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The very method of Turkish rule:

If any single factor made the Balkans what they were in history -- and what they still are today -- it was the ordeal of the Turk... For the 18th and 19th Centuries, the image of Turkey was that of a rotting empire, of a corrupt, incompetent and sadistic national elite preying on the subject Balkan peoples - of a cynical government whose very method of rule was atrocity.

The above quote is from:
"The Balkans," page 43
Time-Life World Library
by Edmund Stillman and the Editors of LIFE
Time Inc., New York, 1967


Excerpt from Encyclopedia Britannica

Reference: EB, Edition 1986, Micropedia, Volume 29, page 1071,
Entry, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Karageorge and the first rising [in 1804])


"They [the Serbs] unsuccessfully asked for Austrian and Russian protection. Austrian mediation... came to nothing... For fear of Napoleonic France, the Russian Emperor Alexander I decided to uphold Turkey's integrity and advised the Serbs to send a deputation to [the occupier-] Turkey... On learning from the Austrians what the Serbs intended, the Turkish government decided to crush the rising... On August 18, 1805, the Serbs... defeated Turkish regular troops... In November [the Serbs] sent a deputation to Austria. Though the Serbs were again advised to settle their differences directly with Turkey (February 1806), both Austria and Russia promised good offices, fearing that Napoleon I's recent victory over Austria might induce the Serbs to turn toward France. Napoleon, however, wrote in June 1806 to Sultan Selim that he should use the strongest means to bring the Serbian rebels into subjection. Even so, the Serbs continued their successes... routed the Turkish regulars again at Misar and at Deligrad; and finally in December won Belgrade. They [the Serbs] had liberated Serbia without outside help!"
End quote.

In time we will try to provide more details of this Serbian success that astonished the world.

It is also worth mentioning that the Serbs liberated themselves from the claws of Turkey, one of the largest world's empires during the peak of Turkish might. The Turkish Empire was dismantled by Young Turks revolution one hundred years later in July 1908.

Ancient Latin proverb says: Historia magistra Vitae Est. (The history is teacher of life). How true! With exception of often too weak Imperial Russia, other Christian nations were quite content that Christian Serbs should be oppressed by an Islamist country. The history keeps repeating.


Serbian myths
Kosovo battle and Turkish occupation of the Serbian lands. Serbian tireless fight for freedom.

Skull Tower
The Turks make monument for the Serbs - of the Serbs!

Crisis of 1908
With change of goverment in Turkey the Austro-Hungarian empire grabs Bosnia and almost starts First Wold War - six years too early.

Serbs of Bosnia
Centuries of suffering of Christian Serbs at hand of Turkish Moslems.

Serbs of Krajina
Serbs form a front line that defended (for few centuries) the core of Europen Christian lands against Islamic onslaught.

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