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Bosnia was Serbian land
The Serbs settled in Bosnia in 7th century. There they formed one of Serbian kingdoms. Hundreds of years later, in mid-15th century the Turks occupied Bosnia. They rulled it for more than four centuries. Some of the Christian Serbs of Bosnia converted to Islam, the religion of the foreign oppressor.

Who are Bosnians, Bosniaks?
Today's Muslims of Bosnia want to usurp the name - "Bosnian". Actually the Serbs and Croats are also indigenous people of Bosnia. They are also "Bosnians". How was the term invented?
And why are the Muslims of Bosnia (the Serbs and Croats who converted to Islam) offended to be called "Turks"? Only recently it was their prefered name.

Muslims oppressed Christians in Bosnia
Not only were Bosnian Muslims quislings of the hated oppressor who ruled Bosnia through tyranny, they outdid the Turks in oppressing remaining Christians of Bosnia. Learn about "The tax in blood" the Turks levied on their Christian subjects.

Centuries of Islamic tyranny

The myth of the Muslim tolerance
Is Islam a tolerant religion? Are we all from Mars? How can anyone delete the horror of Muslim oppression over Christians and Jews which lasted for centuries and stretched over continents?

No other nation has such a monument as Muslims have built for the Serbs... and from the Serbs.

1830 - Bosnian Muslim fanatics rebel against Turkish Sultan
Bosnian Muslims rebel against Sultan's reforms which would declare all citizens of the empire, no matter the religion, equal. The Bosnian Muslim fanatic unite with Albanian fanatics, determined to march at Constantinople (Istanbul), and "reconquer" the Ottoman Empire for the true Islamic faith.

A picture is worth thousand words
In 1986 it was still politically correct to tell the truth... Even in the largest encyclopedias of the West.

"There is a great reluctance in the West to recognize that the fighting in Bosnia is a resurgence of the conflict between Islam and Christendom which shaped five centuries of Balkan history," says the author of Islamic Affairs Analyst, a British journal established in 1938.

1875 - Serbian uprising in Bosnia
Bosnian Christians rise against the hated Muslim oppressor. They can not endure the tyranny any more. Already free, the Serbs of Serbia and Eastern Orthodox Russia help the struggle for freedom. The Western governments, though, lead by the Evil Empire of the Great Britain are afraid of "Russian influence" among the Balkan Christians. The Westerners form a "Contact Group" of a sort, and do their best so Bosnian Serbs do not get liberated. The Serbs get handed over from one oppressor (the Ottoman Empire) to another (the Austro-Hungarian Empire). This is just one out of many cycles of Bosnia's repetitive history.

1908 - Bosnian Crisis!
The world almost stumbles into global war over Bosnia. The crisis is initiated by Austro-Hungarian anexation of the province. The Western powers gang against Russia and Christian Serbs, still being the largest population of Bosnia, has to endure Austro-Hungarian oppression.

1914 - The World War One starts in Bosnia
Greedy for more Serbian lands, Austro-Hungarian Empire uses the assassination of the Austrian Archduke in Sarajevo as a pretext to attack Serbia. The German Empire has the same desire because little Serbia is the only piece of land on the new Berlin-Baghdad railway line not controlled by Germany. This time, the remaining Western powers side with Russia.

1943 - Bosnian Muslims in service of Nazis
With Hitler's conquest of Europe, Bosnian Muslims find a new master to serve. The history old quislings of the foreign powers they eagerly join Nazis in slaughtering Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. Record number of Bosnian Muslims join Hitler's Waffen-SS. They slaughter the Serbs and volunteer to hunt the Jews. Bosnia becomes one of the bloodiest spots of Hitler occupied Europe.

1941 - 1945 - Bosnian Muslim genocide over the Serbs
A number of Western history books claim that suffering of Serbs in Bosnia could only be compared to suffering of Jews in Poland. Why don't we know more about this, Europe's second worst genocide?

1990s - Bosnian Muslims help American conquest
Walking in Hitler's footsteps the American Evil Empire revives old hatreds in Yugoslavia. The simple, but ancient, rule of "divide-and-conquer" gets implemented in Bosnia once again. The Americans find a ready quisling among Bosnian Muslim fanatics.

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