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Excerpts from different Encyclopediae

Encyclopedia Britannica, eleventh edition (year: 1910 (!)), Volume IV, page 281,
entry "Bosnia and Herzegovina", subentry (#10)
Population and National Characteristics

In 1895 the population, which tends to increase slowly... numbered 1,568,092. The alien element is small, consisting chiefly of Austro-Hungarians, gipsies, Italians and Jews. Spanish is a common language of the Jews, whose ancestors fled hither, during the 16th century, to escape the Inquisition.

The natives are officialy described as Bosniaks, but classify themselves according to religion. Thus the Roman Catholics PREFER the name of CROATS, Hrvats or Latins; the Orthodox, of SERBS; THE MOSLEMS, OF TURKS.

All alike belong to the Serbo-Croatian branch of the Slavonic race; and all speak a language almost identical to Serbian, though written by the Roman Catholics in Latin instead of Cyrillic letters.

TO AVOID OFFENDING EITHER "SERBS" OR "CROATS," IT IS OFFICIALLY DESIGNATED "BOSNITCH." ... The Bosnians or Bosniaks resemble their Serbian kindfolk in both appearance and character. They have the same love for poetry, music and romance; the same *intense* pride in their race and history; many of the same superstitions and customs. The Christians retain the Serbian costume, modified in detail, as the occasional use of the turban or fez. The "Turkish" women have in some districts abandoned the veil; but in others they even cover the eyes when they leave home.

(end quote)

This clearly tells about "tolerance" -- in 1910 -- between those who call themseves "Serbs", "Croats" and "Turks". The three ethnic groups of Bosnia would rather be called Bosnians (English), Bosnitch (German) or Bosanci (in Serbo-Croatian) because a Croat would be *offended* to be called a "Turk", "Turk" a Serb etc. (It is surprising to read that Muslims liked to be called "Turks" during the government of Austro-Hungaria. Muslims are Serbs or Croats, but mostly Serbs, who, through centuries converted to Islam).

We have to remind you that the above text was written in 1910, i.e. before Muslims (the "Turks") and Croats committed unspeakable atrocities on their Serbian neighbors (in World War I and World War II). World War II).

The following sentence was repeated in Encyclopedia Britannica for decades. One can find it in all editions of Britannica from 1971 to 1986. (The entry is: Yugoslavia, World War II).

(end quote)

IT IS A CRIME TO FORCE THESE PEOPLE TO LIVE TOGETHER. Especially now after a bloody war.

We have seen, once again, how Muslims have showed unbelievable chauvinism and intolerance toward the Serbs. (They did it for the third time in this, twentieth century alone). The Muslims demanded to separate from the Serbs. Even though the only difference is the RELIGION. (The language and everything else is the same). It is a dangerous precedent to declare a group of people a new nation just because they are of different religion. Many countries would over-night become "multi-ethnic".

On the other hand, let it be clear, if the Muslims insist to have their own state then no-one should deny them their right for self-determination. And no Serb was denying them that right. Serbs were not denying the Muslims right to form a state in a portion of Bosnia where they, the Muslims, are majority population.

But if there is to be any peace or justice then the Serbs should have exactly the same right. Wherever the Muslims were majority before the war - they can govern that teritorry any way they like it. But wherever the Serbs were majority, acording to the U.N. Charter - they have right for self-determination the same way. The Serbs have right to exist. They have right to form their own state. And No Communist design should have precedent over the rights of the living human beings.

Today, the Muslims, with backing of the Western powers, want to usurp the right for the entire Bosnia - even though they are MINORITY there. Muslims want to usurp the right for themselves to be the only people called Bosnians. In other words they want to be the only ones to rule the entire Bosnia.

Thus, let us remind you, once again, the Serbs are also the indigenous people of Bosnia. Actually they were the *first* Slav tribe to settle there.


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