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The following picture was presented, full page, in:

"The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of WORLD WAR I", Edition 1986, Volume I, page 58.

The caption on page 59 reads (quote):

Turkish rule in Europe had been characterised by great savagery. Here Turkish troops massacre Serbian civilians.
(End quote).

The picture is presented in the text by Dr. Alan Palmer entitled: "The Balkan Wars - Prelude to the Main Act". The main topic of the article is the involvement of the "Great Powers" in the Balkan misery.

In 1986, when this Encyclopedia was published, it was still politically correct to tell the truth.

The very method of Turkish rule:

If any single factor made the Balkans what they were in history -- and what they still are today -- it was the ordeal of the Turk... For the 18th and 19th Centuries, the image of Turkey was that of a rotting empire, of a corrupt, incompetent and sadistic national elite preying on the subject Balkan peoples - of a cynical government whose very method of rule was atrocity.

The above quote is from:
"The Balkans," page 43
Time-Life World Library
by Edmund Stillman and the Editors of LIFE
Time Inc., New York, 1967


Become an instant expert in Bosnia. Just let these slides wiz by.

Muslims make a monument for the Serbs and - of the Serbs!

Myth about Muslim tolerance
Did we really forget who Muslims are? History is teacher of life.

Bosnian Muslim SS
Expressing their intolerance toward Serbian Christians and Jews, Bosnian Muslims volunteer en masse into Nazi SS during WWII.

In the name of Allah!
For Allah to win and for Islam to spread across the globe everything is allowed. In staged atrocities in Sarajevo Muslims murder civilians in order to blame Christian Serbs.

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