain. Steep valleys with dense forests and deep ravines make it impossible for combat vehicles to pass, and offers a clear advantage to defensive forces....

Given the military advantage of the [Muslim] defensive forces it is very difficult to explain the absence of their military resistance.

Sarajevo [Muslim headquarters] did not lift a finger in order to launch an attack which would have divided the Serbian forces and exposed the vulnerabilities created by the concentration of [Bosnian Serb] resources around Srebenica...

The mass graves [around Srebrenica] are filled by a limited number of corpses from both sides, the consequence of heated battle and combat and not the result of a premeditated plan of genocide...

The above quote is from:
UN Officer Carlos Martins Branco
"Was Srebenica a hoax?"
March 1998

Allah loves Muslim sacrifice and many Muslims are too wiling to provide. If the goal is to enlarge the lands occupied by Muslims anything is allowed. This is what we watch on TV every night. A Muslim parent ties explosive to his child's chest and sends him to suicide mission. Bosnian Muslims, though once integral part of ethnic Serbian people, have different values now that they accepted Islam.

We have seen on these pages that whenever their American advisors needed a Muslim suicide, the Islam fundamentalists in Sarajevo were ready and eager to provide. Srebrenica was just another such example.

Clinton needed an excuse to cleanse Serbs from these pages and to conquer Bosnia. He advised his Islam fanatic allies to sacrifice at least 5,000 people. Alija Izetbegovic understood and provided.

Thousands of Srebrenica Muslims were purposely lead on a trip of no return. They were lead across rugged and well defended terrain, for 100 kilometers, to almost certain death!

Instead of sitting in trenches -
charging the trenches

Suicidal run
Click to enlarge

The above map clearly explains why round 2,000 Srebrenica Muslims lost their lives. The decision that the 28th Muslim Division should refuse to lay down its arms and embark on a break-through along a 100km-long route in the hardest of military operations, for which it was not prepared in view of the prior retreat of command personnel, amounted to a conscious sacrifice of round two thousand Muslim men of military age. The Western allies would do their best to present it as no less than genocide. They would any trick they could think of to boost the number. They will lie that 8,000 Srebrenica Muslims perished and that the Serbs, in cold blood, executed these men.


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