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Unholy Trinity

by Mark Aarons and John Loftus
St. Martin's Press, 370 pages,
ISBN 0-312-07111-6
PRICE: ~$17 soft cover, ~$23 hard cover.
You can order the book in any bookstore in the USA,
UK, Australia,...
(The first US Edition 1992)

What the hell is America doing in (ex)Yugoslavia!? Why is it supporting resurrection of Nazism (in Croatia)? Why is it helping Muslim fundamentalist (Jihad) warriors in Bosnia?

America is doing nothing new. If you read "Unholy Trinity" everything becomes much clearer. America is supporting Nazis and Muslim fundamentalists for a long time. For many decades!

"A catalogue of intrigues that makes James Bond look like an amateur" says Morris West on the cover of the book. Not an exaggeration. Quite probably, this will be one of the most exciting book you ever read.

I think, every intellectual (especially of Jewish or Serbian descend) should read the book. It is an eye opener.

Many of us do know about infamous Ratlines. Of some 150 thousand Nazi war criminals, only 50 thousand ever got to a court. Some 30 thousand were smuggled out of Europe. The Vatican was the main organizer in smuggling the Nazi butchers. That is fairly well known. It is also known, the major culprits were Croatian Catholic clergy, who helped their compatriot Croat Nazi escape justice. (Good portion of the book is about how Croatian Nazi - ustashi escaped).

But no matter how well informed you may be, you will learn many interesting (and important) details from the book. The consequences of the ratlines are well felt not only in current civil war in Yugoslavia, they stretch over the globe.

Here are some shocking details:

WHO (ON AMERICAN SIDE) WAS INVOLVED? Answer: Good number of top (especially Republican) politicians.

Sentences used from preface of the book (quote(s)):

(William) Casey was the American end of the Vatican Ratline, and learned how the game was played. In 1980, he became head of the CIA under Reagan.

Beyond doubt, [CIA Director] Dulles's most important recruit was a young US Navy officer named Richard M. Nixon, who was plucked from the postwar obscurity of reviewing captured Nazi records to run for Congress, ... ...

(In 1953) as (Eisenhower's) Vice President, Nixon warmly endorsed the "Freedom Fighters" concept, and personally received prominent Fascist fugitives in the White House as potential "liberators" of the captive nations behind the Iron Curtain... ...

The secret techniques used to launder money, guns, and smuggle Nazi "Freedom Fighters" in the 1940s and 1950s were adopted by Reagan/Bush Administration as the covert methodology to avoid Congressional review in the 1980s. In this history of the Cold War, American readers may recognize not only the blueprint for the Iran-Contra scandal, but also the names of many of its architects...

...Oliver North did not invent the money and gunrunning system used in Iran/Contra. He simply copied the one that Casey had used. There was one slight change. Instead of recruiting a Nazi, North hired a terrorist. In North's diary is a reference to "M" who lives in a "fortress-like residence in Marbella, Spain", heavily guarded by the local police. That is the address of Monzer Al-Kassar, chief money launderer for the PLO and a known international terrorist... It was Monzer ("M") who helped North bargain for the release of hostages... ...

...And Vice President Bush? ... ...What did Bush know and when did he know it? The President may have learned about the Ratlines when he was head of CIA. During his brief tenure, there was a nasty incident when Croatian Fascists hijacked an airliner. Yet, when Bush was running for President, his campaign staff listed April 10 as a Croatian holiday. ĠThe day of creation of Croatian Nazi puppet state during World War IIċ. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The same Fascist network introduced into American intelligence in the 1940s is still at work today,... ...

End quote(s).

The book reveals "the high moral ground" of not only the Vatican but also of the British and American allies.

Now, how low do you think they have fallen?... No! Even lower.

Again, as astonishing as the text of this book may seem - it is not a fiction. The book ends with amazing 62 (sixty two) pages of references!

What do you think allies did to stop Jewish Holocaust? (They knew full well what was happening). They said to Hitler: DO IT. SOLVE THE JEWISH PROBLEM.

(Quote. Page 13):

... In April 1943, a conference of British and American officials formally decided that NOTHING should be done about the Holocaust, and "ruled out all plans for mass rescue". The ĠBritishċ Foreign Office and ĠAmericanċ State Department were both afraid that the Third Reich would be quite willing, indeed eager, to stop the gas chambers, empty the concentration camps, and let hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Jewish survivors emigrate to freedom in the West. As late as 1943 the British Foreign Office "revealed in confidence" to the State Department their fear that if approaches to Germany to release Jews were "pressed too much that that is exactly what might happen".
(End quote).

...And at the same time the "democratic" West was capitalizing on the "atrocity stories" in their propaganda...

For those of you who are acquainted with horrendous atrocities done by Croatian Nazis (Ustashi) and their fuhrer Dr. Ante Pavelic, I can tell you (again) that the book has couple of chapters on escape of the (unavoidable) Croatian Nazis...

Chapter 4, titled "A staggering blow to the Holy See", starts like this:

(Quote. Page 70):

Ante Pavelic turned back to face rising sun. Although the spring of 1945 was already some weeks old, the Slovene countryside was still cold and mist hung in the valleys and hollows. Despite the temperature, Pavelic wiped sweat from his brow. The fleeing dictator was now on foot, having abandoned his car on the clogged road and joined the trong of refugees marching wearily towards Austria... ...
(End quote)

Enjoy the book and recommend it to all who want to know more about the historical background of the current civil war in Yugoslavia.

See also:
Professor Dr. Barry Lituchy:
"The Pope, The Nazis, And The CIA".

More to come....


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