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The World Must Know about...

Glina Massacre!


In a small town of Glina, Krajina, more than two thousand Serbs were murdered, in a single night. That August night, 1941, most of the victims were butchered with knives -- right inside their own, Christian shrine. There was so much blood flowing that it spilled over the church's threshold out to the street. The appalling crime was done with full knowledge and approval of the Vatican. It did not matter that the victim Serbs were also Christians the same as their Croat Nazi murderers. For centuries Catholic Church was teaching the Croats that their Serbian neighbors were "wrong" Christians. For Vatican the Serbs were "Schismatics" because they were sticking to their Eastern Orthodox roots; to the branch of Christianity that did not change their ways of Christ worship for the last two millennia.

The hand of the Vatican, the Croat Nazis known as Ustashas, knew no mercy. No one was to survive. No one was to tell what happened. One Serbian peasant did survive.

The sole survivor forgives
In February, 1991, only months before revamped Croat Nazis are to attack Krajina again, Ljubo Jednak, the sole survivor of the Glina church massacre talks to the journalists. A simple Serbian peasant who sticks to his roots and his Christian principles Mr. Jednak says: "To no one on earth do I wish evil. I never wished evil to any one, not even to those from whose hands I suffered so much." This Serbian attitude and willingness to forgive is the only explanation of how peaceful life, for so many decades after WWII, betweeen the Serbs and their Croat tormentors was possible.

Documentary: "Something told me I will live"
In 1990's German and American politicians, with the intention to conquer the Balkans, decided to reopen the terrible WWII wounds. Once again "divide and conquer" game was to be played with the Balkan people. Once again, deeply rooted Croat separatism and chauvinism was to be used as a tool. Mr. Jednak, the sole survivor of Glina massacre, gets surprised again by Croat Nazi blind hatred of the Serbs. Once again he has to run for his life. In August 1995, almost to the day of Glina church massacre anniversary, Mr. Jednak leaves his house and everything he ever owned in Glina and joins endless column of Krajina Serb refugees. In the safety of Serbia he tells, once more, the story of how he survived the slaughter. We obtained the video documentary. Here is the transcript.

There is no excuse
No one ever tried to find an excuse for the Glina church massacre. There is no excuse. We dared compare Glina church massacre to some other known massacres of World War II Europe. There is no excuse that the world did not get to know about the event, either. Croat Communist Tito, downplayed the event in the name of declared "Brotherhood and Unity." It was a design that was to use the Serbian capacity to forgive.


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