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Carefully avoiding any facts based either in HISTORY or GEOGRAPHY, without much explanation and as if everything in ex-Yugoslavia happened in a vacuum, major Western media mercilessly repeated daily anti-Serbian mantra. For years. Many years.

The lies were racist and blunt. The Serbs were painted as mindless people who do evil for evil's sake. The message was clear: "These are no humans. Only beasts can do evil without cause."

Then, surprisingly, deep within this dark ocean of purposeful anti-Serb propaganda one would stumble on an island of truth. Shamelessly, the truth would be provided by the very same relentless propagandists!

How dared they publish truth even in such small portion? Even on page 10. Would this truth not refute all the lies and thus ruin the entire propaganda effort? How could they do it?

Were Western journalists not professional in their "craft" of lying? Were they out of their mind? Do not worry. The answer is simple:


Here is one example where the truth was exposed but in a very careful way. Here presented New York Times article is an example of truth told, even with a pretence of giving it a historical background. The trick was to present history in short, cryptic way and (for sure!) without context.

We will correct this purposeful omission by providing you with the necessary context. To the original, bare New York Times article we added "green stickers." with few basic information from other easily obtainable Western literature.

Imagine now a reader who knows nothing about the basic history of WWII in the Balkans. How does reading the New York Times article without necessary context influence reader's opinion? What is the difference when the same article is read but now with the historical context present?

You understand now how this - one of the many - tools of Western propaganda works. As Orwell put it (in "1984"): IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

The New York Times,
October 31, 1993, Sunday, Late Edition
Page 10

For fair use only
Published under the provision of
U.S. Code, Title 17, section 107.

 * * * 

Ante Pavelic
 Croat leader Ante Pavelic.


ZAGREB, Croatia - At a souvenir stand in Zagreb's central market, glaring down over key rings, cigarette lighters and T-shirts, hang portraits of a firm-jawed man in military uniform. He is Ante Pavelic, who headed the pro-Nazi Government that ruled Croatia from 1941 to 1945.

When a photographer tried to take pictures of the souvenir stand one morning recently, he was quickly surrounded by thugs from the criminal syndicate that controls the market. Amid invective and threats, they forced the photographer to open his camera and turn over his film.

The episode reflects the combination of pride and embarrassment that many Croatian nationalists feel toward Pavelic's Government and the fascist Ustashe movement that he headed.

"Pro-Nazi" or far worse than Nazi?

In Croatia [in 1941] the indeginous fascist regime set about a policy of "racial purification" that went BEYOND even Nazi practices. Minority groups such as Jews and Gypsies were to be eliminated as were the Serbs: it was declared that one-third of the Serbian population would be deported, one-third converted to Roman Catholicism, and one third liquidated.

The above quote is from:
"Encyclopaedia Britannica"
15th Edition (1991), Macropaedia, Vol. 29, page 1111

Soon Ustasha bands initiated a BLOODY ORGY of mass murder of Serbs unfortunate enough not to have converted or left Croatia on time. THE ENORMITY OF SUCH CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR SHOCKED EVEN THE CONSCIENCE OF GERMAN COMMANDERS, but Pavelic had Hitler's personal support for such actions which resulted in the loss of the lives of hundreds of thousands of Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The above quote is from:
"Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations"
Europe, edition 1995, page 91, entry: Croatia

More on WWII Nazi Croatia

Who was Ante Pavelic?

The real ruler [of W.W.II Croatia] was Ante Pavelic, a zealous Croatian nationalist and fanatical hater of Serbs... Pavelic lead a terrorist group called the Ustashi in a brutal campaign against Jews and Serbs in Croatia. 'A good Ustashi,' he told his men, 'is he who can use his knife to cut a child from the womb of its mother.' According to an Italian correspondent, Pavelic once put a wicker basket on his desk - filled with 40 pounds of eyes gourged from victims of the Ustashi.

The above quote is from:
Ronald H. Bailey
"Partisans and Guerillas, W.W.II"
Time-Life Books,
Edition 1978, page 87

More on Ante Pavelic

Because tens of thousands of Jews, Serbs and others were killed in Ustashe death camps, official rehabilitation of the Pavelic Government is not possible. Yet some Croats view the Ustashe as an essentially nationalist movement and recall that until Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia in 1991, the years of Ustashe rule were the only period of independence in Croatia's modern history. They believe that it is unfair to condemn the Ustashe years -- the word means rebels or insurgents -- as a purely evil period.

Dividing by ten:
Was it "tens of thousands" or hundreds of thousands?

Few regimes under German control had committed SO MANY CRUEL ACTS AS CROATIA DID. Serbs and Jews were persecuted and many of them murdered.

The above quote is from:
"1945 Britannica, Book of the Year"
page 216, entry: Croatia

The greatest genocide during World War II, in proportion to a nation's population, took place, not in Nazi Germany but in the Nazi-created puppet state of Croatia. There, in the years 1941-1945, some 750,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 26,000 Gypsies - men, women and children - perished in a gigantic holocaust. These are the figures used by most foreign authors, especially Germans, who were in the best position to know...

The magnitude and the bestial nature of these atrocities makes it difficult to believe that such a thing could have happened in an allegedly civilized part of the world...

The above quote is from:
Professor Edmond Paris
"Genocide in Satellite Croatia, 1941- 1945"
Introduction, Chicago, 1961, The American Institute for Balkan Affairs

The Orthodox recipe of Ante Pavelic, Ustashi leader and Croatian Fuehrer, reminds one of the religious wars in the bloodest aspects: one-third must become Catholic, one-third must leave the country and one-third must die. The last item was executed. When the leading men of the Ustashi movement are stating that they have slaughtered ONE MILLION Serbs (including infants, children, women and aged) this in my opinion is a self-praising exaggeration. According to the reports that have reached me, my estimate is that the number of those defenseless slaughtered is some THREE QUARTER OF A MILLION. [=750,000]

The above quote is from:
Herman Naubacher
Hitler's personal assistant
for the South-East Europe and the Balkan affairs
"Sonderauftrag Sudosten 1940-1945.
Bericht eines fliegenden Diplomate"

Gottingen, 1956, page 31

More on:

The slaughter of Serbs, Jews, Gypsies

Tudjman's Position Analyzed

Franjo Tudjman
 Croat leader Franjo Tudjman.
President Franjo Tudjman reflects this uncertainty. Under his leadership, Croatia has taken several steps that suggest he has sympathy for some of what the Ustashe did. This attitude puzzles some people, since Mr. Tudjman was an active anti-fascist during World War II, and his younger brother was killed either by Nazi soldiers or their Ustashe allies.

At the same time, Mr. Tudjman's refusal to condemn the Ustashe legacy helps solidify his support among some Croatian nationalists and among rightist Croatian exiles who contribute to his political campaigns.

"Refusal to condemn"
or open glorification of Nazis?

...Tudjman's disturbing book... "Wastelands - Historical Truth" offers an explanation, almost an apologia, for the policy to the Jews both of the independent state of Croatia in the second world war, and of Hitler himself.

President Tudjman discusses the "final solution" of the Jewish issue "in the sense that they would be definitely excluded from German and European history". He explains this in terms of Germany's search for domination of Europe: "For this reason the establishment of Hitler's new European order could be JUSTIFIED by the need both to remove the Jews (undesirable more or less in all European countries) and to correct the French-British wrongs of the Versailles system."

The above quote is from:
Richard West
"An apologist for Hitler"
[British] "The Guardian"
October 21, 1991, page 23

Tudjman, one of the authors of the "Jasenovac Myth", reduces the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust from six million to one million, and states that historical data about [Croat held WWII death camp] Jasenovac is "inflated". He further wrote of alledged "PARTICIPATION OF JEWS IN THE LIQUIDATION OF GYPSIES IN JASENOVAC," AND ACCUSED JEWS OF HAVING TAKEN "THE INICIATIVE IN PREPARING AND PROVOKING NOT ONLY INDIVIDUAL ATROCITIES BUT ALSO MASS SLAUGHTER OF NON-JEWS, Communists, Partisans and Serbs."

The above quote is from:
The Wiesenthal Center's World Report,
Avgust 1990, Vol 11 No 3, Page 9.
Printed under title: "Embracing the Brutalities of the Past"

More on Tudjman's book

In one of his first acts, Mr. Tudjman decreed that Croatia should adopt a red-and-white checkerboard coat of arms that closely resembles the symbol of the Ustashe state. That coat of arms is now part of the Croatian flag.

Mr. Tudjman and his supporters dismiss criticism of this move, pointing out that the checkerboard emblem was a symbol of Croatia for centuries before the Ustashe adopted it. But to many Jews, Serbs and others, it is a symbol almost as hateful as the swastika.

"Several steps"
to revive Nazi Croatia?


In Croatia the ex-partisan [Communist] general Franjo Tudjman was elected president [in 1990]. He had fallen out with Tito and served two prison sentences on charges of NATIONALISM. By the time I first met him in 1980, he was already PATHOLOGICALLY ANTI-SERB. He has allowed himself to be SURROUNDED BY USTASHA sympathisers, many of them returning from Canada and Australia.

...Zagreb simply turned its back on the past. TODAY AGAIN, THE USTASHA FLAG HAS BEEN RAISED

The above quote is from:
Professor Nora Beloff
"Hope and history in Yugoslavia"
[British] "Guardian Weekly"
December 1, 1991


The Croatian government has revived many of the paraphenalia of the Nazi puppet regime headed by Ante Pavelic in the early 1940s. STREETS AND SQUARES HAVE BEEN RENAMED AFTER USTASHA HEROES

...Plans are well under way to REINSTATE the kuna, THE CURRENCY OF THE FASCIST STATE. THE CROATIAN FLAG ONCE AGAIN SPORTS SAHOVNICA, THE RED AND WHITE CHEQUERED SHIELD WHICH SYMBOLIZED PAVELIC'S STATE - symbol which some... equate with a reunited Germany flying the swastika...

The above quote is from:
The Germans warmly support the Croats.
[T]his reuniting of Second World War allies is distasteful"
[British] "The Spectator"
March 19, 1994, Pages 16 - 18


'[T]hose in power in Croatia NOW are largely THE SAME AS DURING THE NAZI ERA,' said Dr. Klara Mandic, a senior Jewish community leader...

'In some cases THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME PEOPLE, now in their seventies and BACK from exile under the Communists. In other cases, they are the CHILDREN OF THE USTASHA.'

'THEY WEAR THE SAME BLACK SHIRTS, the same black trousers, many carry THE SAME "SERBO-SEKS" (KNIVES FOR SERBS). Tudjman... has prepaired an athmosphere similar to that at the start of the Second World War.'

The above quote is from:
Phil Davidson "War raises old anxieties for Croatian Jews"
[British] "The Independent"
October 21, 1991, page 10


Meanwhile, the new Croatian Democratic Union (CDU) government has taken steps to form a special police force made up of "PURE CROATS WITHOUT MIXTURE OF OTHER BLOOD"

The above quote is from:
The Wiesenthal Center's World Report,
Avgust 1990, Vol 11 No 3, Page 9.
Printed under title: "Embracing the Brutalities of the Past"


Ultra-nationalist Croatian party of Rights... on the wooden stocks of their authomatic weapons, some fighters in the militia have carved the "U" symbol of Croatia's notorious Ustashi government that, in 1941-45, collaborated with Adolf Hitler and converted Eastern Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism. ...As the war intensified, the initials of the wartime Ustashi regime were scrawled on more and more buildings across Zagreb.

At a posh hotel wedding reception here an Saturday night,... two young [Croat] men stood at the large table and raised stiff right arms in the "Sieg Heil!" salute of Nazi Germany...

The above quote is from:
Blaine Harden
"Croat Field Militant Militia -
Nationalist Party Fighters invoke images of Fascist Past"
"The Washington Post"
October 10, 1991, Page A31 and A33


The HOS (Croatian Defense Forces)... They're fascists, plain and simple. They want to kill Serbs just as their fascist fathers killed Serbs in World War II...

The fascist soldier... wants to hear "Lili Marlene," the sweetest of beer-hall songs, the tune that millions of Germans whistled and sang as they marched off to the last war.

having his fill of music and liquor, the HOS man... jerks his right hand into the air, and bellows, "Sieg Heil." Then he swings his AK [machine gun] off his shoulder and struts out to hunt Serbs.

The above quote is from:
Paul Reid
"An old feud in the new Europe"
"The Boston Globe"
October 7, 1991

More on Tudjman's militia

New Currency Adopted

This year, the Croatian Parliament accepted Mr. Tudjman's recommendation that the country adopt a new currency and call it the kuna, which was the name of the national currency in the Ustashe period.

A prominent Croatian Jew, Slavko Goldstein, wrote in a newspaper commentary that the decision "will awaken very deep feelings of antagonism in a not-small portion of the population for whom these associations are extremely painful."

Mr. Tudjman has also named at least two former Ustashe officials to Government posts. As Ambassador to Argentina, he nominated Ivo Rojnica, who was an Ustashe commander in Dubrovnik. A Croatian newspaper recently reprinted a decree Mr. Rojnica signed in June 1941, ordering the confiscation of all radios in Dubrovnik and adding, "All Jews and Serbs are forbidden to walk in the streets or keep their shops open from 7 P.M. to 7 A.M."

Only curfews in Dubrovnik?

[Already] by June 1941, signs on public establishments [in Nazi Independent State of Croatia] read, NO SERBS, JEWS, NOMADS, AND DOGS ALLOWED.

The above quote is from:
Professor Helen Fein
"Accounting for Genocide
Victims and Survivors of the Holocaust"

Published by: The Free Press, New York, pages 102, 103

The documentation shows that Ivo Rojnica was an Ustasha commander in Dubrovnik, and has been accused of having ordered arrests of Jews and Serbs, and also to have signed deportation orders to concentration camps.

The above quote is from:
The Simon Wiesenthal Center,
Press Information, June 12, 2003

For now I began to get news from Croatia (proper) that told of slowly rising tide of murders, of UNREPEATABLE ATROCITIES, OF MASSACRES OF DEFENSELESS SERBS BY BESERK-MAD CROATIANS AND BY MOSLEMS IN BOSNIAN CROATIA. In the little back parlors of trusty men, the tales were wispered. I could not believe a quarter of them. Unfortunately, I was soon to know that they were a weak understatement of the truth. Men were to arrive in Dubrovnik itself, HUNG WITH STRINGS OF SERBIAN TONGUES AND WITH BOWLS OF SERBIAN EYES FOR SALE!

The above quote is from:
Miss Ruth Mitchell,
sister of Bill Mitchell, founder of American aviation
"The Serbs choose war"
Published by: Doublesday, Doran, 1943, page 148.

More on WWII Nazi Croatia

The newspaper reported that when reached in Argentina, Mr. Rojnica would say only, "Everything I did in 1941 I would do again." But after several articles about his background recently appeared in the Argentine press, he reportedly asked Mr. Tudjman to withdraw his nomination.

Ustashe Defender Appointed

Under the Croatian Constitution, Mr. Tudjman has the right to appoint five people to seats in Parliament, and one of his appointees was Vinko Nikolic, who was an official in the Ustashe Education Ministry. In a newspaper interview, he defended the reputations of several Ustashe leaders, including Dido Kvaternik, who is believed to have signed wartime orders authorizing mass executions.

Mr. Tudjman himself has made several statements, both in speeches and in written works, that seem to suggest a prejudice against Jews and to cast doubt on widely accepted versions of what happened at Ustashe and Nazi death camps. His supporters say these statements have been taken out of context, but Mr. Tudjman has made no clear effort to disassociate himself from either the Ustashe legacy or sentiments of anti-Semitism.

Tudjman - anti-Semite?

It is worth reading Croatian President Franjo Tudjman's book "Wastelands - Historical Truth" published in 1989. He reveals old "truths," not just about his foes, the Serbs, but also about Israel, the Jews and God...

[Tudjman] says acts of cruelty and destruction against Gentiles are not only permitted, but the God of the Jews demands them. The feelings of hatred that the Jews take out today against the Palestinians, he claims, are in conformity with Jewish tradition about the destruction of enemies. As grounds for his allegation, the author quotes Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz and his use of the phrase "Judeo-Nazis."...

[I]t should be recalled who Tudjman is. "I am a doubly lucky man: My wife is neither Serbian nor Jewish," he writes...

Fourty-six years have gone by since Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels committed suicide. But his ghost lives in Zagreb, Croatia.

The above quote is from:
Teddy Preuss
"Goebbels lives - in Zagreb"
"The Jerusalem Post, International Edition"
December 21, 1991

More on Tudjman's book

"I first met Tudjman 30 years ago, and I am almost sure he is not an anti-Semite," said Zarkho Puhovski, a Croatian university professor of Jewish ancestry. "He would only need to say one sentence to resolve many of these doubts, to say that some of the things he has said and written should have been formulated differently, but he does not say that. There are anti-Semitic groups in Croatia, and he thinks he needs some touch of anti-Semitism to get their support."

Mr. Puhovski, who formerly headed the local branch of a foundation sponsored by the Hungarian-American philanthropist George Soros, is often criticized in the Croatian press for his anti-nationalist views, and some of the criticism has referred to his Jewish background.

"The Jew Soros is using the Jew Puhovski to intervene in Croatia," asserted one commentary in the pro-Government newspaper Vecernji List.

[American] Soros representative
all Jewish leaders of Croatia.

...Jewish leaders were UNANIMOUS in saying they saw worring PARALLELS BETWEEN THE NAZI AND PRO-NAZI MASSACRES OF 50 YEARS AGO and the unease of Jews in Croatia under strongly nationalist regime in the break away republic TODAY...

The above quote is from:
Phil Davidson
[British] The Independent
October 21, 1991, page 10
"War raises old anxieties for Croatian Jews"

Some of Mr. Tudjman's actions suggest that his sympathy for the Ustashe legacy is limited. After a bomb heavily damaged the Jewish community center in Zagreb two years ago, for instance, he allotted Government funds for its reconstruction, something he did not do when a museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church was bombed a year later.

The Serbian museum was bombed before dawn on April 10, 1992. That date was the 51st anniversary of the establishment of the Ustashe state, which included not only most of present-day Croatia but almost all of what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina and even some parts of Serbia, stretching to the outskirts of Belgrade.

Mr. Tudjman has allowed the renaming of a school in honor of the late Mile Budak, who served the Ustashe Government as Minister of Education, Ambassador to Germany and Foreign Minister. But he quietly vetoed a plan to name a street in Zagreb after Mr. Budak.

School named after Mile Budak
Ustasha Minister of Education!!?

The Minister of Education, Mile Budak, made clear the Ustasha aims: "Our new Croatia will get rid of all Serbs in our midst in order to become one hundred percent Catholic within ten years."

Prosecution of the Orthodox Serbs began with the banning of the use of the Cyrilic script and the closure of Orthodox schools and was followed by forcible conversion to Catholicism and indiscreminate slaughter.

The above quote is from:
Professor Clive Ponting
Published by: Random House, Inc.,
New York 1995, page 231

Devout Catholic, Dr. Mile Budak, Minister of Education and Cults, said on July 22, 1941:

"The movement of Ustashi is based on the religion. For the minorities - Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, we have three million bullets. We shall kill one part of the Serbs. We shall transport another, and the rest of them will be forced to embrace the Roman Catholic religion. Thus, our new Croatia will get rid of all Serbs in our midst in order to become one hundred percent Catholic within ten years."

The above quote is from:
Professor Edmond Paris
"Genocide in Satellite Croatia, 1941-1945"
Published by: The American Institute for Balkan Affairs, Chicago, 1961, page 240

Some Croats who have no sympathy with the Ustashe legacy complain that foreigners who harp on this theme are being unfair to their country and Mr. Tudjman.

"This is a way of demonizing Croatia and making it seem as if it was the only place in Europe where there were Nazi collaborators," said Stjepan Mestrovic, a Croatian-American sociologist.

But Dunja Sprajic, who works with Jewish refugees from Bosnia, said: "The ruling group, whoever that is, tries to make propaganda that they love Jews and want to help us. But it is so transparent, so childish. When I look around, I see all these awful disgusting symbols, the false newspaper articles and the streets and squares being renamed. This country is in great poverty, not just economically but ethically. It terrifies me."

GRAPHIC: Photo: The refusal of President Franjo Tudjman of Croatia to condemn the country's fascist legacy has helped solidify his support among Croatian nationalists.. (Reuters)

End quote of the New York Times Article.

More than two years have passed since Yugoslav civil wars have started when the article quoted above appeared -- on page 10! By that time this U.S. government controlled newspaper has published an entire ocean of anti-Serbian lies. If tiled together these articles would almost cover one small country.

The main propaganda method implemented was simple and blunt lying coupled with appalling accusations which squarely targeted the Serbian people. The Serbs were presented as mindless mass-murderers and rapists. If any motive for the Serbian struggle was ever given it was - a plain conquest.

"Land-grabbers" that was the label the New York Times attached to the Serbian people. The label was accompanied with a claim that "the Serbs occupied one third of Croatia and two thirds of Bosnia." This was repeated many, many times as NYT propagandists counted on common person's ignorance of the fact that the Serbs are indigenous to both those regions.

Historically the region which roughly covers one third of (Tito declared) "Croatia" was known as Military Frontier or "Krajina." The Serbs settled there (at invitation!) a few decades before Mayflower brought the first white Pilgrims to North America.

Similarly, the Serbs who supposedly "conquered" most of Bosnia actually settled there more than thousand years ago! In seventh century, to be precise. The Serbs were the largest ethnic group of Bosnia ever since.

In Bosnia and Croatia the Serbs were fighting to protect their families, their houses and fields which frequently went from generation to generation for centuries. They defended their most basic human right - the right to exist! The New York Times journalists dared deny the Serbian people even the right to bare existence. Is that not -- by definition -- a crime of genocide?

Again, this appaling crime could be achieved as Western politicians and journalists could count on the fact that common citizen of the West simply has no time to go to the local library and check the facts. "IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH" as Orwell said.

Omission being one of the key tools of NYT propaganda it was crucial not to provide reader with ANY historical background. If one was to dare plunge into just basic facts of Yugoslav history the truth would be crystal clear. During WWII Croats and Bosnian Muslims participated, in large numbers, fighting on the side of Hitler. During that time, which is still in living memory of the people, they committed atrocities so grave that even hardened German Nazis were appalled. The victims whose eyes were dug-out were overwhelmingly the Serbs(!), than (in much smaller numbers) Jews and Gypsies. These people, men, women and children, young and old, were killed only for their guilt - of birth. They were born into "wrong" nationality. The clear intention was ethnic cleansing of the most brutal kind. The scale of it was so vast that Encyclopedia Britannica in all its editions from 1971 to 1987, used to repeat the following phrase:


Don't we all know what happened to Polish Jews?

So, here you have it in the whole annals of World War II the suffering of the Serbs of Bosnia is only second to the suffering of Polish Jews!

This should be enough to everyone with simple, basic decency to refrain from simply accusing the Serbs of anything and especially of ethnic cleansing!

The facts do not stop here. The Serbs were also devoted allies to France, Great Britain and US in the First World War. In that war the Serbs, by far suffered more than any other nation. Serbia, according to Encyclopedia Britannica have lost 23% of its population in that war. Twenty three percent! The small nation lost every second adult male in brave fight it put against vastly larger and better equipped Austro-Hungarian empire. The first ally victory of WWI - was the Serbian victory. The first Central Powers country to capitulate in the war was Bulgaria. It happened in November 1918 as direct result of astonishing Serbian break-through at Salonika front.

The Serbs counted on France, Britain and US as their traditional allies and as people who simply OWE it to the Serbs. Instead, these people helped Germany bomb Belgrade for the third time in the same century. Shame!

The world owes it to the Serbs if nothing else than for astonishing bravery they showed in March 1941 when they "Better grave, than slave!" to Hitler at the moment he was at peek of his power. Hitler revenged and the Serbs paid that bravery. Every eight Serb did not survive that war. Hitler and his Nazi evil did not survive it too -- not small thanks to the Serbs whose contribution in saying "No!" to Nazism caused Hitler to make the most catastrophic mistake of his life and loose crucial time to attack Russia. No few Western politician glorified this Serbian gift to Mankind. The list includes President Roosevelt who said that "March 27 (1941) was THE TURNING POINT IN HITLER'S FATE."

While during the war the Serbs were slaughtered by Croats and Bosnian Muslims as if they were cattle, they refused to die like one. Once again the Serbs showed to the world what heroes they are. Throughout history the Serbian motto was that freedom has no price. This is how the Serbs participated, in large numbers, in two anti-Nazi guerrilla movements: Partisans and Chetniks. The Serbs were in impossible situation of fighting German Nazis, Italian fascists, Croat and Muslim Ustashas, Albanian, Hungarian and Bulgarian Nazis all at the same time. The Serbs formed the largest anti-Nazi movement of Nazi occupied Europe - and right away - only months after Nazis conquered and partitioned Yugoslavia in April 1941. By October the same year the Serbs were able to liberate (you read well: liberate!) good parts of central Serbia and most of Montenegro! Astonishing isn't it!? The Partisan army swell to 200,000 people. Everyone who was ready to fight Nazis was welcome. Jews who wanted to fight joined and were treated as equal. Many rose to ranks of generals! While fighting Croat butchers the Serbs did not mind that their official leader of this anti-Nazi partisan movement was a Croat (Tito).

These the same people that Western politicians and journalists dared call intolerant and - Nazi!

So those are just basic facts and if you followed the above links you would find more documentation of the above claims. Back to the main subject of this analysis - the New York Times article. The propagandists must have been concerned that reader would notice the lack of any historical background presented. To fill the void they published the article but, as we have seen they were very careful not to provide the complete truth.

Now that you know more, your keen eye will find many more methods of manipulations implemented in the article but few are quite obvious. Let us name them.

  1. Ustasha atrocities were mentioned but always diminished (in numbers and otherwise).
  2. Ustasha leaders like Pavelic, Budak and Rojnica were mentioned but almost no facts about them was given. (Just imagine saying that Nazi minister of Education -- a person who could easily compete with Eichman -- and the person who ordered Serbian schools closed and Serbian churches dynamited - got a school named after him in this supposedly "democratic Croatia.")
  3. Notice how even when something was said about Nazi Croatia - there is always a convenient person to explain and excuse it all. The apologist would be a Croat or pro-American Jew. Serbs were not asked for opinion. Not even once.
  4. The subject of "ethnic cleansing" which was reserved for the Serbs is never mentioned (obviously as Croats were the originators of the term).
  5. It is mentioned that today's Croatia has the same flag (and nothing else) but the flag is just piece of cloth - isn't it?

To finish it of we recommend you read the article on Nazi Croat militia (HOS) and on participation of world Nazis on the side of new "democratic Croatia." This would prove that Tudjman and the gang were serious when they revived Ustasha state to the last detail. (By the way, it is not mentioned anywhere in the Western press but today's Croatia has even the same anthem. In their "parliament" they sing the same song they did during Hitler's time). Is is then surprising that they repeated some of the same atrocities (including digging out human eyes). This documentation we still did not put on this site.

The flag was not just a cloth, nor were the Ustasha symbols on their uniforms and arms. They meant it all and the Nazi dream of Ustasha is now true. All Serbs from Croatia (some 600,000 people!) are cleansed. Croatia is today most ethnically pure state on Earth. Right after Germany unilaterally declared Croatia an independent state (and by doing it dismantled Yugoslavia for the second time in the same century) the Croats came with song "Danke Deutschland!" ("Thank you Germany!") What they should sing now is; "Thank you America" as if America was not behind it all the monstrous Ustasha state would have no chance to exist - again!

PS: Many thanks to Mr. David Binder, veteran New York Times journalist and someone who closely followed the events in Yugoslavia since mid 1940's. Mr. Binder bravely published article "CROATIA IS SAID TO OUST MANY." The New York Times published this revealing article one Wednesday (December 8, 1993) deep inside the paper. The article says that by that time "280,000 (TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY THOUSAND) CROATIAN SERBS HAVE FLED THE COUNTRY." The article also says:


It is quite telling how this veteran journalist was "promoted" after the article. He got to be a manager of New York Times abituary section.

The New World Order knows no mercy.


Pavelic papers!
The web site devoted to study of Ustashas and their leader Dr. Ante Pavelic

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