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Page 68 of the book "Croatian Domobranhood in World War II" by Ivan Košutić, contains this photograph showing huge masses of Croats celebrating the first anniversary of the Nazi Independent State of Croatia.


The text underneath the photograph says: "Part of the Ilica street with supermarket "Kastner and Ohler" with [main Zagreb] square Ban Josip Jelačić behind it, at the occasion of the first anniversary celebration of Independent State of Croatia, April 10, 1942."

Click on the following link to see MUCH ENLARGED and cropped image of the square itself. Ban Josip Jelačić square looks the same today.

Who in right mind dares say today that "only small fraction of Croatian people supported Nazism during WWII"!?

As the photographs shows HUGE masses of Croats supported Nazism. As the book we are talking about here proves by celebrating Croatian Nazism of WWII - today, in 1992 - the Croatian masses, still have love for Nazism in their heart.

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