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Without permission, for fair use only:

Serbs, Jews and Bosnia

a Holocaust Survivor Speaks

by Professor John Ranz,
Chairperson Survivors of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp
Box 14, Homecrest Station,
Brooklyn, NY 11229.

Published in "The Jewish Week",
New York,
July 28, 1995,
page 6

What in the world is going on? How is it possible that some Jewish "leaders" can be so blinded, brainwashed or corrupt and support Bosnian Moslems in their denying the Serbs their human rights.

Never again will the Serbs be ruled by those who yesterday murdered their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, kidnapped and forcefully converted their children to Islam. The Serbs who survived the Nazi-Bosnian Moslem occupation in their villages cannot forget these things and want to be free on the soil they tilled for centuries. 65% of Bosnia was always owned by the Serbs. They were and still are the peasant class. The Moslems were the rulers; "urban boys;" the elite. They were the elite because they were converted to Islam. Originally Bosnia was all Serbs and Croats.

Don't we Jews remember that the Mufti of Jerusalem, the highest Moslem official in Palestine, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini went to Berlin in 1941 and offered Hitler a Moslem army to help fight the allies and win the war? His only condition was that after the Nazis win the war Hitler should liquidate-exterminate the entire Zionist-Jewish population of the then Palestine. Hitler readily agreed, and the Mufti in a surprisingly short time organized two divisions of Bosnian Moslems - incorporated in the S.S.; the most infamous murderers. These Bosnian Moslem SS soldiers not only burned Serbian villages, churches with the people to the ground but also murdered most of the Bosnian Jews, 90% of them. They then volunteered to hunt the Jews in Croatia together with the Ustashi (the Croatian Nazis). They battled Russians on the Stalingrad front.

Just imagine if these two divisions would have been a decisive part of a Nazi victory - not a single Jew, in all of Europe, would have remained alive... Over 1 million Serbs, 80,000 Jews and 25,000 Gypsies died and were buried in common graves. They shared our fate.

The Serbs did not want to surrender. They fought Nazis courageously. In anger, Hitler ordered - no mercy for the Serbs. Belgrade was bombed and for each Nazi soldier who died in Serbia, 100 Serbs were executed. Jews were killed anyway.

As incredible and incomprehensible as it may seem, there are Jewish "leaders" today that urge that the U.S. should follow in Hitler's footsteps and bomb the Serbs.

In the Serbian mountains Jews were welcomed by the Serbian partisans with open arms, and the 5,000 that survived in Yugoslavia survived among the partisans. At the same time the Serbs helped 500 American fliers to survive when they were shot down by the Nazi-Wehrmacht. The Serbs protected them until the end of the war at the risk of endangering their own lives.

July 5, 1995 at Ravna Gora these American fliers, under the leadership of Major Richard Felman (a Jew) returned to Bosnia to say "thank you Serbian people for saving our lives" and they embraced and kissed each other, the Serbs and the Americans, and cried.

But all that was 50 years ago, "today is different" the "wise" admirers of bombing say... So let's see. Bosnia is being more and more converted into an Islamic fundamentalist country where the Serbs were and would be again - second class citizens. President Izetbegovic declared that in Bosnia today there is no place for any other philosophies but Islam.

Today in Bosnia hundreds of Hamas and Hetzbolah volunteers are getting special courses how to commit terror in Israel (Yediot Achronot related by the Forward 7-15-94, page 3). They stated that after defeating Serbs, they will "finish" Israel. They get all the weapons they need from Iran, Iraq... The embargo is non existent.

Aren't these Hamas volunteers the new Nazis of today, helped and supported by the government of Moslem Bosnia? And Jewish "leaders" the A. Lewises, Safires and even the long discredited Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles (an insult to the Memory of the Holocaust) are urging Clinton to bomb the Serbs... Aren't these people betraying the memory of the Holocaust, the victims of Nazism, Jews and non-Jews alike? Yes, these people are with the Hamas and other Moslem fundamentalists and are helping them to destroy the Serbs and Israel.

And finally "The New Order," the organ of the American Nazis, in the issue of Feb. 1994 calls on all National Socialists, here and in Europe, to join the war against "Communist Serbs." Standing triumphantly on top of a tank is a uniformed Nazi. This is today, not 50 years ago.

White Nazis, Islamic Nazis, they both have the same objectives - to kill the Serbs and then the Jews. The Nazis and some Jewish "leaders" urge our President, NATO, and now Germany to bomb instead of, as A. M. Rosenthal from the New York Times suggested to negotiate with Bosnian and Croatian Serbs an agreement they can live with, guaranteeing the Serbs their right to self determination and freedom from a nightmare they first lived under the Turks and then under the Nazis.

We Jews have a choice: urge the president and the congress to negotiate with the Serbs for a peaceful solution for which the Serbs are ready; or join the White Nazis and the Hamas Moslem Nazis and urge to bomb the Serbs and widen the war. We must decide, some of our "leaders" already did. Our dead are listening.

The text is followed by a photo copy of the "New Order" front page article entitled: "National Socialists Fight in Croatia!" Two photographs are visible in the article. One is showing a group of people saluting in typical straight-hand Nazi salute. The other shows a person in Nazi uniform on a tank... The text underneath the photographs explains them: Left, top to bottom: the Third Reich Battle Flag proudly flies over the brigade's summer headquarters on the main street of Klek on the Adriatic coast... Comrades from France, Croatia and Britain give the White Power salute on the Herzegovina front... Two French comrades just before an assault against a Serbo-Communist position in Herzegovina.

Above the clipping there is a text: Nazis are boasting (from our Nazi files).

Personal note: I have great honor to know professor Ranz personally. This short, energetic guy is in his seventies... and still waging the war against resurrected Nazism. One of the leaders of the Warsaw ghetto uprising and survivor of Buchenwald concentration camp he spares no energy to defend his fellow sufferers - the Serbs. A year ago, in the center of New York, while distributing lifelets, a Muslim from Bosnia and a Croat attacked and beated the old man. He spent a few days in hospital. He continued his fight against new fascism as soon as he got back on his feet.

Petar Makara (Makarov).

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