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"The sun was scorching. When I was about a league from the town, I saw a large tower rising in the midst of the plain, as white as Parian marble. I took the path which led to it... I sat down under the shade of the tower to enjoy a few moments' repose. No sooner was I seated than, raising my eyes to the monument, I discovered that the walls, which I supposed to be built of marble or white stone, were composed of regular rows of human skulls; these skulls bleached by the rain and sun, and cemented by a little sand and lime, formed entirely the triumphal arch which now sheltered me from the heat of the sun... In some places portions of hair were still hanging and waved, like lichen or moss, with every breath of wind. The mountain breeze, which was then blowing fresh, penetrated the innumerable cavities of the skulls, and sounded like mournful and plaintive sighs."

Such was the description of "Chele kula" given by Alphonse de Lamartine in his book "A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land... Made during a Tour in the East in 1832-1833" (Published in London, 1835, vol. 3, pp 105-106).

No other nation, but the Serbs, have such monument. The unique monument is still in its place. It is there to tell eternal story about five centuries the Serbian suffering under Muslim occupation. It is there to remind new generations of the Serbs about astonishing bravery of their forefathers.

Read the story about "Chele kula" under the photograph of the monument...


In spring 1809, during the first Serbian Uprising ugainst Turkish occupation, about 12,000 rebel Serbs advanced toward Nish. The town, established by Romans as Naissus, was defended by a Turkish garrison. The town was besieged by the Serb liberators.

But, a few days later, the Turks rushed some 40,000 soldiers from Bulgaria. The main Turkish attack was toward Mount Chegar held by Serbian duke Stevan Sindjelic with some 3,000 men and 4 cannons. Completely surrounded, the Serbs fought bitterly the overwhelming Turkish force. When it was certain that the Turks will overpower the remaining Serb fighters and when they broke, en masse, in the small fortres, the Serbian Duke Sindjelic fired his pistol at an ammunition depot. All the Serbs and countless Turks died in the blast.

Unable to revenge and eager to break the rebellious spirit of the Serbs the Turkish pasha (commander) of Nish ordered a monument to be built. The heads of Sindjelic fallen men were cut, skinned and stuffed with cotton in Istambul. Then construction of a tower begun. The sculls were inserted in the outside walls, alternating with bricks. There were 56 rows of 17 scalls each. A total of 952 Serbian sculls.

This "Tower of Sculls" (known as "Chele Kula") is a UNIQUE MONUMENT of the Islamic barbarity. IT CAN STILL BE SEEN AT ITS PLACE IN SERBIA. The Christian Serbs raised a church round the monument...

A few years latter the Serbs rebelled again. This time the rebellion was succesful and the Serbian nation, WITHOUT HELP FROM ANYONE reached its freedom.

Chopping of Serbian heads remained though, the most favourite way Muslims dealth with Serbs. Countless photographs of Croatian Nazi, called Ustashi, and their WWII Muslim helpers show them as holding a freshly chopped-off Serbian head.

The same repeated in the recent civil wars in ex-Yugoslavia. Once again Serbian heads were a war trophy. This time Islam fundamentalists, jihad fighters from round the world, invited by Mr. Izetbegovic are shown on photographs holding chopped of Serbian heads.

For the Christian Serbs there is no other cheek to turn... Let Muslims live on the land where they used to live before the war as majority. Let all the sides to the conflict negotiate WITHOUT "neutral" Western negotiators (who bombed Serbs and Serbs only - for sake of Muslims).


Become an instant expert in Bosnia. Just let these slides wiz by.

Myth about Muslim tolerance
Did we really forget who Muslims are? History is teacher of life.

Bosnian Muslim SS
Expressing their intolerance toward Serbian Christians and Jews, Bosnian Muslims volunteer en masse into Nazi SS during WWII.

In the name of Allah!
For Allah to win and for Islam to spread across the globe everything is allowed. In staged atrocities in Sarajevo Muslims murder civilians in order to blame Christian Serbs.

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