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Western racists hide massacre of the Serbs

You probably never heard of the small Bosnian town Mrkonjic Grad or the horrible slaughter that happened there. Why is that so? Judging by the number of victims that perished there the Western -- self declared "democratic" -- media had to inform you. They did not. Consistently racist, when Serbian victims are in question - the Western media was, once again, silent.

This racism is obvious. Let us compare number of victims in some other, key events in ex-Yugoslavia civil wars:

BOSNIA massacres
Number of
"Bread-line massacre"
March 27, 1992
Four days after the stagged massacre, UN imposes harshest sanctions in its history on Serbian people of Serbia and Montenegro. This, despite the fact that most of the murdered people in the line for bread were the Serbs!
"Markale market"
February 5, 1994
Four days after the stagged massacre, the US President demands that NATO should take over UN's Bosnia mission.
"Markale market"
August 28, 1995
Two days after the stagged massacre, NATO starts bombing Bosnian Serbs.
October 10, 1995


(more than all of the above - combined!)
NONE! Not even mentioned in Western press. Short mention in Western wire reports.
KOSOVO massacres
Number of
January 23, 1999
Used as a trigger for eleven weeks of NATO all-out criminal bombing of Yugoslavia.
Crematorium for the Serbs

August 29, 1998
NONE! Western press barely mentions the event, while lying and diminishing the importance of the event.

Because the Western press was almost completely silent about massacre of Serbian civilians in Mrkonjic Grad, we have to break our Library section rule and present you with information coming almost exclusively from the Serbian sources. You will see, though that the Western media and Western officials were well informed. They were invited and present at the site of the crime.

Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing

Countless times during the civil wars in ex-Yugoslavia the Western press presented Serbian people as "land grabbers." This despite the fact that the Serbs settled in Krajina (at invitation!) in 1578 and in Bosnia in seventh century!

You will not be able to find the small town of Mrkonjic Grad on this US State Department map dated March 10, 1992. It would be deep into Serbian area - somewhere round top left corner of the letter "B" in the word "Bosnia."

For more than millennia Mrkonjic Grad was overwhelmingly Serb town. As visible on the map the same is true for all towns of Western Bosnia which are adjacent and contiguous to Serbian Krajina but which will be (as entire Krajina) thoroughly cleansed of the Serbs.

This is the result of the last peace time census performed in Mrkonjic Grad:

MRKONJIC GRAD - Census 1991
Total population: 27,379
% of total

By the way, could you find Krajina on the above map? (Hint: Look around top left corner of the Bosnia triangle.) Notice that the US government officials knew full well about Krajina and who lived there. The Serbs were majority in Krajina from the times before Mayflower reached shores of North America.

Other maps, from different Western sources, consistently show the same disposition of ex-Yugoslavia's peoples. Follow, if you like, this link to see other maps.

And this is what happened to the Serbian people during 1992-1995 period: While yelling at the Serbs, at the top of their lungs, not to do "ethnic cleansing" the American cowboys (and their coward West European satellites) were actually cleansing the Serbs!

It is like a thief yelling: "Catch the thief!"

Just watch the Serbs (here presented in red) disappear from Krajina and Western Bosnia:

This kind of cleansing, cowboys - the world's most infamous ethnic cleansers - did not do since the time of forceful expulsion of Indian people to the Trail Of Tears! The Serbs of Yugoslavia were treated as if being American Indians.

The last land-grab in the Bosnian war

In its final stage, in summer and autumn 1995, America and their satellites were to most openly take side in the Yugoslav civil wars. Through NATO, America was to help their proxies Croat Nazis and pro-Al Qaeda Bosnian Muslim forces grab Serbian lands.

Bosnian and Krajina Serbs found themselves in impossible situation. Humongous NATO was openly taking the side of their enemy and was deliberately bombing them. (The merciless NATO onslaught on the Bosnian Serb lands was nicknamed: "Operation Deliberate Force.") At the same time the Serbs of Serbia and Montenegro were under the same NATO bomb threats not to interfere into the events. This way, the Western Serbs were completely isolated and prepared for all out slaughter.

True to its sarcastic nature, the "benevolent" America was still pretending to "negotiate for peace." It was negotiation, Hitler style - "We will continue bombing until you sign here!"

The Dayton "negotiations" specified a deadline of October 10, 1995 as a day of cease fire. The deadline was approaching but both the Bosnian Government forces and forces from Croatia were eager to grab more of traditionally Serbian lands. Muslim forces were poised to take Sanski Most (see the map bellow), while Croatian forces were preparing to enter Mrkonjic Grad, to the south-west of Banja Luka.

In an effort to gain time with which to secure Sanski Most the Bosnian Government negotiator, Mr. Muratovic, noted that full utility service (NATO's arbitrarily declared precondition to cease fire) had not yet been fully restored to Sarajevo. Western "negotiators" granted the delay and thus stretched the war and enabled Bosnian Army to capture Sanski Most while the regular troops from Croatia entered Mrkonjic Grad and were moving further north.

Enemies of the Serbian people had an easy task.

That NATO provided air cover for their proxies on the ground is well known. That NATO also employed "Rapid Reaction Force" -- which consisted of tanks and artillery on the ground -- thus helping Croat-Muslim alliance even that way, is frequently overlooked. We will see that Western "Rapid Reaction Force" was as merciless and as cruel as NATO air force. Having NATO airplanes and NATO tanks and artillery on their side the Hitler forged Croat-Muslim coalition was only to come with their traditional tools of slaughter: axes, knives and mallets. As we will see, they will use those tools on any Serb (indiscriminate of sex or age) that falls into their Nazi hands.

In defending their very existence, however, the Serbs were putting a stiff resistance. The Bosnian Government concluded that its forces would not be able to take Prijedor in the immediate future. With the concurrence of both proxy parties, therefore, the Dayton "peace" agreement entered into force at 0001 hours on October 12, 1995, ending the three-and-a-half year war.

The slaughter of Serbian civilians in Mrkonjic Grad occurred on October 10 and 11 - exactly as NATO granted Croats two days permission to finish this crime.

There was a slight problem with this outcome though. In taking these last areas, the Federation partners controlled approximately 52 per cent of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dayton agreement envisioned a reservation for Western Serb Indians which was to comprise 49% of Bosnia (and ZERO percent of Krajina!). The end of the war thus found American proxies holding too much land.

Atop of that the Americans wanted to further weaken the Serbs and streanghten Croats and Bosnian Muslims. For the Serbs extremely important "Northern Corridor" (with town of Brcko being the narrowest point) was to be made more narrow. The municipality of Odzaci (where the Serbian population suffered tremendously) but which was still in Bosnian Serb hands was to be handed over to the Croats. The Serbs were also to hand over lands leading to Gorazde thus creating a corridor for Bosnian Muslims.

To take these additional lands from the Serbs but to still reach the proposed percentage the Serbs can hold - some land had to be taken from Croat-Muslim holding and be returned to the Serbs. The choice fell to middle-of-nowhere (no industry - but truly beautiful) little town of Mrkonjic Grad.

The holding of lands, at the time of cease fire, round Mrkonjic Grad looked like this:

pink - areas still held by the Serbs
yellow - areas taken by the troops from Croatia
brown - areas already assigned to Croatia
blue - areas taken by the Bosnian Muslims
red line - future demarcation line of Republika Srpska

Notice Mrkonjic Grad in the middle of the map and under Croat control.

And here lays the key to the whole Mrkonjic Grad story: The town was a rare place returned to the Serbs. This is how it was a rare place where the Serbs had a chance to investigate what happened to their own civilian population at the hand of Croat and Muslim enemy.

The returned area was nicknamed "anvil" and can easily be located at this CIA map.

You will not find Mrkonjic Grad on this post-Dayton map of ethnically partitioned and NATO occupied Bosnia. Mrkonjic Grad is slightly north of Sipovo - at the place where "anvil" is most narrow. If it was on the map it would be round letter "U" in "UK Sector".

We will leave the events at Mrkonjic Grad for the next chapter... You will see the horror Croat troops (trained by the Americans) left in Mrkonjic Grad.


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