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Setting the trap for the Serbs

NATO troops dressed as (supposedly) neutral UN peace keepers together with their Western governments committed such crime upon the Serbian people that it is hard to find words and explain it. Srebrenica played an important, multifaceted role in this game which was played against the destiny of one whole people - the Serbs. Srebrenica was a carefully set trap that would finally pull the Serbs into an action of clear breach of the rules arbitrarily set by so called "international community." To understand how and why did the Serb finally decide to breach so called "safe zone" of Srebrenica we are again forced to look at some key events that preceded it.



Slaughter of Serbs in the UNPROFOR safe zone "NORTH"

On Thursday, September 9, 1993, Croatian Army, the heir to infamous WWII Ustasha Nazis made a sudden, unprovoked attack on the Serbian villages in the "Medak pocket." They chop to pieces any human being they encounter. They slaughter cattle and anything moving - all to the last cat. Then they put Ustasha "U" symbol on the buildings and burn it all. The message that they are brutal Nazis they always were is loud and clear. The fact that they have breached so called UN protected zone "North" causes no outrage in the West. UN officials express outrage but their outrage does not reach very many Western newspapers. So, very early it is clear that not only that Serbian lifes do not count but that UN "protection" zones are but a joke. The whole affair is swapped under the rug and only ten years later (or so) will some Canadian newspapers write about "brave" Canadian soldiers who tried to stop the Croats - when it was already too late. No-one even counts the Serbian dead.

The model is set. The Croats got answers to all their questions. They are free to slaughter.

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Croats crush UNPROFOR safe zone "WEST"

This time the Croatian Army, with WWII Ustasha insignia attacks on and takes over an ENTIRE so called "United Nations protection zone." It is "Zone West" - Western Slavonia. On Monday, May 1, 1995, in early morning hours (5:30am) Croatian Army made an all-out artillery and infantry surprise attack on the UN PROTECTED Area. They use tanks, helicopters and MIG-21 aircrafts. The push aside UN "protectors" from third rate non-NATO countries (from Argentina, Nepal and Jordan), kill a few and take a few as hostages.

The Croats crush with tanks Serbian civilians who try to flee. Blood flows in the streets. They admit killing 450, the Serbs know that few thousands of people are missing for ever. We are tallking civilians here - men, women and children - not male fighters as the case will be with Srebrenica.

Again, there is no outrage in the Western press. No hoopla. Almost casually, Washington Post, says on May 8, 1995: "a CBS News team witnessed Croatian authorities, in all-white jump suits, spraying chlorine on an area that U.N. investigators picked over today, removing much of the forensic evidence that might have remained."

Case closed.

The Serbs are beyond outraged. One of the areas described by the Western press as "retaken" or even "liberated" was a small village of Jasenovac. This is a sacred place for the Serbs. This is the "Balkan Auschwitz."

This is the place for which Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (which by the way was NOT written by the Serbs) say: "SOME SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE WERE MURDERED AT JASENOVAC, mostly Serbs, Jews, Gypsies..."

The Serbs say for the Jasenovac that it is "the largest under ground Serbian city."

On that day in May - only days before Srebrenica was to happen - infamous Ustasha flag with Ustasha "shahovnica" emblem was to fly again above Jasenovac - for the first time after death of Hitler!

Completely out of context, the New York Times mentioned (on October 31, 1993) "[T]o many Jews, Serbs and others, ["shahovnica"] is a symbol almost as hateful as the swastika."

The Balkan equivalent of swastika was flying over Balkan equivalent of Auschwitz and there was no outrage!!!


Yes, it happened only days before Srebrenica. Yes, the American Serbs phoned and wrote letters of protest and outrage to the White House. There was no effect... The message was clear: From now on it is a war like any other war before - a war where there are no "safe" or "protected" zones. Brutal force is the only thing that counts!

You can only imagine what one of those "democratic" countries of the West would do as a revenge. You can imagine. But it seemed that the Serbs need more clues, more push, more hint that they should take over tiny enclaves in their midst, the enclaves that were safe heaven for Islam fundamentalist jihad fighters...

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Another slaughter attack out of Srebrenica

In a raid before dawn that again illustrated the weakness of U.N. forces here, Bosnian government [i.e. Muslim] soldiers apparently slipped past U.N. posts on Monday and attacked this isolated Bosnian Serb village, burning several houses, stealing livestock, and leaving a dozen families homeless...

[T]he assault... reflected... the inadequacy of U.N. peacekeepers who have pledged to prevent them from leaving supposedly demilitarized enclaves in eastern Bosnia.

[The attacked Serbian village of] Visnjica is a miserable settlement perched on a mountainside a few miles from Srebrenica, one of the Muslim towns in eastern Bosnia which the United Nations has designated as demilitarized "protected areas." But Monday's raid was apparently launched by troops based inside Srebrenica, leading Bosnian Serb officers to denounce the United Nations for failing to comply with its promise to keep the town free of soldiers and weapons.

Several of the impoverished farmers who live in Visnjica said they had assumed they were safe here because of U.N. pledges.

"We thought that no one could attack us from Srebrenica because the town was demilitarized and surrounded by U.N. soldiers," said Ljubomir Vukovic, 67, as he stood in the smoldering ruins of the house he shared with two other families. "But they came from right over that hill."

Vukovic pointed toward a peak separating his village from Srebrenica. A U.N. post there is supposed to prevent soldiers from passing in either direction.

Villagers here said they were awakened at 4:30 on Monday morning by the sound of small-arms fire. They fled into the surrounding forest, watching helplessly as their homes were set afire and their cattle driven away, evidently to feed government units.

Asked why he and his neighbors had been targeted, one villager, Savo Madzarevic, paused to reflect for a moment and then replied: "I suppose it is because we are Serbs."

...Monday's attackers may have chosen Visnjica as a target because it is isolated and undefended. When Serb soldiers arrived to repel them, they withdrew in the direction of Srebrenica, killing one Serb soldier and wounding three civilians...

The above quote is from:
"N.Y. Times News Service"
June 26, 1995
(NYT-06-26-95 2020EDT)

Read the integral NYT text.

Enough of Mujahedin terror, already!

Bosnian Serb General:
The terrorist nest should be demilitarized

According to [Bosnian Serb commander, Gen. Ratko Mladic], UNPROFOR did not carry out its main task nor implement the agreements signed by its generals, from [French Gen.] Morilion to [British Gen.] Rose. "The protected zones of Srebrenica, Zepa and Gorazde are not demilitarized, while Sarajevo, Tuzla and Bihac were not the subject of talks between the warring sides and they are not defined as protected zones," said Mladic

The above quote is from:
June 27, 1995

..."Safe" Srebrenica was supposed to be demilitarized but this did not stop Mr Oric's soldiers from raiding nearby Serb villages. A recent raid, occurring soon after the collapse of the heavy-weapons exclusion zone around Sarajevo, plus the slow gathering of the West's reaction force, gave General Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb commander, the reasons he needed for extracting the thorn of Srebrenica from the Bosnian Serbs' eastern side. But Mr Oric escaped....

The above quote is from:
"The Economist"
"Call that safe?"
15-21 July 1995

The commander of the Bosnian Serb army, Gen. Ratko Mladic, said in a letter to [American] Gen. Rupert Smith, the U.N. commander in Bosnia, that the Serbian offensive had been undertaken to "neutralize" what he called terrorists in Srebrenica. Mladic accused the United Nations of failing to demilitarize the so-called safe area of Srebrenica. He said civilians and peacekeepers were not endangered by Bosnian Serb military activity. The United Nations has confirmed that the Bosnian government used the safe areas for staging attacks...

The above quote is from:
"New York Times"
"News Service"
July 11, 1995
(07-11-95 2031EDT)


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