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Countless books and encyclopediae talk about Ustashi atrocities. But if you think that the victorious side twisted the truth (as it often happens) here is what Ustashi allies of WWII (German Nazis and Italian fascists) had to say about...

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Herman Naubacher, Hitler's personal assistant for the South-East Europe and the Balkan affairs, in his book "Sonderauftrag Sudosten 1940-1945. Bericht eines fliegenden Diplomate", Gottingen, 1956, on page 31, writes the following:


The Orthodox recipe of Ante Pavelic, Ustashi leader and Croatian Fuehrer, reminds one of the religious wars in the bloodest aspects: one-third must become Catholic, one-third must leave the country and one-third must die. The last item was executed. When the leading men of the Ustashi movement are stating that they have slaughtered ONE MILLION Serbs (including infants, children, women and aged) this in my opinion is a self-praising exaggeration. According to the reports that have reached me, my estimate is that the number of those defenseless slaughtered is some THREE QUARTER OF A MILLION. [=750,000]
[End quote]

Walter Gorlitz, a German military official, in his book "Der Zweite Weltkrieg 1939-1945", Stuttgart, 1952. Band 11. on page 125 writes the following:


Unfortunately, one of the first measures undertaken by the Catholic Ustashi regime was a terrible military venture of extermination of the Serbian Greek-Orthodox parts of population which has come under the Croatian rule. The horrors that had taken place at that time had thrown the young country into a predestined civil war.
[End quote]

Karlheinz Deschner, a German writer, Catholic and a doctor of philosophy, in his book "Mit Gott und den Faschisten", Stuttgart, October 1965 and "Abermalsrahen der Hahn", Stuttgart, December 1962, writes the following:


The Serbs have become slaughterhouse material. In accordance with this doctrine the Ustashi started actions against Serbs, the people of the highest cultural level in the Balkans but not of the Catholic faith...

Catholics were urged from the church pulpits to persecute Orthodox Serbs and especially arduous in this were the Franciscans whose monasteries have for a long time served as meeting grounds for the Ustashi.

Furthermore it is understood that from the total of two million Orthodox population, almost 600,000 was killed.
[End quote]

We would provide you, here with quotes of another five German authors and at least dozen of Italian ones... For now here are only these two:


[Italian] Alfio Russo, in his book "Revoluzione in Jugoslavia", Roma 1944, says the following:


Even the most extraordinary massacres in the darkest era of history would not soil its name - Croatia... Kill, kill, scream the Ustashi against Serbs. And they cut their heads off and throw bodies away into the Sava river which flows slowly and gravely in the direction of Belgrade...

Go back to your motherland, go back to your motherland.

Neither Fascists nor Nazi have the remotests resemblance to the Ustashi, they are a fauna absolutely extraordinary and strange...

[End quote]

In 1953 Italian military authorities have made available to the press several documents from their archives, pertaining to the Ustashi crimes perpetrated over the Serbian people. Thus the daily "Il Tempo" of September 10, 1953, published the following excerpts from the report of the Commander of the Italian "Sasari" division:


Population in some places was completely exterminated, after having been tortured and tormented.

The horrors that the Ustashi have committed over the Serbian small girls is beyond all words. There are hundreds of photographs confirming these deeds because those of them who have survived the torture: bayonetted hits, pulling of tongues and teeth, nails and breast tips (all this having been done after they were raped), were taken in by our officers and transported to Italian hospitals where these documents and facts were gathered.
[End quote]

Curzio Malaparte, book title: "Kaputt".


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